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Are Black Goldendoodles Rare?

Are Black Goldendoodles Rare?

Black Goldendoodles are absolutely stunning dogs. They are also quickly gaining in popularity amongst discerning dog lovers keen for a unique-looking addition to their family brood of four-legged friends.

But how rare are these remarkable-looking pups? Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about black Goldendoodle puppies and their parent breeds.

The Science Behind Black Goldendoodle Puppies

The name ‘Goldendoodles’ stems from the mixed breeding of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. When these two cuddly creatures are combined in mating, Goldendoodles are the result.

The Golden Retriever and Poodle breeds have instilled color genetics impacting the result of black Goldendoodle coats, which are mixed during breeding.

With a Golden Retriever, a light gold-colored straight coat is the norm. In the Poodle bloodline, there are four coat colors. These are red, cream, apricot, and recessive black (whose recessive black gene is the least dominant of the four colors). The coat type is a wavy coat.

When producing puppies, black Doodles are more likely in the later Goldendoodle generations.

Interestingly enough, the black recessive genes in a Poodle as a dog parent is the golden ticket that could change the coat color to the all-amazing topic of discussion: a black Goldendoodle!

If a Golden Retriever and purebred black Poodle mate, its litter will unlikely include a black coat the first time. Pairing a Goldendoodle parent with a black Poodle will increase the chances of black coat puppies.

With each generation being bred, the chances of having a black Goldendoodle puppy become more likely. The black coat is more determined by the Poodle parent, which has to be black. Second or third generation puppies are more likely to be black. So when asking the question, are black Groodles rare? Yes. Very!

Finding Black Goldendoodle Breeders

goldendoodle with black fur laying on the floor

With black Doodles, there is one Golden Rule: verified breeders. Check out our homepage for advice on choosing the best breeders who will provide you with a happy and healthy pup.  

Scammers out there will deceive you with a black Goldendoodle-looking puppy. Make sure that the little furball puppy with a dark brown shaggy coat you are taking home is a genetically mixed breed Goldendoodle, and understand the science behind this dog breed.

It will serve you well to learn more about your doggy from those in the Goldendoodle-know, so identify a reputable breeder, especially if you are interested in breeding your own dogs to sell puppies.

Once you have identified a breeder and committed to your soon-to-be black Goldendoodle parenting, consider the cost of acquiring your designer puppy. These dogs don’t come cheap. And the reason behind this is their rarity.

The cost of black Doodles varies between breeders, regions, coat colors, and sizes. For a Goldendoodle, the average price is US $1000 – US $1500. For a black Goldendoodle, the price is upwards of US $3000. The only difference between black Doodles and other dogs is the digits in price!

Can I Adopt A Black Goldendoodle Puppy?

black golden doodle puppy at a young age playing and running towards the camera

Even though there is no price to the companionship of a loving pet, the unfortunate reality is that these designer dogs often still become rescue dogs.

Check out your local animal shelters for black Doodles, and you might just find a forever friend with a curly coat to bring home.


What are black Goldendoodles called?

Irrespective of what color your furry friend is, the coat color of your Goldendoodle doesn’t change the name. As a breed combination of a Poodle and Golden Retriever, your Goldendoodle can be golden, black, or a combination of colors.

Do black Goldendoodles change color with age? 

Black Doodles will remain dark in color. However, their fur could lighten slightly as they age. One thing is for sure though; your black Doodle isn’t going to turn red! 

Is black the rarest Goldendoodle color?

Yes! Black Goldendoodles are the rarest. If you manage to find one, relish in the thought of your fancy fur baby! However, all Goldendoodles are special creatures, and black or not, they will find a spot in your heart that is rare to fill!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a unique breed of dogs that will not only steal your heart and likely some digits in your bank account!

Goldendoodles have stolen the hearts of some of our favorite on-screen personalities like Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Tiger Woods, Kenny Chesney, Usher, and John Travolta, showing why owning a Goldendoodle and even a black Doodle has become an uprising trend!