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Best Nylabone For Golden Retriever

Best Nylabone For Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers, like most other dogs, love to chew. Adult dogs chew to relieve stress and to keep their jaws and teeth strong and healthy. On the other hand, teething puppies chew to relieve the pain caused by their incoming teeth.

Regardless of how old your Golden Retriever is, if you don’t provide them with a chew toy, you’re going to end up with some ruined furniture and slippers. So, now you might be wondering which types of dog chew toys will be best for your Golden Retriever.

In this blog, the team at barksinthepark will be reviewing the best Nylabone dog chew toys for Golden Retrievers, so your dog can happily chew away without destroying your personal possessions!


What Are Nylabones?

The term “Nylabone” is used to describe hard, inedible chew toys for dogs. Nylabone is also the name of a company that produces these tough chew toys. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and flavors, and are usually made out of durable nylon.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy these chew toys! Here, we’ll be reviewing only toys produced by Nylabone.


The Best Nylabone Chew Toys For Golden Retrievers

Best chew toy for aggressive chewers: Nylabone Power Chew

Nylabone Power Chew Flavored Durable Chew Toy Product in Bacon Brown Color

As you might expect from the name, this Nylabone dog toy from the Power Chew range is made for aggressive chewers. However, it will still be suitable for your Golden Retriever if your dog is only a “slightly” aggressive chewer. It features a textured surface that will keep your dog’s gums and teeth clean and will also provide them with a better overall chewing experience.

This dog toy is incredibly durable and can easily withstand even the most zealous chewers. It has been specifically made for this purpose, and it will likely take your dog months to chew their way through it (not for lack of trying!).

You can choose from four different flavors: bacon, chicken, original, and peanut butter. So, you’ll be sure to find a flavor that your dog likes. You’ll also be able to choose from a number of different sizes, but the Souper size option is perfect for an adult Golden Retriever.


  • Great flavor options
  • Extremely durable and tough
  • Textured surface


  • Will be too hard for smaller breeds and moderate chewers

Best for senior dogs and gentle chewers: Nylabone Flex Moderate Chew

Nylabone Power Chew Flavored Durable Chew Toy Product in Yellow color inside the product packaging

If your dog is on the older side or does not chew its aggressively, consider this Nylabone offering. This dog toy does not have a textured surface, which is best for gentle chewers.

It comes in a standard dog bone shape that will make it easy for your dog to grip. Unfortunately, it only comes in the chicken flavor, so if your dog doesn’t enjoy chicken flavors, you’ll have to opt for other Nylabone dog toys. Fortunately, almost all dogs are fond of chicken – as they are with most types of food (apart from salad, perhaps).

Like the other Nylabone dog toys, it also comes in various sizes. However, by now, you should already know that the Souper size will be suitable for adult Golden Retrievers.


  • Soft yet durable
  • Great shape


  • Only comes in chicken flavor

Best for puppies: Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew Ring Bone & Toy

Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew Ring Bone Products in Brown color inside the clear packaging

As we’ve mentioned, standard Nylabone dog toys are not designed for puppies – they’ll often be too hard for your pup to chew comfortably.

This puppy chew is specifically designed for “soft” puppy teeth and includes two chew toy options for your dog. One of them is a standard shape, and the other is shaped like a dog bone with a ring in the middle.

The ring-shaped toy features some light texture, while the bone-shaped toy is smooth. This Nylabone dog toy combo is great if you have a younger puppy, as you can start them off with the smooth toy and upgrade them to the textured toy when they are a little older.

You can also choose whether you want both Nylabone dog toys to be chicken flavored, or you can choose to have the textured toy with a flavor medley.


  • Comes with a smooth dog chew toy and a textured dog chew toy
  • Perfect for puppies


  • Not too much flavor variety

Best for moderately aggressive chewers: Nylabone Flavor Frenzy

Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Strong Chew Toy Dog Product in Orange Color wrapped on the Packaging

If your dog is only a moderately aggressive chewer, then you’ll want a dog chew that won’t hurt their teeth and gums. But, you’ll also want to make sure that you don’t choose a dog chew that your Golden Retriever will destroy in a week!

If this describes your dog’s chewing style, then you should consider this Nylabone dog toy. It comes in a classic dog bone shape that will be easy for your pup to hold onto and it has a textured surface for them to enjoy.

The range that this dog toy belongs to is called “flavor frenzy,” and it definitely lives up to its name. You can choose from flavors like pepperoni pizza, meatloaf and gravy, bacon and cheeseburger, and ham and cheese.

While these aren’t the most normal flavors, there is still a strong possibility that your dog will love them. Who doesn’t love pepperoni pizza?


  • Interesting flavors
  • Great shape and textured surface


  • May be too soft for very prolific chewers and too hard for moderate chewers

Best for texture and shape: Nylabone Real Wood Stick

Nylabone Real Wood Stick Strong Dog Stick Chew Toy Product in Wood Brown Color

Does your Golden Retriever love the feeling of chewing on a real stick? Unfortunately, most sticks are extremely hard and may damage your dog’s gums and teeth. This Nylabone dog toy is a great solution.

It is shaped like a real stick and has a bark-like texture that your dog should love if they are a slightly more aggressive chewer. This Nylabone dog toy is partially made from real wood, but it doesn’t have any of the drawbacks of real wood. It won’t splinter, and it won’t shoot bark all over your living room – a very welcome benefit!

Unfortunately, it only comes in one flavor (maple bacon), but this should still appeal to most dogs. We don’t know about you, but we’ve yet to meet a Retriever that dislikes bacon!


  • Mimics a real stick
  • Has a texture that many dogs will love


  • Only comes in one flavor


Are Nylabones Safe For My Golden Retriever To Chew?

Yes, Nylabone states on its website that all of its Nylabone products are made from pet-safe, non-toxic materials. There is a wide variety of sizes that you can choose from based on the size of your dog to prevent it from choking.

However, some vets do recommend that owners do not choose chew toys that are extremely hard. If a chew toy has no give, it can lead to tooth fractures and tooth cracking.


How To Choose The Best Nylabone Chew Toy For Your Golden Retriever?

There are many Nylabone chew toys on the market, which can make it difficult to decide which one will be best for your dog’s teeth and “chewing style.” In this section, we will provide you with the information you need to choose the perfect chew toy for your Golden Retriever.


Thankfully, you don’t need to guess the size a chew toy will need to be for your dog to chew safely. Nylabone provides a size chart on their website based on your canine companion’s weight.

The list goes as follows:

  • Tiny toys for dogs up to 8 lbs
  • Petite toys for dogs up to 15 lbs
  • Regular toys for dogs up to 25 lbs
  • Wolf toys for dogs up to 35 lbs
  • Giant toys for dogs up to 50 lbs
  • Souper toys for dogs up over 50 lbs
  • Monster toys for extra-large breeds and particularly aggressive chewers

Adult Golden Retrievers generally weigh between 55 and 75 lbs, which means that Nylabone’s Souper toys will be suitable for them – provided they aren’t over-enthusiastic!

If your Golden Retriever is still a puppy, take a look at Nylabone’s puppy chew toys. While your puppy may fall under some of the smaller weight categories, these chew toys may be a bit hard for your dog’s teeth. Yes, those needle-like fangs might not cope with a firmer toy – no matter how strong they feel when clamped around your finger!


When Nylabone chew toys first came about, they always came in a bone shape. Now, though, you can get a Nylabone chew toy in a wide variety of shapes. You can choose from shapes like circles, antlers, sticks, S-shapes, and a number of different bone shapes.

The shape of your dog’s chew toy will not make much of a difference at all. If you present them with a number of options, though, they will likely have a favorite.

Chewing needs

Some dogs are very aggressive (or overenthusiastic) chewers, no matter how large or small they are. This is why Nylabone has included a “chewing guide,” so you can choose the right dog chew toys for your dog’s chewing style.

  • Puppy chew toys are designed for teething puppies.
  • Flexi chew toys are for average chewers. They are softer, which means they are suitable for senior dogs, too.
  • Strong chew toys are for relatively aggressive chewers. They can take a beating but aren’t the hardest toys around.
  • Power chew toys are for the most aggressive chewers and can withstand a lot of damage.

If you aren’t sure how your Golden Retriever chews and your dog is no longer a puppy, you should start with a flexi chew toy. It won’t hurt your dog’s teeth, and if they chew through it quickly, you can replace it with a stronger chew toy.


The flavor of a dog chew toy won’t matter to many dogs. However, if your dog has a destructive chewing problem, then a deliciously flavored Nylabone toy may encourage them to chew that instead.

When choosing a flavored Nylabone dog chew toy for your dog, you should try and choose a flavor that they are already fond of. For example, if your dog loves chicken-flavored dog food, they will probably enjoy a chicken-flavored Nylabone.

The most common Nylabone flavors you can choose from include: chicken, bacon, cheese, and peanut butter. We’re pretty sure that no dog will turn its nose up at these options!


Nylabone dog chews come in a range of different textures for you to choose from. Once again, you should provide your dog with different chew toy options so that they can decide for themselves.

While some Golden Retrievers will prefer a smooth-textured toy, others will prefer a textured surface. Textured dog chews are easier for dogs to hold onto and also provide a more tactile chewing experience.

Age of your dog

As we have mentioned above, standard Nylabone dog toys are designed for adult dogs, which means they are often not suitable for puppies. If you have a puppy, you should go for Nylabone’s range of puppy chews.

These Nylabone dog toys are softer, so they won’t cause any damage to your puppy’s teeth, but they are still tough enough to withstand those needle-like fangs.



Are Nylabones safe for heavy chewers?

Nylabone dog chews come in a variety of different options designed for all chewing styles. If your dog is a particularly heavy chewer, then you should consider Nylabone’s Strong and Power chew toys.

When should I throw my Golden Retriever’s Nylabone away?

You should throw your dog’s Nylabone away when the ends wear down and become sharp, or when it becomes small enough for your dog to choke on.

Can I let my Golden Retriever play with chew toys when I’m not around?

While Nylabones and other dog toys are rigorously designed to be as safe as possible for dogs to chew, accidents can and do happen. For this reason, it is always best to let your dog chew its Nylabone when you are around to make sure it can’t choke on it.


Final Thoughts

Now you know that there are many great Nylabone options for Golden Retriever owners to choose from – you just have to determine which is best for your doggo. We’ve got plenty of other interesting articles on subjects like the best toys for Golden Retrievers if you’re not sure a Nylabone is right for your dog.