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Golden Retriever Pug Mix: A Guide To The Golden Pug Breed

Golden Retriever Pug Mix: A Guide To The Golden Pug Breed

Both Golden Retrievers and Pugs are adorable, lovable dogs! But they don’t look anything alike. So, what happens when you mix the two breeds together?

Mixed breeds can often produce some of the cutest pooches with interesting characteristics and personalities. And the Pug-Golden Retriever mix is no different! Dubbed the ‘golden Pug,’ these dogs are incredibly rare. But there’s still a lot you can learn about them if you’re lucky enough to find one!

Whether you want to improve your canine knowledge or have a precious Golden Retriever Pug of your own, there’s a lot to learn about these happy-go-lucky pups.

What Are Golden Pugs?

Golden Pugs are mixed-breed dogs that are bred from Golden Retrievers and Pugs. And while some breeders enjoy getting creative when they’re breeding different dogs together, there aren’t many Golden Retriever Pug mixes around! In fact, this dog breed is so rare that the American Canine Hybrid Club hasn’t yet recognized it.

But that’s not to say that these dogs don’t exist. There are plenty of proud owners of the Pug-Golden hybrid dog. You also may have spotted one of these pups without realizing it! Its resemblance to other dog breeds often gets it mistaken for a purebred Pug or a different Golden Retriever mix.

Still, the Pug Golden Retriever mix is a unique breed that combines the characteristics of two extremely popular dog breeds.

If you’re thinking about adopting one (or you already have one to call your own), knowing the dog breed’s history can help you care for your pooch more effectively. After all, part of responsible dog ownership is knowing what your fur-baby needs!

The History Of The Golden Retriever Pug Mix

To understand the appeal of this gorgeous mixed breed, it’s important first to know the history of each of its parent dogs.

Golden Retriever history

Golden Retrievers are some of the most popular dogs you can get! According to the American Kennel Club, they rank third on the list of the most popular dog breeds, beating out 192 other breeds!

This breed was first created in Scotland in the 19th century by crossbreeding the tweed water spaniel. Bred as a working dog ever since, there’s no wonder that these highly focused pups are used as service dogs!

With incredible intelligence and a friendly disposition, these dogs make great family pets or loyal companions.

Pug history

Coming in at number twenty-eight on the most popular dog breeds, the American Kennel Club first recognized the Pug in 1885! However, this ancient breed dates back as far as 400 B.C.

Originating in China, the Pug was predominantly kept by royalty and was seen as a symbol of good fortune. Unlike older breeds that were bred for hunting and work, the Pug was bred to be a companion and was typically kept as a lapdog. And based on the personality that Pugs portray, they haven’t forgotten their roots!

Pugs are loyal and friendly, but these dogs tend to enjoy a life of leisure and are often considered couch potatoes with lower energy levels.

Pug-Golden Retriever mix history

There isn’t much information on the Pug-Golden Retriever mix. However, the breed is believed to be relatively new among dog breeders.

Pug-Golden Retriever mixes are a result of crossbreeding two breeds with purebred genetic histories. Typically they result from a Golden Retriever mixed with Pug DNA, either through mating or artificial insemination by a breeder.

The parent dogs are always a Golden Retriever and Pug, although some breeders have used Golden Retriever Pugs as the parent dog to produce additional litters.

How Do You Breed A Pug-Golden Retriever Mix?

A Golden Retriever Pug mix is a hybrid or designer dog breed that mixes the genetics of a Golden Retriever and a purebred Pug.

Hybrid breeds are typically more desirable than mixed-breed mutts. While mixed-breed dogs are bred with several bloodlines, hybrid dog breeds have a more defined history and only use two breeds.

For example, mixed-breed pups may have several dog breeds mixed into their DNA. That means they may have one purebred parent and one mixed-breed parent. Either way, their true genetics are generally unknown, meaning they may have unique personalities and characteristics.

Adversely, Pug-Golden Retriever mixes are usually the result of cross-breeding purebred dogs, where one parent dog is a Golden Retriever, and the other is a Pug. Thus, the Golden Retriever Pug mix is considered a hybrid dog breed. And the most common method of breeding the Golden Retriever Pug mix is by using a male Pug and a female Golden Retriever.

Because the two parents are purebred, they pass their breed-specific genetics down to the Golden Pug pup. And, while the genetics may vary wildly between pups from different litters, they are the perfect mix of a goofy Golden Retriever and a loving Pug.

Golden Pug Characteristics


Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs with lean, muscular frames. As their name suggests, these retrievers are known for their golden coat. They have longer fur, which may sometimes curl, with feathered tails. Golden Retrievers are also known for their rounded faces with longer snouts and drooping ears.

On the other hand, the physical appearance of a Pug couldn’t be more different! These short dogs are stout with rounded bodies and short legs. They have short, coarse coats and curled tails, although some are more tightly curled than others. Pugs have short snouts and are characterized by their flat faces and adorable wrinkles.

Pug-Golden Retrievers can vary wildly in their appearance, although their faces more closely resemble the Pug. They have slightly longer snouts, with softer wrinkles – but there’s no mistaking that they carry the same DNA as the Pug!


Golden Retrievers have an average height of around twenty-two inches. And depending on their size, sex, and activity level, they can weigh between fifty-five and seventy-five pounds. Like most dog breeds, males are usually taller and heavier than females.

Pugs are much smaller than Golden Retrievers and have an average height of twelve inches. Their smaller frame is directly proportional to their lighter weight, with a male Pug weighing in at around eighteen pounds. Females can weigh anywhere from fourteen to sixteen pounds on average.

Because of the vast difference in the size of the parents, Pug-Golden Retriever pups may vary in their size and weight. While some may be taller and heavier, others may be shorter and lighter! Usually, a Pug-Golden mix will be between fifteen and twenty-four inches tall. Similarly, their weight will fluctuate depending on their height. Smaller Pug-Golden dogs may weigh around fifteen pounds, while larger mixes can weigh up to sixty or seventy pounds.


What’s not to love about the Golden Retriever personality? Golden Retrievers are loving dogs with big, goofy personalities. They love being around people and get on well with other pets, but they can also be highly independent and keep themselves entertained. They are great family companions and get on well with children.

Pugs are caring dogs with gentle dispositions. They love to laze around with their owners, but they also enjoy their playtime! Pugs are incredibly loyal but still get on well with other dogs. In fact, they are sociable dogs that do well in homes with two dogs or other pets.

Both Golden Retrievers and Pugs have friendly and loving personalities. And it may be because of their similar personalities that the Golden Retriever Pug mix was born!

Like Golden Retrievers, the Pug-Golden mix is an intelligent dog with a friendly disposition. Its energy levels may vary, so they can range from lap dogs to independent working dogs. One thing’s for sure, though. If you have a Pug-Golden mix, you’ve got a best friend and the perfect family pet!

How To Care For A Golden Pug

Exercise requirements

Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs that do well with regular exercise. But Pugs are lower-energy dogs that usually only require short daily walks to keep them happy. So, how much exercise does a Pug-Golden mix need?

Pug-Golden mixes will need regular exercise that correlates to their natural energy levels. While some pups may have lower energy levels, others may take after their Retriever parents and seek out additional exercise.

Either way, it’s important to have a daily exercise regime in place to keep these dogs satisfied. And, because they’re highly intelligent, it’s recommended to include some mental exercise in their routine, too!

Feeding requirements

Like most dogs, your Pug-Golden mix will have unique feeding requirements. And how much you feed your pup should depend on its size. If it’s closer to a Pug in size, it should eat as much as a Pug does. And the same goes for a large dog that resembles a Retriever in size – it’s going to need more food!

However, you should always be careful not to overfeed your dog. Pug-Golden mixes that are overfed are prone to developing hip and elbow dysplasia, which are painful conditions for your pup to endure. They’re also expensive conditions to correct! So keep an eye on your dog’s weight and consult a licensed veterinarian if you’re unsure how much to feed it.

Grooming requirements

You can keep your dog happy and healthy with a good grooming routine. And when it comes to the Pug-Golden mix, proper grooming is a must! Their unique coats are easily soiled and may need more care than dogs with darker coats.

Pug-Golden mixes typically have double coats. These medium-length coats are soft and straight but are prone to shedding. So, you may need to invest in a good de-shedding brush and groom your dog around once a week to stop your house from filling up with piles of pet hair!

You should also bathe your pup around every month or two. But be careful! Some Pug-Golden pups may inherit sensitive skin. And, much like Pugs, their skin can dry out if they’re over-groomed.

Training requirements

Like any dog with high intelligence and a good amount of energy, the Pug-Golden mix needs proper training if you want to avoid behavioral issues. While this is true for any dog, these pups take after their Golden Retriever parents.

Without training, your Pug-Golden mix may become destructive and ill-behaved. But it’s not because they’re bad dogs! In fact, there’s no such thing as a bad dog! With dedicated owners and training, these energetic dogs can use their excess energy for more productive tasks.

Health concerns

When researching a hybrid breed, it’s a good idea to look at the potential health concerns the parent breeds may pass onto the pups. You can usually consult the Canine Health Information Center for more information on the parents. In this case, you’ll need to look at the health concerns for both a Golden Retriever and a Pug.

Golden Retrievers are pretty healthy dogs overall, but they may suffer from hip dysplasia, eye problems, elbow dysplasia, and cardiac conditions. They also have a life expectancy of around twelve years.

Pugs may also suffer from dysplasia and eye problems. But unfortunately, they’re also prone to conditions such as kidney disease, breathing difficulties, patellar luxation, and canine anemia. Despite their potential health risks, these dogs have a life expectancy of around fifteen years.

The Pug-Golden Retriever may develop the same conditions as one or both of its parents. However, mixed-breed dogs are less likely to develop chronic illnesses than their purebred counterparts. These dogs also have an average lifespan of around ten to fifteen years.


Can a Golden Retriever mate with a Pug?

Golden Retrievers can absolutely mate with Pugs! When these dogs are crossbred, they produce mixed-breed hybrid pups with similar facial features to a Pug but with a more pronounced snout. These pups are known as Pug-Golden Retrievers.

What is a Golden Retriever Pug mix called?

There are several names for a Golden Retriever Pug mix. The most common name is the Golden Pug, but some creative breeders and dog lovers have also dubbed this hybrid mix the ‘Puggolden.’ However, since canine clubs and associations don’t recognize the breed, it doesn’t have an official name. So you can call it whatever you like!

What breed is a Pugador?

A Pugador is the name for a hybrid dog that is a mix between a Pug and a Labrador Retriever. Although these mixes may be confused for a golden Pug, their characteristics and personalities make them a unique breed. Like the Golden Retriever Pug mix, these dogs aren’t officially recognized by any canine associations.

Final Thoughts

Mixed-breed pups are increasing in popularity. Although they aren’t always bred to be sold, many dog owners who have chosen to adopt may come across this breed in shelters. If you own one of these incredible dogs or are as curious about rare breeds as barksinthepark are, our guide has everything you need to know about the Golden Pug.