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Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

Goldendoodles’ good nature and beautiful appearance means they make fantastic family pets. They might be becoming more popular all the time, but it is still worth exploring the breed to ensure it is right for you before taking the plunge and becoming a Doodle dad or mom.

One thing you might like to consider before buying or adopting this designer dog is how stubborn it is. After all, how stubborn a dog is affects how easy it is to train – first-time dog parents and busy families will likely need an easily-trained pup.

Unfortunately, Doodles can be pretty stubborn, but it’s not all bad news. Keep reading to learn more about Goldendoodles’ stubbornness and whether they are the right breed to be your family pet. Barksinthepark provides expert guides on a range of breeds, including Goldendoodles, so check out our other resources if you’re still deciding which breed is right for you!


The Trait of Stubbornness in Dogs

Some dog breeds are categorized as stubborn. This can be confused with the dog having a bad nature, but stubbornness is more about how they react to commands.

A stubborn dog can be defined as one that understands a command and ignores it (a bit like your toddler, right?).

However, there can be underlying reasons why a dog won’t follow commands. In some cases, a dog may not have been trained properly. Alternatively, the training may not be rewarding enough for them. Another thing to consider is whether your dog is truly stubborn, or whether they are showing signs of dominance – more on that next.

The Difference Between Stubbornness and Dominance in Dogs

A dominant dog won’t necessarily mean it is dangerous, it just sees itself higher up the hierarchy in your home. This can make it difficult to command.

Dog owners may benefit from a professional dog trainer or behavioral expert to see why their dog isn’t following commands. However, a dominant dog is also likely to show signs like growling, jumping, barking, and nipping. Stubborn dogs will just ignore you!

Some dogs are naturally more stubborn, but there are ways to manage this and train them – it’s important to do thorough research on any breed before committing to bringing them home.


Do Goldendoodles Possess a Stubborn Streak?

For all the wonderful traits that Goldendoodles have, it may surprise you to learn that they can be stubborn.

In fact, it is down to one of these wonderful traits that Goldendoodles can be a stubborn breed sometimes. Yes, their high intelligence makes them great family pets with the potential to learn easily. However, it is this intelligence that sometimes makes them stubborn!

Why Are Goldendoodles Stubborn?

Your dog’s temperament will play a part in many of its behaviors, including how stubborn it is. Stubbornness in dogs can be a result of a number of factors.


Goldendoodles are bred from Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Both of these breeds are highly intelligent, and Doodles have inherited this intelligence from their parents.

Fun fact: Poodles are regarded as being the second most intelligent breed after the Border Collie.

An intelligent dog has the potential to pick up commands easily and requires a lot of mental stimulation. Some Poodles have shown stubborn traits if they are not trained correctly, much like their Goldendoodle offspring.

Goldendoodle owners can sometimes benefit from a professional dog trainer, if only to pick up tips on how to deal with a stubborn Goldendoodle.

training & socialization

Now, one of the most important things to keep in mind is socialization. Yep, Goldendoodles need early socialization to develop a well-rounded temperament.

Exposure to different people and animals helps them become confident and adaptable pups. Regular trips to the dog park from a young age can help them get used to other dogs as well as expose them to different environments.

Of course, consistent and positive training is also essential. This not only helps them develop good behavior and manners but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

physical and mental health

Did you know that a Goldendoodle’s physical and mental health can also impact its temperament?

If they’re in pain or suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues, they may exhibit negative behaviors. That’s why maintaining their health through a balanced diet is so important.

Nutritional deficiencies or excesses can cause health problems that can affect their temperament. Discussing a good meal plan with your veterinarian will result in a healthy dog.

Just like us, Goldendoodles need exercise to stay physically and mentally fit. Regular exercise is key to their well-being, so make sure you’re taking them out for walks, runs, or playtime!


Finally, the environment in which Goldendoodles live can affect their temperament. If they’re in a calm and safe environment, they’re more likely to develop a relaxed and friendly personality.

Oh, and let’s not forget the owner’s personality! Dogs often mirror their owner’s behavior. Because of this, you must make sure you’re patient and consistent.


Training Goldendoodles: Tips and Tricks

So, Goldendoodles can be headstrong and stubborn, but there are ways you can manage this. Learning some top tips on how to train your Goldendoodle can be beneficial to the dog and can help stop stubborn behavior from settling in, which is beneficial for you too!

Follow these tips when you start training your Doodle to avoid stubbornness settling in (it’s easier to train them right the first time than try and train this negative trait out of them).

  • Positive reinforcement is key! Use treats, praise, and toys to reward good behavior. This helps your pup understand what behaviors you want to see more of.
  • Keep training sessions short and sweet. Puppies have a short attention span, so try to keep sessions under 15 minutes.
  • Start with basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Once your pup has mastered these, move on to more advanced commands like heel and roll over.
  • Be consistent with your commands and use the same ones each time. For example, if you say “sit” one day and “sit down” the next, your pup may get confused.
  • Use a clear and firm voice when giving commands. This helps your pup understand that you mean business!
  • Practice in different environments. Once your pup has mastered a command in your home, try practicing in a park or on a busy street.
  • Don’t forget to socialize your Goldendoodle with other dogs and people. This helps them learn how to interact with others in a positive way.
  • Make training fun! Use games like fetch and hide-and-seek to keep your pup engaged and excited.
  • Be patient: Training takes time and patience. With a positive attitude and lots of love, your Goldendoodle can become a well-behaved and happy companion.


How to Deal With a Stubborn Goldendoodle

If you have a stubborn Goldendoodle, it is important you don’t lose your patience or temper. Experienced pet parents will understand that their dogs will pick up on body language.

Remaining calm and in control will help when training stubborn dogs or those with behavioral problems.

Ensuring your dog is well-exercised will help to improve its concentration. Mental stimulation is essential for intelligent dogs, so make sure you provide them with plenty of engaging activities like puzzle toys.

You should begin socializing your Doodle from an early age; puppy classes can be a great way to do this. Your puppy will learn to be around other dogs and you will also pick up tips on how to train them properly.

Just remember, stubbornness in dogs is a behavior trait that can be managed. Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs and they have the ability to learn cues quickly.

In many cases, a Goldendoodle puppy will be easy to train – you just need to be calm, patient, and consistent. Consistent training from a young age will help your Doodle learn boundaries. Positive reinforcement will encourage it to learn good behavior. You’ll have an obedient doggo in no time!



Is training a stubborn Goldendoodle with a clicker a good idea?

Clicker training can be beneficial for some dogs as it requires concentration and brain power. Combining a clicker with a reward for good behavior can produce great results in your stubborn Goldendoodle.

Is stubbornness in a Goldendoodle hereditary?

Yes, certain personality traits in dogs can be hereditary. Poodles can be a relatively stubborn breed and this can influence the behavior of their pups. The Golden Retriever can also be pretty stubborn thanks to its intelligence – so it’s pretty much inevitable that Goldendoodles will be stubborn too!

Buying a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder should help you get answers about the dog’s parents. You will also have peace of mind knowing that all the necessary health checks have been carried out.

At what age should you start to train a Goldendoodle puppy?

Training a Goldendoodle puppy at between four and six months is typically best. Starting from this early age will help them understand good behaviors from the start.

Early training and socialization can minimize the risk of behavioral issues. These include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Stubbornness
  • Excessive Barking

If your dog does show signs of being stubborn, it can be due to hereditary behaviors. Remaining patient and ensuring your training engages the dog as much as possible will help.

Will a Goldendoodle get more stubborn as it gets older?

Without the proper training, a stubborn dog may become more stubborn as it grows older.

A well-trained senior Goldendoodle won’t typically fall into stubborn behavioral patterns. However, it is possible that the dog will slow down and be less receptive to commands. This won’t be through stubbornness, just through age.