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Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats?

Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats?

It can be tough introducing a new animal to your family pet. You aren’t sure how they will react and if they will be able to get along. The good news is that a Goldendoodle will get along with just about any animal, especially cats.

This gentle, playful, intelligent, and loving dog will be a cat’s best friend. Don’t forget to check our website for more advice on welcoming a Goldendoodle or any other breed into your home. 

Goldendoodles And Cats

new pet owners goldendoodle puppy meets cat

Are Goldendoodles good with cats? Yes, doodles are naturally good with other animals, and this includes cats. It is not common for a Doodle to chase or show aggressive behavior towards a cat since they don’t have the same prey drive as most hunting dogs.

Goldendoodles want to be besties with everyone and will get along well with cats and smaller animals.

However, although this dog is not likely to attack, chase a cat, or have its prey drive kick in, the pup will still require proper training and socialization. If you want your pets to get along well, then be sure that they follow your commands and behave appropriately.

The initial introduction between your feline and puppy (or adult dog) is crucial. Not only will it affect their personalities, but it will also set the tone for the rest of their relationship going forward. Depending on their personalities, it may take some time, but a Goldendoodle and a cat can live together harmoniously and have a good relationship.

How To Ensure Your Goldendoodle And Cat Get Along

Kittens and Goldendoodles do not always get along, some kittens are distant and not very friendly, and it does really come down to their personality. However, when these two animals do get along, it is a beautiful and magical thing!

The best way to ensure that the two of them get along is to introduce them at a young age. A Goldendoodle is one of the best dog breeds to pair with a cat due to its low prey drive and amazing temperament. Here are some helpful tips that all pet owners can benefit from:

Slowly introduce them

Confine the animals at first, so they cannot yet engage or fight and keep them behind barriers so that both of them are safe until you can tell they will get along. It also helps to understand animal behavior, so you can tell how they both actually feel.

Cats tend to adjust relatively quickly, and the Goldendoodle is likely thrilled at the sight of a new friend, but ease them both into it. Rushing their introduction can be very problematic, and they need to get used to having someone new around.

All animals are different, though; it may take some longer than others to adjust to a new pet, so just be patient and let the two of them do their thing!

Get both of them when they are babies

Goldendoodle puppy and kitten on the couch

If possible, get both animals while they are babies. Introducing a new animal to an adult pup is much harder than introducing one to a baby pup or even an existing pet who is used to being alone. Two animals tend to bond a lot faster when they are little as they are easier to influence, more open, and want to find comfort in each other.

Treat them as equals

Treat both family pets equally, and be sure to reward both of them for good behavior. Rewards will reinforce all of the positive things that they do. Pet dogs love attention, while cats quite enjoy being alone, so try to resist giving your Doodle too much attention and yummy treats in front of the cat.

You need to show that the cat comes first as well so that they don’t get jealous or feel overshadowed by the pup. They both need to feel equally loved and cared for – which we know you do, but the cat might not see it this way.

Give them each personal space

Make sure that both animals have their own personal space and that you give them enough time to adjust. This will give them time to feel calm and safe. Introducing a new pet can be stressful for both of them, and it’s good to give them time to adjust to these new changes in their home.

Some animals may first feel comfortable in their own space before being forced to interact with another. Allow them to do it in their own time, and give both your dog and cat space.

Allow them to move around freely

Once you can see that both the dog and cat feel comfortable with each other, give them time to hang out and do their own thing. This will allow them to bond and get used to having each other around.

It is always a good idea to introduce toys that both of them can play with so that they can build a relationship and play together.

What To Do If They Don’t Get Along

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a cat and a Goldendoodle might just not get along with each other. This can result in some stressful and crazy situations. To control this better, ensure that they both have their space so that they can co-exist separately in your home.

You must be prepared for everything when bringing a cat and dog home. Your doodles prey drive might even kick in. But it is highly unlikely that they won’t get along. Goldendoodles are so easy-going and friendly, and a new cat will adore them.


Do Goldendoodles get on with other pets?

It depends on the individual dog, but most Goldendoodles get on brilliantly with children, cats, and other dogs in the household. They have a low prey drive and are super friendly dogs.

Which Doodle is best with cats?

The Goldendoodle and the Bernedoodle are both breeds that get on extremely well with cats.

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles are very understanding and gentle, and their highly intuitive nature will allow them to understand their new feline friend and read how they are feeling and when they want to be left alone to do their thing.

This means that your Groodle will make a great and loving companion to a cat and will surely get along well.

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