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Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?

Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?

Golden Retrievers are not known as barkers; they only tend to bark if they have a good reason to. This doggo has a very gentle and welcoming personality, but they have a deep bark that can make people aware of their presence.

So, do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? No, they do not. They bark way less than other dogs and enjoy going about their day-to-day things quietly. However, not every dog is the same, so some Golden Retrievers may bark more than others. This breed is generally pretty calm and will only bark when they are excited or warning you of something.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about Golden Retrievers and barking. It will help you decide if this doggo is the perfect fit for you and your family.

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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Bark?

Goldens only bark when they feel that they need to. They are not considered barkers and will never bark to the point of annoying you or being a nuisance. This dog breed is gentle, loving, and quiet. When you compare them to various other dogs, Golden Retrievers do not bark a lot at all.

This is not to say that they never bark. Golden Retrievers bark for many different reasons, and it helps if you can identify why they’re barking. They may bark to catch your attention, at strangers, and much more.

There may be times when your doggo barks a bit more than usual, which is also perfectly normal. Sometimes these lovely doggos have a lot to say, and barking is their primary form of communication.

All Goldens are different, so some may bark more than others, but that’s nothing that socializing, training and a bit of stress management can’t fix. Eventually, you will learn to understand and read your doggo. This will help you anticipate various situations before they start barking.

If you find that your Golden Retriever’s barking is excessive and out of the ordinary, then it is best to address it immediately. It may mean that something is wrong. It’s unusual for this dog breed to bark incessantly, so if you pick up on any strange behaviors, take it seriously. There may be a bigger problem at hand.


Why Would A Golden Retriever Bark A Lot?

Golden Retrievers, just like all other dog breeds, bark for many different reasons. A dog’s barking is always linked to its emotions. The following are some of the main reasons why your Goldie may bark:


All doggos love to play, and dogs bark to express themselves. It is very common for dogs to bark when playing, and they may use their body language to express how much fun they are having.

Golden Retrievers are a very excitable and active breed. You’ll notice that your Golden Retriever puppy will play and bark a lot, and this behavior will carry on into adulthood. If their barking is combined with a wagging tail or picking up a toy, then your doggo is in the mood to play a bit.

Fear or alarm

Golden Retrievers also tend to bark quite excessively and suddenly if they feel fearful, scared, or alarmed by something around them. This can be anything from a vacuum to a thunderstorm.

Plus, Golden Retrievers have their own individual fears. As a pet parent, you can use your strong bond with your fur baby to reduce the stresses in their home environment and life. This, in turn, will minimize Golden Retriever barking and keep your doggo feeling calm in certain situations.


Everyone feels frustrated from time to time, even Golden Retrievers. And this feeling of frustration can cause them to bark a lot. When Golden Retrievers bark out of frustration, it may be directed at something or someone, and it can be non-stop.

These doggos may also turn to destructive behaviors depending on the specific situation. For example, your doggo might get annoyed with the squeaking sound in their chew toy. They then might start barking a lot and chew their toy to pieces.

Over time you will learn how to get your doggo to stop barking. But this dog breed will always bark to express itself, so it usually helps to remove what is causing them to feel a certain way. Most Golden Retrievers, if not all, are very trainable, so early socialization should do the trick.


Humans tend to yell or scream when they feel excited, and Golden Retrievers are much the same. They have their very own excitement bark. There is a lot to be excited about; treats, walks, friends, and playtime.

When your doggo is excited, it will often turn to high-pitched, energetic, and repetitive barking. This type of bark is very open and friendly as they are just happy and excited about what is to come.


A dog barks when it feels bored as well. This type of barking tends to sound quite monotone. They usually repeat it in a strong attempt to get your attention and let you know they are bored. They want to grab your attention when bored, so you give them something to do. Your doggo wants to be entertained.

If you pick up on excessive barking, it is likely an attention-grabbing bark depending on your doggo’s mood. Dogs also tend to bark a lot if they have been left alone for long periods of time or if they are not getting any mental stimulation.

If your Golden Retriever is barking out of boredom, it may also start to howl a lot throughout the day. This can become highly irritating for you and everyone around you. The problem is that a bored dog can become quite depressed or stressed. It’s best to get to the main root of the issue and start fixing it before it causes any more damage.

Besides incessant barking, a Golden will also start to display other problematic behaviors to alleviate those feelings of distress and boredom.

Mimicking other dog breeds

Dogs also tend to copy other dogs. So if you take your doggo to the park, and one of the dogs starts barking, it may cause a domino effect and cause all the other dogs to start barking too. This is very common in animal packs, and it is their way of showing connection.

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, but sometimes it’s purely because they hear another dog barking and want to join in on the fun.

Energy release

Golden Retrievers have very high energy demands as they are one of the most energetic doggos. They are naturally very active and athletic, so they require daily exercise in the form of playing, running, and chewing.

If your doggo does not get enough exercise, it can cause a huge build-up of energy that they will need to release. A mix of howling and barking indicates that your doggo needs to release some energy. Especially if they have had quite a lazy day. The other problem with depriving your Golden Retriever of exercise is that it can become distressed, obese, or bored.


A Golden Retriever will bark a lot when it wants your attention. When we are preoccupied or busy, a Golden Retriever might start repeatedly barking to grab our attention. This type of bark can get louder and louder as they insist that you give them attention. They want attention, and they want it now!

Your Golden Retriever will love getting attention from you. They love feeling adored and appreciated by their pet parents so much that they may even display bad behaviors to get it.

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent doggos, and they easily remember various behaviors that have gotten a reaction from you, whether bad or good.

Being aggressive or territorial

Golden Retrievers are very friendly dogs, but there are times when they feel the need to protect someone or something. Most Golden Retrievers are gentle and quiet, but they are wild animals that can easily be provoked, leading to territorial barking and behaviors.

If your Golden Retriever is barking a lot for aggressive or territorial reasons, the barking is generally non-stop and loud. It may also include different body postures and other behaviors, such as growling.


Barking serves as a dog’s primary form of communication. A Golden Retriever will bark to communicate with other animals, other dogs, and other dog owners. Barking is a crucial part of their verbal communication, and it should be controlled so that the negative reasons for barking can be ruled out.

A Golden Retriever will bark to communicate for loads of different reasons, like pain, excitement, curiosity, stress, encouragement, and more. Golden Retrievers, and all other dogs, use non-verbal and verbal communication cues to talk with one another.

Barking is a verbal cue, and a non-verbal cue could be something like a playful chase or a wagging tail.

Separation anxiety

A Golden Retriever is prone to separation anxiety. This often results in a sorrowful bark that is accompanied by a number of other sounds, such as howling. They do this to express their unhappiness with being separated from their pet parents.

Some dogs have severe separation anxiety, which may also come with destructive behaviors if it is really bad. This can lead to excessive barking and a very unhappy doggo. A Golden Retriever will bark a lot if they experience separation anxiety.

Response to stimuli

If your Golden Retriever smells or hears something that sparks its interest, it will start to bark a lot as a response to the stimuli, whatever it may be. If your Golden Retriever is in pain or hurt, it will start to bark. When your doggo can’t get what it wants, like toys or food, it starts barking a lot to express how frustrated it’s feeling.

Neighbors walking by, passing cars, and other external sounds can cause your Golden Retriever to start barking. This is completely normal and usually comes in short bursts.

If another dog is barking or howling nearby, your Golden Retriever will likely start copying its behavior or respond to the other dog in distress. Dogs barking at stimuli is completely normal as it elicits a reaction from them.


Figuring Out What Your Doggo’s Barking Means

It helps if you understand the various things that make a dog bark. You don’t need to memorize all 10 of the different barks that your Golden Retriever has, but knowing why they bark is a step in the right direction.

Dogs vary their barks in three different ways:

  • Duration
  • Pitch
  • Frequency

You can easily read how your dog feels by understanding these things and what each indicates.


Dogs can draw out their bark so much so that it starts to sound like a howl. A sudden and short bark can indicate that your Golden Retriever is surprised by someone or something that may have started them. A long and drawn-out bark indicates that there is a lot more intention behind the bark.


When Golden Retrievers bark a lot, it helps to understand their pitch. Pitch does vary from one doggo to another, but eventually, you will become familiar with your doggo’s voice, and you will be able to pick up on a change in pitch. Their pitch can show their inner motivation.

A lower-pitched bark tends to be threatening and is used to scare away another dog or an intruder. Your doggo can be scared or confident and use the exact same pitch.

A higher-pitched bark means that the doggo is in pain or is scared. They may be scared due to insecurity or uncertainty.

Lastly, there is a bark mixed with growling. This is always used as a threat.


Dogs use frequency to show stress, urgency, or excitement in their bark. If their barks are repetitive and fast, then your doggo is trying to communicate that they need attention immediately. Or it may mean that they are feeling very excited.

If your doggo barks at a much slower pace, this may indicate that something does need your attention but is less urgent.


What To Do If Your Golden Retriever Barks A Lot

We know that barking is a means of communication for our dogs, so never yell at or mistreat them for simply barking. If their barking is disruptive and non-stop, then a firm but still loving “no bark” can be repeated a few times. This will grab their attention and hopefully resolve the issue.

If your dog is constantly barking for no reason, then using various training commands can help remind them how they should behave. If that still doesn’t work, consider if all of your Golden Retrievers’ needs are being met. This can also help you figure out the root cause of their barking and help you stop it.

It may be their need for food, bathroom use, or anything else. Sometimes a distraction can also be very helpful in stopping a Golden retriever from barking so much. This is especially helpful in cases where the dog is barking at something specific.

Distractions could be something like a diversion or well-placed affection. The aim is to get their attention and distract them from the situation so that they forget what they were barking at in the first place.

BarksInThePark is your guide to everything doggo. So if you need advice on how to train your Golden Retriever, socialize them, and more, then you know where to look!

If a dog barks a lot, it could be due to something a lot more serious, and it can take time to get to the root of the problem. But once you have found it, you can start working on it and correct this behavior. Never yell at your doggo for barking, but you can set them straight by being firm with them and reinforcing positive behaviors.



How do I get my Golden Retriever to stop barking?

You can teach your Golden retriever various commands. Some good ones include the words “stop,” “quiet,” “enough,” or anything similar to these. It does not matter which word you choose as long as you are consistent and stick with it. This should control your dog’s bark.

Is a Golden Retriever a quiet dog?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are quiet dogs. Dogs bark to communicate with and show loyalty to their pet parents.

Are Golden Retrievers known to be barkers?

No, they usually aren’t barkers. This dog breed also has no guard instincts, which is usually how the barking starts.

Is it OK for my dog to bark all day?

Some barking is considered normal as it is a natural behavior, but no dog should be barking all day. It is annoying for the owners and all of the people around them. Constant barking may mean your dog is in pain, stressed, or feel their needs have not been met. Constant barking is usually a sign of a deeper problem.


Final Thoughts

So, do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? No, they do not, but they certainly do bark. All dogs bark, and it is a completely normal thing to do. Whatever the cause of your dog’s barking may be, it can usually be fixed with some attention and love.

In most cases, your doggo is probably just barking to say hello and let you know how much they love you – Golden Retrievers barking isn’t something to worry about unless it becomes excessive!