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6 Best Bark Collars For Goldendoodles 2023

6 Best Bark Collars For Goldendoodles 2023

As a dog owner, you can feel flustered and embarrassed when your dog barks at the most inopportune moment. You can probably attest to how hard it is to get your dog to stop barking once they’re going.

Dogs bark to communicate a variety of things because they can’t speak, and as a dog owner, it can be a little difficult to figure out what they’re trying to communicate or why they’re barking.

If you’ve tried dog training and still can’t get your dog to STOP BARKING when needed, you might consider investing in a bark collar for your Goldendoodle.


Best Bark Collars For Goldendoodles

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bark collars on the market to save you the hard work of researching the hundreds of options out there.

Best overall: SportDOG NoBark Collar SBC-10 model

SportDOG Brand NoBark 10 Collar with the Actual product and packaging

This odor-resistant SportDOG NoBark Collar SBC-10 model is fully automatic and comes with several different modes to allow you to adjust it to your dog’s temperament. It has a progressive setting or can be manually set to one shock level, which makes it great as a training collar.

This bark collar can switch from a shock setting to a vibration setting which is more gentle for your dog. You can let your four-legged friend swim without stress, as this is also a waterproof collar (up to 25 ft when submerged). While this is safer than the Garmin BarkLimiter below, it won’t work as well on stubborn pets.


  • Great battery life (up to 200 HOURS!)

  • It takes 2 hours to fully charge

  • Waterproof bark collar

  • Vibration setting option


  • If your dog is excessively barking, the battery might drain faster

  • To manually adjust the shock level you have to take the collar off

Best for sensitivity: Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe in Black Color

The Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe comes with seven adjustment levels for the static shock it emits to your dog. You can switch from static shock to vibrations whenever you’d like, just like with the SportDOG collar. The device has different letters that stand for different actions such as V for vibration, N for off, and A for automatic.

This collar gives your dog a four-second window to respond to the stimulation before administering a slightly more INTENSE shock.

This collar also has a counter that records your dog’s barking so you can track your dog’s progress. It also has an intuitive feature that ignores other dogs barking so as not to overcorrect your dog for something they’re not doing.


  • It’s lightweight

  • Long battery life; up to 3 months

  • Built-in counter

  • Technology that filters out neighboring dogs


  • It’s a little too sensitive at times and can go off with the dog yawns

  • You can’t adjust the sensitivity

Best automatic: PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar

PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar with the Actual Product in Blue Color and the packaging

The PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar is automatic and raises the level of stimulation with each bark, much like the Garmin BarkLimiter. It’s a shock collar that will automatically shut down after 15 levels of stimulation to prevent overstimulating your dog.

It remembers the level that stops your dog from barking and automatically starts from there next time – clever, right? This means your dog will hopefully stop barking before needing too many shocks the next time – it’s a great training tool.


  • Automatic tuning

  • Long battery life

  • Short charging time (2 hours)

  • Recharge anywhere with a USB plug

  • No bark promise (if the collar is not working for you and your dog, the company will replace it with a more suitable product)


  • It has its own settings, and you can’t adjust them

  • It might not be strong enough to work for some dogs

Best vibration collar: DogRook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook Dog Bark Collar in Black and Orange Color

If you’re looking for a gentler option, the DogRook Dog Bark Collar uses vibration instead of shock; there are two prongs that rest against your dog’s neck and vibrate when your dog barks. A little beep precedes the vibration, but if the barking continues even after it beeps, the vibrations will begin.

This collar comes with seven adjustment levels, and the collar can be adjusted to fit any dog. It’ll work well on dogs that have less of a stubborn temperament. If you have a stubborn dog, you should avoid vibration collars and consider one of the other shock collars.


  • The size is adjustable

  • Waterproof

  • It comes with replacement parts


  • Stubborn dogs might be unaffected by the vibrations

Best choice of settings: PATPET Dog Training Collar With Remote

PATPET Dog Training Collar Dog Shock Collar with Remote with the Collar Device and Remote-Control Device both in Color Black

This remote training collar aims to curb your dog’s incessant barking with different settings; it beeps, vibrates, and emits a gentle shock.

The PATPET Dog Training Collar has three training modes, a 1000ft range, and two channels. If you have two collars, both can be operated with one remote.

The collar will beep and then vibrate (like the DogRook above) but if your dog continues barking it will finally emit a shock.


  • A 3-level system

  • Extra long battery life

  • Waterproof

  • Comes in different colors


  • Not rechargeable (has batteries)

  • Not ideal for small dogs like teacup Goldendoodles as it’s a large mechanism

Best safety features: PetSafe Static Basic Bark Control Collar

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar for Dogs 8 lb. and Up with the actual product in color red and black and the product packaging

This collar features automatic tuning, which means the corrections will increase in level until your dog stops barking. There are six levels of static shocks, and it has an automatic shut-off for your dog’s safety that kicks in after 50 seconds.

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar has a feature that detects your dog’s barks by vibration to prevent correcting your dog for other dogs’ barking. This is a nice safety measure also found on the Garmin collar.


  • Long battery life, up to 3 months

  • Waterproof

  • A feature that detects only your dog’s barking

  • Automatic safety shut-off


  • It isn’t rechargeable and only uses PetSafe batteries


How To Choose The Best Bark Collar

There are a lot of collars on the market, so it can take time to decide which bark collar is the right fit for you and your Doodle. When researching the best collar for your furry friend, there are a few things to consider.


You must ensure that you buy a suitable size collar for your dog; otherwise, everything else doesn’t matter. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck before purchasing a collar.

Some brands will provide you with a handy size guide to help out. Most collars have the dog’s weight on the packaging to guide you. If you’re still not feeling confident, you should look into buying an adjustable collar.


You should pick a collar that isn’t made of a material that is abrasive against your dog’s skin or otherwise uncomfortable for them. It’s essential to pick a collar made from durable material, so it lasts a while and stands against wear and tear, especially on active dog breeds like Goldendoodles.

Correction level

Make sure you buy a collar with adjustable settings so you can make sure it’s best suited for your pup. Different dogs have different pain thresholds and respond differently to different stimuli.

The best collars will have some kind of system in place to make sure that the collar won’t be triggered by other dogs’ barking and only recognizes your dog’s bark.


The fancier collars with more features will cost you more money, but they’re more likely to be effective than a cheap collar. Focus on finding a collar with only the features you need if you’re shopping on a budget.


Are Bark Collars Safe?

The last thing you want to do is cause harm to your dog, even if their excessive barking is driving you crazy. As a general rule, all bark collars are safe for your dog.

Most importantly, bark collars are for dog training and are NOT a permanent fixture in your dog’s life. You can even look at a bark collar as a dog training collar.

They have to be tested and follow specific regulations before they can be sold. While different collars can have different voltages, they’ll only release a very small shock.

Using a dog training collar will give you quicker results than actually going to training, especially if you also use positive reinforcement.

Some pet owners are concerned if they use these dog collars their dogs WILL NEVER BARK AGAIN! This is not true, as the impact of the collar is not permanent. Simply remove the collar from your dog, and they will resort back to barking at some point – but they’ll hopefully have learned to control the extent of it.

Please refrain from using the bark collar 24/7, as this can cause pressure necrosis. This will result in sores and calluses on the skin due to human error, not the collar’s error.


Types Of Bark Collars

There are two main types of collars that you can buy.

You can get an automatic collar that will continue correcting your dog even while you’re away, or you can get a remote-controlled collar that requires you to be around to work it.

Sonic collars

These collars work by emitting a high-pitched sound to distract your dog from its barking. The sound these emit can only be heard by dogs, and they’re considered one of the more humane types of bark collar.

If you have multiple dogs, you can buy a stationary unit that does the same thing and place it in a central location in your house.

Shock collars

Just hearing “shock collar” can evoke images of your dog being electrocuted, but that’s far from the truth. The shock isn’t strong enough to hurt your dog, but it is strong enough to get its attention.

Most of these collars allow you to adjust the shock level to correspond to your dog’s reactivity.

Spray collars

A spray bark collar is also considered to be MORE HUMANE when looking at buying a barking collar. A spray collar emits a citronella spray to deter your dog from barking.

While citronella isn’t harmful to dogs, it does really irritate them, so this is an effective method of dog training. As an added bonus, the citronella will keep pests like ticks and mosquitoes away from your pooch.

Vibration collars

This type of collar is also effective as a training tool and is great for dogs that are just starting to develop bad barking habits. The vibration, no matter how strong it is, won’t hurt your dog at all. It’ll just disturb their barking once it starts up.



Do bark collars actually work?

Bark collars do work, but their effectiveness varies across dogs and types of collars. The most effective collars are the ones that emit shocks; they also get the fastest results, but some owners find them somewhat inhumane.

Is a no-bark collar better?

Bark collar, no-bark collar, anti-bark collar; these terms are all referring to the same thing.

Is it cruel to use a no-barking collar?

Honestly, that’s subjective and dependent on the dog collar you choose. As long as you avoid excessive use of the collar and also use other training methods like positive reinforcement training, you’re sure to see great results.


Final Thoughts

While bark collars aren’t right for every dog, they might be right for your Doodle. They’re especially worth considering if training and other techniques have NOT WORKED. It can be daunting to consider buying one for your dog, but there are different versions that aren’t necessarily of the shocking variety.

This is why our top pick is the SportDOG NoBark Collar SBC-10 model. You can switch between static shocks and vibrations with the touch of a button.

At the end of the day, if your dog seems happy with it on and it’s working then this is the method for you.