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Are Goldendoodles Good With Kids?

Are Goldendoodles Good With Kids?

If you are planning on getting a pup, then you may be asking yourself, are Goldendoodles good with kids? Good news, yes, they certainly are! Goldendoodles make fantastic pets for your family and your little ones. They have a very energetic nature and love playing and having fun while being very gentle and loving.

This dog will make the perfect addition to your home, and a Goldendoodle pup may just be what your kids needs. They are excellent family dogs. Here is all you need to know about this great family dog.

Goldendoodles And Kids

goldendoodles good dogs around kids playing

Goldendoodles are amazing with children; they get along well with just about anyone, from other dogs to people of all ages. Your Doodle is highly social and loves being around its humans. They make the perfect companion for children as they share a lot of the same personality features.

They also come from a Poodle and Golden Retriever, which are both very friendly doggos. Doodles and children are playful, active, gentle, and love having fun – they are basically a match made in heaven!

Although Goldendoodles are naturally good with kids, they still require proper orientation and training to adopt healthy and positive habits. Your kids will always be safe around a Goldendoodle, but it doesn’t hurt to still keep your eye on them.

Goldendoodles have an active, cheerful, and devoted nature and are known as amazing family pets. These doggos are easy to train and teach and can easily adjust to different people and environments.

Since these pups are eager to please and so good with the little ones, a lot of their reinforcement training can actually be done by the children. Teaching your Doodle tricks can be loads of fun for your kids and the whole family since Goldendoodles are enthusiastic and love treats, making the entire experience very entertaining!

Goldendoodles are also hypoallergenic, making them an excellent match for sensitive kids and allergy sufferers. A Goldendoodle is sure to bring your children tons of joy and happiness, and they will get along incredibly well.

Teaching Your Kids About Dogs

Your children will need to learn about dogs, whether they have experience with them or not. They will need to learn how to care for them, behave with them, and more.

Goldendoodles are generally very gentle, but it is always good to learn how to avoid certain situations that may be harmful. Consider teaching your little one about the following:

  • Do not take the dog’s food or toys: Even friendly dogs tend to be possessive over these things, which can annoy them and lead to aggressive behavior.
  • Water and feeding: Show your kids how much they should feed the pup every day and that they should ensure that the pup always has fresh and clean water.
  • Never yell at the dog: The dog will not understand what you are trying to tell them.
  • Avoid playing rough: Children need to be gentle with the dog, so teach your kids how to handle them gently and with care.
  • Avoid impulsive actions and making loud noises.
  • Let the dog smell you and get to know you first.
  • Do not bother the pup while it is sleeping or eating dog food
  • If playtime gets out of hand, your child should curl into a ball to protect their face and eyes until they can get help
  • If the pup is showing aggressive behavior and barking, move around them carefully and softly.
  • Petting: Caress the dog under the chin or on the cheek while petting it. Going for their face or head might scare them.
  • Do not corner or chase the dog.
  • Always stand next to the dog instead of in front of it.
  • Introductions: Let the dog approach them first and stay calm.

The Top Reasons Why Goldendoodles Are Great With Kids

Their peaceful temperament

This breed makes a patient and calm household pet, and calmness is a great quality, especially when the little ones act out, are irritable, or play rough with the dog. They have the best personality traits from their Poodle and Golden Retriever parents.

Your calm Goldendoodle will be very chill and laidback while your child, on the other hand, might not be, and this can help avoid some very unpleasant situations. This is also why educating your little ones on how to interact with and care for their pets is crucial.

They are highly intelligent

goldendoodle proper training to shake hands

Training this popular dog breed will be easy peasy lemon squeezy since they are super smart. You won’t need an expert, and your little one can easily teach their new furry friend some fundamental skills. It is best to start training them early on to avoid unpleasant behaviors.

Friendly personality

Goldendoodles are very friendly and get along with just about anyone and anything. This social dog loves making new friends and will even get along with cats and other animals. With a Goldendoodle, you’ll have a new furry family member who is loving, friendly, and accepting of all beings.


goldendoodle guard dog watching in front of a gate

Goldendoodles can easily understand what you are telling them, so training this dog will be enjoyable and straightforward. This good family dog can learn tricks, games, and instructions easily and quickly, which will be great for their physical and mental stimulation.

A Doodle will easily adapt to your family’s lifestyle and accept all house rules. They will especially adopt the lifestyle of the young kids. Because of this, you should include your kids in the training sessions. This will also help build a close bond between the pup and the kiddos.

They are very sensitive

Goldendoodles are very aware and have an acute sense of your mood. Your dog can sense how you are feeling and will respond to you and share the emotions you feel. When you are happy and smiling, your pup will be jumping around. And when you are feeling low, they will curl up next to you to support you and try to lift your spirits.

Your Doodle will be the same with children; they will evaluate and observe your little one’s emotions and then plan their activities. Due to their sensitive and intelligent nature, Goldendoodles also make great therapy dogs and service dogs.

Obedient and eager to please

Obedience does not only mean that a Doodle is easy to train. You can also teach your pup to be quiet around young kids or to be gentle, and your Doodle will want to please you by following the rules you have taught them.

Fun to play with

goldendoodle active dogs playing with a kid on bicycle

Since Goldendoodles are naturally very athletic and active, they will love playing and running around with the children. Your doggo will also love spending time outdoors, and both the younger kids and pup will enjoy having someone to play with.

Goldendoodles are very enthusiastic and will do just about anything with the children, whether it is leaping, jumping, running in circles, and more!


Like many dogs, this dog breed is extremely loyal, and they will never abandon you. They will always stick by your side and will for sure stick with your little ones.


Goldendoodles tend to be low-shedders, which means it is very safe for the little ones to be around them since any allergic reaction to their fur is very rare. So they are excellent pets for allergy sufferers, and it makes maintaining their coats very easy.

Love unconditionally

Your Goldendoodle will always want to make you feel happy and loved. They tend to be more concerned about their humans than themselves. They aren’t exactly guard dogs, but they will do anything and everything to protect their owners and care for them.

Some Minor Problems And What You Should Do

Spurs of aggression

While the pup is going through its socializing phase (at about 6-14 weeks old), there may be a risk of unpleasant interactions since they are very impressionable and curious. At this stage, it is crucial that you socialize the pup and your little ones so that they have a good attitude toward each other.

A Goldendoodle puppy is not yet very calm or patient and might become fearful and act out if a child interacts roughly with them or irritates them. Good socialization (and teaching your child) will help prevent any outbursts and spurs of aggression.

Kids playing rough/abusing the pup

Children are loud, move irregularly, and tend to act erratically. Children are also likely to be fascinated by the dog even when it is displaying hostility or fear – which can be problematic.

A lot of little ones also tend to tug on dogs’ ears, hair, and tails, which can irritate the pup and cause them to become aggressive. So teach your little ones how to interact and play with the dogs. After all, a Doodle is still an animal and can act out in unpredictable ways.

Nipping, biting, and mouthing

When a pup is teething, they are likely to start nipping and lightly biting things (and people). Firm and consistent training can correct the behavior if your pup starts doing this.

Children won’t know how to react when a dog starts getting mouthy, and in a situation like this, it is best to separate the little one and the dog for a bit.


Which Doodles are best with kids?

Although almost all the Doodle dogs are child-friendly, Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles are the best with children.

Are Goldendoodles hyper?

Goldendoodles have a lot of excess energy, making them great companions for energetic children!

Final Thoughts

Boy or girl Goldendoodles make the most amazing pets and companions for children. Whether you want a big or miniature Doodle, the pup will fit right into your home and family and be a very loving, gentle, and caring addition.

A Goldendoodle’s good temperament and personality traits make them the best doggo for your children. Check out Barks in the Park for more advice on choosing the perfect furry friend for your family.