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How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

French Bulldogs are a very popular breed, and they make amazing companions. If you’ve recently welcomed one of these mischievous pups into your home or are considering adopting one, you may wonder how big your French Bulldog will get and when your doggo will stop growing.

All dogs are different, and their overall growth does depend on their genetics, care, environment, exercise, lifestyle, and overall health. This guide will take you through the growth of your French Bulldog so you’ll know what to expect at each stage and can be sure that your pup is growing at a healthy rate.

French Dogs are a small breed, so you won’t be in for any big surprises. We have guides on everything and anything about this special breed, from whether French Bulldogs can swim to what you should feed them, how to train them, and much more.


French Bulldog Growth and Size

Your French Bulldog will go through seven stages of growth until it reaches its full size and maturity. Understanding how your puppy grows and what their development milestones are will help you get a better idea of how big your puppy will be at different life stages. It will also help you make sure that your pup is growing into a happy and healthy adult French Bulldog.

On average, fully-grown French Bulldogs can reach around 11-12 inches in height and weigh between 17 to 24 pounds. The timeline below is just a general guideline, as your French Bulldog puppy may grow at a slightly faster or slower rate.

Fluctuations in growth are completely normal, but French Bulldogs generally reach their full size by the time they hit the age of two. A male French Bulldog is usually bigger than a female French Bulldog.


The Growth Timeline of a French Bulldog

The following is a standard estimate of a French Bulldog growth timeline. Understanding their developmental phases and how they grow will give you a good idea of how big your French Bulldog will be at each stage of its life.

It is difficult to predict the exact size of your pup, but this general guideline is a good start. If you have any concerns about your French Bulldog and its growth, then it is best to consult your vet, as they can give you the advice you need and answer your questions.

At Barks in the Park, we can tell you everything you need to know to make sure that the French Bulldog is the breed for you. Take a look at the standard French Bulldog growth chart:

Newborns to about two weeks old

When your little French Bulldog is born, it comes out blind, deaf, and teeny tiny, of course. At this point, they cannot do anything without their mom. However, they can touch and taste. Your French Bulldog will not do much other than snuggle, nurse, and sleep. You also won’t have your doggo at this stage if you are adopting one.

When they reach two weeks, they will start opening their ears and eyes. French Bulldogs are still very tiny at this stage. By two weeks, female French Bulldogs typically weigh about 1-2 pounds, and males weigh around 1-3 pounds.

1-month-old French Bulldog

By the time your French Bulldog is a month old, it will have control of its senses. Their puppy teeth will start coming in, and they will start walking and exploring. However, they will be quite unsteady.

At this stage, a French Bulldog puppy will start socializing with its littermates and mom, and its senses will develop very quickly. By the time they are four weeks old, they can start eating puppy food and slowly wean off of their moms.

It is crucial that a French Bulldog puppy stays close to its mom for the early stages of its life. These early days can impact its development, so it is important that it gets a lot of love, support, and security.

At this stage, a male French Bulldog typically weighs around 4-7 poundswhile a female weighs around 3-6 pounds.

Two months old

When a French Bulldog reaches two months old, it will be very curious and steady on its little feet. Puppies usually start sleeping through the night and begin to get an understanding of house training.

Your puppy will grow quickly, and it can start eating puppy food full-time. This is when French Bulldogs start picking up more weight. At this stage, puppies have loads of energy and are always excited, but they still need lots of love and care.

French Bulldogs will start finding their independence, and it is crucial that you do not let them take on any aggressive tendencies or problematic behaviors. Female French Bulldogs weigh about 6-10 pounds, and males weigh about 8-12 pounds at two months.

Three months old

French Bulldogs start testing their independence at three months old. It is best to avoid negative and traumatic situations as they can leave bad impressions on the pup and shape their behavior into adulthood.

The puppy is finally big enough to be house-trained. This process can take longer for some pups than it does for others. French Bulldog pups will also start eating at least 2-3 meals each day, so you will notice quite a growth spurt.

At this stage, female French Bulldogs weigh around 8-12 pounds, and males weigh around 10-14 pounds.

Four months old

When a French Bulldog reaches four months old, it will love exploring and learning. The pup might also start testing out certain manners and behaviors. It will start losing its baby teeth, and its adult canines will be pushing their way through as it grows into a bigger and stronger doggo.

French Bulldogs have very short muzzles, so the teething experience is quite painful for them.

At this stage, puppies are also ready to learn different games. Playing is very important, so hide and seek, tug of war, and fetch are great games to teach the little pup. Your French Bulldog will enjoy going for walks now and getting active.

Male French Bulldogs usually weigh about 12-16 pounds, and females typically weigh 10-15 pounds at this stage.

Five months old

A five-month-old Frenchie is hard work. This is when French Bulldogs start going through hormonal changes, and this will really start kicking them into gear. As your French Bulldog’s hormones change, so do some of its behaviors.

By now, they should have good control over their bladder, so they should be doing a great job regarding house training. All of these stages of growth are pivotal, and any change in food, routine, or overall development can cause quite a setback.

Many French Bulldogs experience the thick of their teething at this age, and they will start to mature and grow very quickly.

Your Frenchie puppy is almost a fully grown family pet. Male French Bulldogs weigh around 15-20 pounds, while females weigh about 11-17 pounds.

Six months old

French Bulldogs enter puberty at the age of 6 months, so they are basically unruly teenagers at this point. It is recommended that you check with your vet if you need to neuter or spay your French Bulldog at this stage. You do not want to do this when they are still too young.

However, you also do not want to leave it too late, as you may interrupt the development of the pup’s body, personality, and immune system. A French Bulldogs’ physical growth will start slowing down, but they will continue gaining weight for a few more months.

At this stage, males weigh around 15-22 pounds, and females weigh around 12-20 pounds.

Seven months old

A French Bulldog is super active when it is seven months old. Your French Bulldog will look less like a puppy now and more like a fully grown adult. Your French Bulldog will also have a mouth full of adult teeth and will be ready to explore the world around it.

Your French Bulldog will love being social and playing with other doggos, but take caution as your pup is still learning appropriate behaviors. Male French Bulldogs weigh anything between 17-25 pounds, and females weigh between 14-21 pounds.

Eight months old

By eight months old, a French Bulldog puppy has reached full-fledged puberty. If you have not done so yet, now would be the time to get your doggo neutered or spayed. The vet may recommend waiting until your dog has gone through musculoskeletal development, which usually takes place at nine months.

Your French Bulldog pup will need a lot of activity and socialization at this point. Its physical growth will start slowing down, but your pup should be eating high-quality dog food so that it can continue putting on weight and filling out.

At this stage, your French Bulldog should eat two full meals every day, and high-quality dog food is essential for this French Bulldog growth stage. You must consider your pup’s nutritional needs and find a dog food that is well suited to them.

Your puppy must continue training and learning positive behaviors, and it is important that you let it have time with other dogs and outdoors.

Female French Bulldogs usually weigh between 15-22 pounds, and males generally weigh around 19-25 pounds.

Nine months old

By the time your French Bulldog pup reaches nine months of age, it will have some well-established habits and routines. Behavior and obedience training is crucial at this age. French Bulldogs are more mature at this stage, but they are still going through some hormonal changes and growing more.

French Bulldogs will require a daily walk and lots of time to play when they are this age. Male French Bulldogs usually weigh around 20-28 pounds, and females weigh around 16-22 pounds.

Ten months old

By the time your pup reaches ten months old, you may notice that it is getting bored with its current routine. This means that you’ll need to introduce more stimulation, which may mean new toys, more walking time, or new adventures and activities.

It is best to choose activities that won’t overexert or stress your pup out, especially because French Bulldogs are quite small. Most female French Bulldogs will weigh around 17-24 pounds at this age, and males will weigh between 20-28 pounds.

11 months old

An 11-month-old French Bulldog is very close to transitioning into full adulthood. Your doggo should be well-behaved, socialized, and able to interact with other dogs and people. They will also become more emotionally mature.

These amazing companion dogs will start coming into their own at this age, and you will notice that they are becoming more adult. Females generally weigh around 17-24 pounds, and males weigh around 20-28 pounds.

One year old

French Bulldogs stop growing at the age of one. You will now have a fully grown doggo on your hands. So if you are wondering how big do French Bulldogs get? Then you will get your answer by the time they hit a year old.

However, your doggo will still fill up and develop more muscle mass for the next few months. Your French Bulldog should only be eating adult food now, and you must ensure that they say at a healthy weight.

Now, listen up pet parents: your pup may be fully grown, but it has not reached its full maturity yet. Your doggo will still require gentle discipline, regular training, and positive reinforcement.

Most French Bulldogs weigh between 17-26 pounds at this stage, but males may be anything between 20-28 pounds.

18 to 24 months old

By the time your French Bulldog is 18 months old, it will be fully mature. Your doggo will also stop gaining weight unless it is not eating a balanced diet.

Male French Bulldogs usually weigh around 28 pounds when they are fully grown, and females can weigh anything between 24-26 pounds.


A Fully-Grown Frenchie

The standard French Bulldog shouldn’t weigh anything more than 28 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club. French Bulldogs also shouldn’t stand any taller than 11-13 inches from their shoulder to their paw.

If you want to know how big French Bulldogs get, then it helps to understand how they grow and what the standards are for the breed and the gender of your doggo. Female and male French Bulldogs have heavy bones and are very muscular. They also have big heads and small bodies.

The truth is that you cannot really predict how small or big your French Bulldog will be, but you can get a fairly good idea by looking at what your doggos parents look like. All dogs are different and grow at different rates, so it all depends on your particular French Bulldog.

Factors affecting your French Bulldog’s growth:

There are a number of factors that can affect your doggos growth cycle. These could cause your pup to be bigger or smaller than the standard:

  • Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Plateaus and growth spurts
  • Physical health


Full Weight Chart for a Male French Bulldog

It is okay if your French Bulldog is a bit smaller or bigger at their age, as all dogs grow differently. However, if the difference is extreme, it may be best to get in touch with your vet and make sure that your doggo is growing well and is healthy. This chart also only refers to a normal French Bulldog. Of course, a teacup French Bulldog will have very different sizes.

  • 1 month: 4 – 7 lbs
  • 2 months: 9 – 12 lbs
  • 3 months: 10 – 14 lbs
  • 4 months: 12 – 16 lbs
  • 5 months: 15 – 20 lbs
  • 6 months: 17 – 22 lbs
  • 7 months: 18 – 25 lbs
  • 8 months: 19 – 27 lbs
  • 9 months onwards: 20 – 28 lbs


Full Weight Chart for a Female French Bulldog

So, how big do French Bulldogs get? The following are just general guidelines:

  • 1 month: 3 – 6 lbs
  • 2 months: 7 – 10 lbs
  • 3 months: 8 – 12 lbs
  • 4 months: 10 – 15 lbs
  • 5 months: 11 – 17 lbs
  • 6 months: 13 – 20 lbs
  • 7 months: 14 – 21 lbs
  • 8 months: 15 – 22 lbs
  • 9 months: 16 – 22 lbs
  • 10 months onwards: 17 – 24 lbs


Height Chart for French Bulldogs

  • 3 months: 4 – 6 inches
  • 6 months: 7 – 9 inches
  • 9 months: 10 – 11 inches
  • 1 year: 11 – 13 inches



Is a Frenchie a small or medium dog?

Frenchies are considered small dogs. They are quite a bit smaller than the English Bulldog. This makes them a popular breed for people living in apartments or small homes.

What age is a French Bulldog fully grown?

Most French Bulldogs stop growing when they are between nine to twelve months of age. However, they will continue to gain weight and become strong and muscular.

Are there two sizes of French Bulldogs?

When it comes to French Bulldogs, you can get a standard French Bulldog or a micro/teacup French Bulldog.


Final Thoughts

There are various factors that can affect how big or small your French Bulldog will be, as their growth depends on a number of things. However, it does help to know what you can about your specific breed so that you know what to expect.

Educating yourself makes you a great pet parent and ensures that your doggo has a happy and healthy life, meeting all the milestones as it grows.