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Are Goldendoodles Double-Coated?

Are Goldendoodles Double-Coated?

Doodles either take after their Golden Retriever or Poodle parent’s coat pattern. Both breeds have very different hair patterns, so it is hard to say if your Doodle will be double or single-coated. It depends on if they take after the Poodle or the Golden Retriever.

So, do Goldendoodles have a double coat? Yes, they do, if they take after their Golden Retriever parent when it comes to hair growth.

Here is everything you need to know about this dog’s soft and beautiful fur coat.

Goldendoodles With A Double Coat

goldendoodle puppy in a wooden bucket

If Goldendoodles have a double coat, they are much more prone to painful and severe matting, so it is crucial that you groom your pup on a regular basis to maintain and care for their thick coats.

You will need to invest in the proper tools and watch a couple of grooming videos to ensure that you do not hurt your dog and give them the appropriate grooming routine they deserve.

Grooming is a great way to bond with your fur baby, and it might take some time until you get it right. Like most dog breeds, their hair will change from a puppy coat into adulthood.

Always practice safety first when brushing, cutting, and styling double-coated breeds. Severe and painful matting is not fun for you or your pup!

How can I tell if my Goldendoodle has a double coat?

Goldendoodles have a double coat when they have a soft, dense undercoat close to the skin and a coarse outer one with guard hairs. Goldendoodles either have straight, flat, curly, or wavy coats.

Goldendoodle puppy with a dense coat on a pile of clean laundry

Caring For Your Goldendoodle With A Double Coat

When Doodles have a double coat, they generally have tight poodle-like curls that mat easily from tangles. But dogs with a loser-wavy pattern or a loosely curled coat also tend to matt quite easily.

Although Doodles are mostly considered hypoallergenic because of their Poodle genes, a Doodle with a double coat may not have these properties that make them loved by allergy sufferers.

Firstly, your Goldendoodle dog will shed a lot, so you will need to brush your doodle with a double coat a couple of times every week. Brushing will loosen trapped hair. When hair sheds, it tends to get trapped under your pup’s topcoat, which is made of guard hairs, creating density and matting.

A Doodle’s undercoat also traps a lot of dirt which can lead to skin problems, and regular brushing can help remove a lot of this dirt. Your Goldendoodle will also likely need regular bathing, whether they have a single coat or a double coat. Caring for single-coated dogs is not too different from this. Be sure to use the right products, as your dog’s skin is sensitive.

You also need to be careful of bathing your dog too much as it can lead to skin irritation and dryness and can strip its hair and coat of its natural oils. We highly recommend using a slicker brush to ensure your pup’s undercoat is fully mat-free.

When brushing, it is best to use a sectioning system at least twice a week to make sure that you thoroughly brush through their fur from the roots to the tips. It is best to end your brushing routine with a soft bristle brush to add that extra shine to your dog’s topcoat.

Bathing and grooming your Goldendoodle takes a lot of patience and some killer organization skills. You want to ensure that everything is within easy reach and that the area is spacious. It might be best to ensure that your doggo can’t get very far or easily escape – most dogs despise bathtime.

So, have towels ready and all of your tools and products nearby. A slip-proof bathmat will be your new best friend and comes in handy. When grooming and bathing, always leave your pups head til the end.

Dogs tend to shake as soon as the water gets close to their ears and head, and trust us, you want to avoid this. A sopping wet dog and shaking is not a good combination. 

If you’re wondering how fast Goldendoodle hair grows, we have a helpful guide that will tell you everything you need to know. 

Grooming Products And Tools You Will Need

The following are some of the best grooming products and tools to use on your single or double-coated dog:

  • Grooming brushes: Brushes will remove shedding and trapped hairs, it also leaves your Goldendoodle’s fur looking shiny and feel silky smooth.
  • Dog dryer: You can buy your sweet little fur baby their very own hairdryer. Dogs are very sensitive to temperatures, so keeping it at a good medium between cold and hot is best.
  • Undercoat rake brushes: This type of brush is great for reaching that undercoat and can brush out anything that has started to shed.
  • Doggy shampoos and conditioner: You must choose products that are safe for your doggo and suit their fur and skin type. There are also some fantastic medicated shampoos on the market. Only purchase dog-specific bathing products.
  • Scissors: If you do not take your doggo to the groomer and wish to cut their fur yourself, make sure that you cut their outer coat at least two inches from their skin.

Final Thoughts

Doodles can have thick double coats, and knowing how to care for and maintain them is essential. You will find their double coat very easy to manage with a solid grooming schedule and technique.

Always ensure that you are gentle and make use of the correct products when dealing with double-coated dogs. Your fur baby deserves the best care! Check out our other guides at Barksinthepark for more advice on looking after your pet.