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Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers

Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever breed has it all: a fabulous temperament, a gorgeous smile, and big eyes that will melt just about any heart on earth.

It’s no wonder people are looking for dogs that look like Golden Retrievers.

But what if you can’t have a Golden Retriever?

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of dogs that look like the Golden Retriever (with minor differences). Barks In The Park is here to make sure nobody gets left behind.

So, are you ready for the cuteness overload?

Good! Let’s dive in.


Top Seven Dogs That Look Like the Golden Retriever

1. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a gorgeous dog breed with similar good looks to the Golden Retriever. However, their coat color is slightly different: donning a reddish coat as opposed to the sunny gold of the Golden Retriever.

This dog breed is super active; they love anything to do with the outdoors. So, if you’re into hiking, camping, plenty of walks, and playtime, this is the dog breed for you.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a medium-sized dog breed, originally bred as a duck-hunting companion (hence the name).

Their loving nature and desire to please their owners have made them an extremely popular breed. They look very similar to the Golden Retriever, with the same doe-like eyes and friendly, goofy smile.

Additionally, the dog breed is very intelligent; they need a lot of mental stimulation along with their daily activities. We highly recommend taking a look at a subscription service like BarkBox. Each month, they send a range of toys and treats to fight off any doggy boredom.

2. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Known as the waterproof dog, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a sweet, loving, and sensitive dog. Also known as the Chessie, this dog breed is a short-haired beauty.

The coat is usually brown, making it different from the golden blonde of the Golden Retriever. What makes their coats so unique is that they’re waterproof, so if you’re looking for a swimming companion, this might just be the right fit.

These doggos are extremely intelligent, just like the Golden Retriever, and require quite a lot of mental stimulation.

The very best part about the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is its soft undercoat. It makes them the perfect snuggle buddy during the winter.

You’ll have to keep your brush in hand, though, because the outer coat is relatively harsh and needs a good grooming at least once a week.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever was initially bred as a hunting dog for waterfowl. This natural instinct to seek and explore is still very much alive. So, you’ll need to be ready for a good few hours of playtime every day.

While this breed makes the perfect cuddle buddy, they do need plenty of exercise – so maybe not the best dog breed for a couch potato. But the Golden Retriever is the same; they need activities and play to keep up with their fun and active personalities.

Since the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was bred for hunting, you’d best be ready for a steadfast, loyal companion. They will follow you wherever you go and always aim to please you.

3. Flat-Coated Retriever

The Flat-Coated Retriever has some very similar attributes to the Golden Retriever. The most significant difference is in the breed’s darker coat, which you won’t see with a pure Golden Retriever.

This dog breed is unique in that they keep a lot of their puppy characteristics that we all come to know and love. So, if you’re searching for a Peter Pan dog (eternally young, in other words), you’re guaranteed a fun-loving “puppy,” no matter how old your Flat-Coated Retriever is.

What makes this breed the most like the Golden Retriever is its affectionate temperament. They love pleasing their owners and are loyal beyond measure – their love will be there through good times and bad.

It’s next to impossible to reduce their devotion to you once you’ve formed a bond – and why would you want to?

The breed has a very kind and relaxed expression that some find gives them the classic, goofy Golden Retriever look. They get on exceptionally well with little humans and other animals, which is one of the reasons they are so sought after.

They tend to shed more than their similar Golden pals, so keep that brush within arm’s reach. A popular option is the DakPets Pet Grooming Brush, which can reduce shedding by up to 95% if you use it regularly.

Color-wise, you can expect anything from a reddish brown to black, much darker than the bright Golden Retriever. But they are just as soft and cuddly.

As you’ll notice, with all the dog breeds on our list, any pup similar to the Golden Retriever will need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. So, get those running shoes out, because the Flat-Coated Retriever needs plenty of exercise.

4. Labrador Retriever

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are often mistaken for each other, and it’s easy to see why. They have a pretty similar build and a gorgeous loving temperament that sees them in the top four most popular breeds in the US.

There are some slight differences that you’ll notice if you have the chance to see them side by side. If you get that chance, we’re a little jealous – you’re in for a cuddle session of note!

Labrador Retrievers can be slightly more stocky and heavy in appearance due to their denser bone structure. The breeds’ coats are different because they were bred for different purposes.

The Golden Retriever was made for game hunting, meaning they need a softer outer coat but a dense undercoat to protect them from the thick bush.

On the other hand, the Labrador Retriever is a water dog with a thick undercoat to protect them from the wet, with a soft and oily outer coat that can dry relatively quickly. A Lab’s coat colors range from yellow to very dark black. The darkest a Golden Retriever goes is a fox red.

Both dog breeds are very sweet-natured and loyal; they share a lot of the same personality traits. One of the more favorable physical aspects is the doe eyes. One look from them and you’re hooked. You’d better stock up on dog biscuits!

Another similarity is their fantastic ability to help people. Both breeds make amazing service animals. They are patient, caring, and love training.

5. English Springer Spaniel

Are you looking for a small dog that looks like a Golden Retriever? The English Springer Spaniel might be what the doctor ordered. We’re not joking – cuddling and petting your canine companion raises oxytocin levels and improves your mood.

What makes these affectionate dogs look so similar to the Golden Retriever are their empathetic eyes. Seriously, they could melt even the hardest heart. If you know, you know… the Golden Retriever’s look of absolute love and admiration is almost impossible to replicate. But it’s there in the little English Springer Spaniel.

Physically, these Spaniels look quite different from the Golden Retriever. They are much smaller, only reaching around 30 lbs. They also have a wider range of coat colors, from white to tri-colored.

While not predominantly in the looks, the English Springer Spaniel is incredibly similar to the Golden Retriever in personality: energetic, loving, and highly trainable.

They also need a bit of maintenance in the grooming department, but don’t shed as much as the Golden Retriever. Groom them once a week with a de-shedding brush, and you’re good to go.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog looks similar to the Golden Retriever in build, height, stature, and that unmistakable goofy smile.

This breed’s soft, luxurious coat is much like that of the long-haired Golden Retriever. It is thick and needs a weekly brush. However, this may increase to daily brushing during the shedding season.

In terms of colors, Bernese Mountain Dogs have a very distinct look, with white, black, and rust fur. This coat is what makes these pups so easily recognizable. If they came in gold, it would be difficult to tell the difference between them and the Golden Retriever – that’s just how similar they are.

The same goes for personality. The Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog are very caring and loyal breeds. They protect their families while maintaining a happy and fun character around little kids and other animals.

Both dog breeds need a good exercise regime along with mental stimulation. The Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle is a great option. Whatever pup you have, they’ll be searching for treats for hours on end.

7. Great Pyrenees

If you’re on the lookout for medium-sized dogs that look similar to the Golden Retriever, this is not the breed for you. The name says it all: the Great Pyrenees is a massive doggo filled with enough love to make the world go round.

This gorgeous white breed looks like a supersized version of the Golden Retriever. So, if you’ve got the space, this is the best cuddle partner you’ll find.

The Great Pyrenees is powerful, so it’s great that they are patient, calm, and incredibly smart. They are easy to train, making them great family dogs.

Like the Golden Retriever, you’ll need a proper grooming brush to ensure the giant breed doesn’t matt too much during shedding season. More dog means more chance of tracking something in, so keep an eye on their skin and fur for any creepies.

These gentle giants are an absolute pleasure to care for. They adore their families and enjoy a good cuddle on the couch along with some well-deserved outdoor playtime.

Besides their lovely temperament, their face makes them most like Golden Retrievers. One look, and you’d be guessing if you weren’t possibly meeting a Golden Retriever that got into the cookie jar.



What dog looks like a bigger Golden Retriever?

The Great Pyrenees looks extremely similar to the Golden Retriever. The big difference is the size; the Great Pyrenees is massive, reaching upwards of 100 lbs. However, the two dog breeds are very alike in terms of facial structure and coat.

What breed looks the most like a Golden Retriever?

In our opinion, Labrador Retrievers look the most like Golden Retrievers. It has the same body type, a similar coat (but shorter), and the same doe eyes that make everyone love the breed in the first place.

Is there a smaller dog that looks like the Golden Retriever?

You get dog breeds like the Goldendoodle, but like Golden Retrievers, they are highly sought after and can be difficult to come by. Another great option is the English Springer Spaniel; they are a medium-sized dog breed with the puppy eyes and temperament of the Golden Retriever.



Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed around the world. They have stunning coats and adore their owners. So, it’s easy to see why people want similar affectionate dogs.

The good news? A range of Golden Retriever look-alikes can fit into just about any size home and lifestyle.

Some popular options include the Bernese Mountain Dog, Labrador Retriever, and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

If your memory needs refreshing, scroll back up to learn more about these beautiful breeds and what makes them so similar to the Golden Retriever.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, is here to help. Every pawrent wants their pet to be happy and healthy, and we’ve got all the dog info you need to be the best owner.