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Are Goldendoodles Picky Eaters?

Are Goldendoodles Picky Eaters?

As Goldendoodle owners might tell you, some of these dogs are far too clever for their own good. Being as intelligent as they are, it is not uncommon for a Goldendoodle to quickly become a picky eater, only eating what they want because they know they can guilt you into serving up their favorite snack food.

Let’s take a look at why these clever pups are such picky eaters.

Why Are Goldendoodles Often Picky Eaters?

Any dog can become a picky eater, but some breeds are more prone to this quirk than others. With that Poodle DNA, your Goldendoodle is genetically hardwired to be selective when it comes to meals.

In fact, there are many reasons why Goldendoodle owners might suddenly find themselves with a picky dog who is stoically refusing to eat the healthy dog food in its food bowl and holding out for something else, probably something a little less healthy.

One of the main reasons you might find yourself with a picky Goldendoodle is simple: their tastes have changed. Sure, it sounds a little weird, but dogs are just like us, and they might gradually lose the taste for a favorite food the same way human beings grow to prefer different foods from time to time.

The first thing Goldendoodle owners should do is try different dog food. You can still keep your pet’s diet nutritious and healthy by shopping around and trying out different dog food brands until you find the one your pooch loves.

Reasons Why A Goldendoodle Puppy Might Become A Picky Eater

It can be incredibly worrying for pet owners if their furry friends suddenly stop eating, and if you think it might be something serious, then you should take your pet to the vet immediately.

However, in most cases, there is a much more simple and manageable reason for your Goldendoodle turning into a very picky eater seemingly overnight.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.


Boredom, or lack of stimulation, can be a leading cause of lost appetite and your bundle of golden fluff quickly turning into a picky eater. The Goldendoodle breed is known for being intelligent and incredibly active, so if yours’ spends too much time at home alone or without space to run and play, then they have no chance to work up an appetite.

Having little drive to eat may quickly spiral into only eating particular foods, namely treats. 

Yes, this sounds a lot like comfort eating in humans. Dogs are more like us than we often realize.


giving the recommended amount for goldendoodle to eat

That brings us to the next likely scenario: overfeeding. Or, more specifically, over-treat feeding.

Feeding your Goldendoodle too many treats is likely to spoil their appetite. More than that, however, if you regularly introduce your dog to a new food as a treat, they might quickly decide this is all they want to eat. After all, why eat nutritious dog foods when you can hold out for sweet treats or a tasty morsel of cheese?

Goldendoodles often seem like they always have an appetite, so it is easy to get into the habit of letting them snack. Goldendoodle owners know that this breed is highly intelligent, so yes, they are clever enough to know they can hold out for those unhealthy snacks that they really want.


goldendoodle laying down, experiencing allergies from dairy products

The popular Goldendoodle breed is prone to stomach problems, which is another reason that your pup might become a picky eater.

Many Goldendoodle puppies inherit sensitive stomachs from one or both of their parents. Some pups escape this affliction through crossbreeding, but not all do. Similarly, if your Goldendoodle eats unhealthy food from a young age, it might damage their stomach, leading to increased food intolerance.

Hybrid dogs are a bit of a dice roll; you might adopt one who can eat anything at all, or you might discover that your furry friend is sick or bloated after eating a certain food.

Goldendoodles are prone to sensitive stomachs, leading to lifelong allergies. If your dog begins to associate certain food with feeling unwell (and yes, they are absolutely clever enough to make that association), then who could blame them for turning into a picky eater?


goldendoodle experiencing stress and low energy

That’s right: stress.

Goldendoodles are the hybrid result of two incredibly intelligent and empathetic parent breeds, so it stands to reason that these dogs would be easily affected by sudden changes to their routine.

They might sense stress in the house, or perhaps there has been a recent change, or some loud renovation work. Any of these things and many more can discourage your sensitive pooch from eating their healthy dog food and turning to comfort eating instead.

How To Stop Dogs From Being Picky Eaters

The first thing you should do is establish a feeding routine. If you have adopted a Goldendoodle puppy, then this is an easy feat early on. The Goldendoodle breed is good with routine, and they are clever enough to respond to it. Get them used to eating a morning meal and an evening meal, with only occasional treats in between.

Make sure they have somewhere quiet and calm to enjoy their meals. This goes back to Goldendoodles being extremely sensitive dogs. If there is a lot of noise or a sudden change in the house, they might not feel comfortable enough to eat.

Mental stimulation. Ultimately, the reason Goldendoodles are so prone to picky eating is their intelligence. They love to play, and they love you. If your pup spends a lot of time home alone, make sure they have plenty of stimulating toys to play with – and make sure you spend lots of time with them, too. Check our homepage for more advice on keeping your Doodle busy. 

What dog food to feed a picky Goldendoodle?

Alright, it happens. Despite your best effort, your pooch might just be a picky eater. Hey, there are lots of super-selective humans out there, too, right?

If your pup is happy and healthy, you just need to find the right way to get them the nutrients they need. With their sensitive stomachs, many doodles are deterred by the artificial flavor and processed texture of commercial dog food. In this case, try slowly switching to a raw food diet.

Adopting a natural, raw diet will ensure that you are one hundred percent in control of what goes into your dog’s food. With a little patience and a lot of observation, you can find the right healthy foods to tempt your dog with and leave out anything with a flavor or texture that brings out their picky side!

Alternatively, it might just be a case of trial and error. With all the commercial dog food choices out there, there has to be at least one that your Goldendoodle will eat.

The Ideal Diet For A Goldendoodle

So, what do Goldendoodles eat? The most important thing you can do for your furry friend is to make doubly sure that they enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet filled with dog food they love but also does them a lot of good.

Deciding on the perfect dog food can take a bit of time. There are plenty of pet food companies out there to try, so take your time and let your dog try a few. You might discover that certain flavors cause your Goldendoodle to have an upset stomach – or that they simply dislike them.

Pay close attention to how your dog responds to different brands of kibble, as well as different flavored dog food from the same brand, so you can quickly eliminate anything which makes your pup a little queasy. This will ensure meals are a pleasant experience for your dog and reduce the likelihood of them becoming a picky eater.


Can switching dog food make a picky eater worse?

It is fine to experiment with a few different types of dog food but switching too often can, in fact, make your dog more picky.

If you switch up the dog food too often, you are inadvertently teaching your pup that there are infinite mealtime options out there, and if they refuse to eat this one, you will magically produce something much tastier.

If your Doodle really will not eat a certain brand or type of food, then yes, you need to find another one. However, give it a few days and see if they really do have an issue with it or if they are just testing the boundaries.

Can switching dog food be a good thing?

Absolutely! You know your dog, and if they are a creature of habit, then maybe keep them to the same one or two brands on rotation. If your dog is prone to boredom, then maybe try a slightly different – but equally nutritious – dog food with every couple of bags.

Switching from time to time might just prevent your pooch from getting bored of the same food and acclimatize them for any time the grocery store is out of your regular brand!

Is it okay to freeze dog food?

Dry dog food can last for about six months in a freezer, so if your Doodle is not at all picky, then you might be able to get away with it. Be warned, however, that freezing dog food changes the taste, texture, and aroma.

In Conclusion

Any dog can quickly turn into a picky eater, which can be worrying and troublesome for their owners. Some dogs are more prone to this than others, and Goldendoodles are definitely one of the breeds inclined to become more selective at mealtimes.

Ultimately, this comes down to two things: first, they are highly intelligent and athletic dogs, and second, many of them are born with sensitive stomachs.

If your Goldendoodle struggles with certain food, eliminate that from their diet before they can associate feeling unwell with eating their nutritious dog food. If your Goldendoodle continues to avoid their meals, speak to a veterinarian about trying a raw, more natural diet.

Your Goldendoodle needs a lot of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Make sure they have plenty of stimulating toys to play with and enough space to run and work up an appetite. Failure to provide the attention and lifestyle your Goldendoodle needs will lead them to become bored, lethargic, and even depressed.

Goldendoodles can quickly turn into picky eaters, but with a few changes to their food and lifestyle, there is bound to be an easy fix.