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5 Best Beds for Goldendoodles 2023

5 Best Beds for Goldendoodles 2023

Goldendoodles are active, happy, and energetic pups who love going for walks and playing games with their humans. This is the Golden Retriever in them! But after a long day of being adorable, your pet needs a comfortable dog bed to rest in.

There are countless dog beds to choose from, but you want the best one for your furry friend. We’re here to give you all the help you need (sizes and features).

Read on to find the ULTIMATE bed for your Goldendoodle.


Top 5 Dog Beds For Goldendoodles

There are many amazing beds for Goldendoodles. With so many options, it becomes difficult to be sure of which one you really want. Here are the top 5 VERY BEST dog beds according to Doodle owners and experts.

Best overall: Deluxe Chaise Lounge Dog Bed- Pinsonic Paw Quilted Pet Bed

Dog Laying on the Furhaven XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Pinsonic Quilted Paw in Iceberg Green Color

The Deluxe Chase Dog Lounge Bed is one in a million! The bed comes in three different colors, Iceberg Green, Bluestone, and Titanium Gray so there’s sure to be something to match your interior decor.

The sizing is ideal for Goldendoodles as they skip all small sizes and go straight to medium, large and jumbo. They don’t play around.

What makes this bed the best? Its unique L shape allows dogs to really stretch out while still getting all the support and comfort they need.

It’s for young, adult, and senior dogs; it has a built-in bolster pillow for your pet to lay their head on as well as for back support, and it has FOUR DIFFERENT core filling options. That’s right, your dog is going to have a better bed than you do! Choose from convoluted orthopedic, memory foam top, solid slab orthopedic or cooling gel top. The choice is yours (since your dog can’t choose for themself)…


  • L shape

  • Easily removable cover that’s machine washable

  • Helps support joint pain (orthopedic options)

  • Bolster pillow to support the head and back


  • It’s a little pricey

  • The pillow doesn’t go all the way around

  • Not a huge selection of colors

Best for luxury: Majestic Pet Contemporary Lounge Bed

Dog sitting on the ANDERSON CHECK CONTEMPORARY LOUNGE BED in White Checkered Color

Majestic Pet was established in 1994 and makes some of the funkiest looking pet beds around! The Contemporary Lounge Bed is perfect for your Doodle’s size and the edging around the bed acts as a pillow for head support. There are even velvet and suede options…now this is luxury!

In fact, we even hear your dog saying “yes please” already…

The beds range from $27.99 to $129.99 depending on the size you go for, but we recommend getting large – Doodles aren’t the smallest dogs around! The center cushion has faux sheepskin on one side for winter and normal material on the other side for summer so now your dog can enjoy feeling the cool side of the pillow on a warm night.


  • 11 different styles to choose from (patterns, plain, different materials)

  • Replacement covers as an additional purchase

  • High-quality luxurious bed

  • Faux sheepskin


  • No water-resistant cover

  • Will need to wash slipcover when accidents occur

Best for high density: Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster Bed

Dog laying on the Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed in White color with line pattern

This is one of the best dog beds for mini Doodles. It is extremely comfortable because it has memory foam, which gives your dog a soft spot to sleep and relieves them from pain.

The memory foam helps your Goldendoodle by reducing pressure from their joints to support the body parts that pain them. The Barkbox bed has two short and two long bolster sides, supporting your dog’s head and neck.

The bolder sides come with covers that can be opened and closed with zips. Both the mattress and bolder covers are machine-washable. This makes cleaning CONVENIENT and EASY – leaving you more time to play with your pup.

This Barkbox dog bed can be bought in various sizes, from small to large. The size you choose depends on which Doodle you have, such as teacup, mini, micro, or standard.

Make sure you know the size of your pup before buying their bed.


  • The gel memory foam gives your dog the ultimate comfort

  • High-density pressure which supports painful muscles and joints

  • The bed is easy to clean because it has washable covers

  • Waterproof liner

  • Toy included


  • If your dog scratches the bed, it can make a really loud noise

Best for size variety: Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dog laying on the Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa in Gray Color

This dog bed comes with cushioned poly-fill pillows to maximize comfort for your pet. The bed has a water-resistant liner and is strong enough for even the toughest chewer. The memory foam is perfect for supporting your dog’s joints and body.

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Ded comes in 36 in x 28 in x 9 inches, which is perfect for one large Doodle or several mini ones who love to snuggle together (awww!).

This memory foam dog bed provides bone, head, and hip support for a Goldendoodle puppy and senior dogs. The covers are hair-resistant, so you don’t have to constantly dust or vacuum them.


  • Perfect for Doodles who suffer from aches and pains

  • It comes with a removable cover

  • Machine washable

  • Retains its shape for 3 years


  • The memory foam mattress is made from polyurethane (Smells like chemicals)

Best for waterproof: Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Large Dog Bed

Dog laying on the Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed Pillow in Slate Grey and Navy Blue color

This is one of the best dog beds for Goldendoodles as it has orthopedic memory foam and is extra large for your dog to sprawl and relax like the royalty they are.

The Laifug Orthopedic Large Dog Bed is excellent for a standard-size Goldendoodle. It has very solid memory foam, which gives your dog lots of support and comfort from joint pain with restful sleep. The company ensures that this Goldendoodle bed will not flatten before 3 years of use and will even replace it if it does!

The dog bed comes with a heightened 1.8-inch pillow and a 3-inch pillow, which support your dog’s neck and head while they sleep. This is important for older dogs who need their neck cradled to prevent muscle aches. The memory foam mattress and pillows come with microfiber covers that can be washed in your machine.

The covers are water-resistant and protect the memory foam from spills and accidents.


  • The dog bed has a double-pillow design, giving your pup a comfortable environment to sleep and relax

  • It can handle up to 200 pounds (we hope your Doodle is lighter than this!)

  • It will not flatten for three years. If it does, the company will give you a replacement

  • The waterproof cover increases its durability and life


  • This dog bed may be unsafe for dogs who like to chew things


Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Beds For Goldendoodles

Even if your Goldendoodle is allowed on your bed, it’s still crucial that they have their own bed so that they have a place that’s theirs (although some of our top picks are so comfy you might want to join your Doodle when your partner is snoring).

The right bed will keep your dog warm, support sensitive joints, and keep them comfy.

Here are some factors to remember when choosing the best dog beds:

  • Washability: Your Goldendoodle may puke, pass gas, eat treats, have muddy paws and wipe medicines on their beds (but you’ll still love them all the same). Some senior dogs may urinate on them, so you have to be able to wash the dog bed quickly. Dogs with allergies also benefit from frequent bed washes. Some beds come with a removable cover, which makes washing THAT MUCH easier.

  • Safety: The bed should be placed away from high-traffic areas, so there is no risk of someone stepping on or startling your dog. If your Doodle starts to chew on it and takes out the filling, then throw it away. In this case, you will need to opt for chew-proof beds. If they swallow the filling, you will have to take an expensive trip to the vet’s office.

  • A good fit for your dog: Make sure that the dog bed is big enough for your Goldendoodle. Your dog’s body should fit on the bed with no hanging limbs over the edges, even when they stretch out. The easiest way to solve this issue is to measure your dog from the top of its nose to the end of its tail when they are standing upright. Add another 20cm to this measurement, and you’ll have your perfect size bed.

  • Stuffing that works for your dog: Young Goldendoodles usually get by with pretty much anything, but your older dog may need more support for their joints. You should get an orthopedic dog bed that uses memory foam, which is much thicker than regular dog bed foam and doesn’t go flatter over time.

    There are also beds with gel-infused foam, which distributes the weight evenly, making it perfect for old dogs. Other orthopedic pet beds contain cedar chips to keep pests and unpleasant smells away. If your dog overheats, you can find a cooling gel bed.

  • Absorbent pads: If your Goldendoodle is sick, incontinent, or old, they will benefit from disposable or washable absorbent pads in their bed.

You should also consider your dog’s sleeping style. Are they a:

  • Curler: This means your dog likes the comfort that comes with being tucked up. It also helps to retain body heat, so donut beds are the best for these sleepers.

  • Sprawler: Your dog likes to stretch out in all directions to keep cool and comfortable. A mattress-style bed is well-suited for these pups.

  • Leaner: These types usually prefer something around their body to sleep or lean against. Sofa beds are generally the best dog bed for these sleeping Doodles.

Of course, there are also dogs that sleep in a variety of positions, so a little trial and error will help you figure out the ultimate dog bed for these large dogs. You might even end up having to get them several beds!


Where Should I Put My Goldendoodle Dog Bed?

When it comes to your dog, every single detail matters, even where you place their bed. They must have a comfortable spot to rest and call their own.

Here are some tips for placing your dog’s bed in the perfect spot.

A quiet area

Place the dog bed in a quiet place that does not have much foot traffic and noise (Good luck if you have children…). Places like the hallway or front door are not the ideal areas because your Doodle will be on alert and will not be able to sleep properly.

Consider one of the rooms where you only go in at night, a corner of the lounge, right next to your bed, or close to your work desk. These places are quiet and calm, so they will be able to relax.

A warm place

When you get comfortable at night, you cover up with blankets to stay warm. Your dog probably doesn’t have blankets, so they’ll need a little help to stay warm. They will not be able to sleep in cold or windy places, meaning your dog will be restless every day. Place the dog bed away from windows and doors.

You could put their bed in the bathroom, as it is warm and has no drafts. Usually, dogs find a lot of comfort in the bathroom. A corner of your bedroom is also a good spot.

Close to the members of the family

Dogs are important family members, and they love spending time with you. It’s always best to have a spot for your dog to relax in an area where the family sits together. This lets them feel like they are a part of the family (which they are).

If you work from home, put their dog bed close to your working area or study. You can also put the bed in the dog’s favorite family member’s room, so they will feel calm and safe.

Observe where their favorite spot is

Similar to how we have our favorite spots in the house, your dog also has a favorite place to sit. Observe your dog and where they like to sit. Place their dog bed in their spot.

Away from harmful objects

When your dog wants to explore an unfamiliar object, it usually uses its mouth. Puppies especially love to chew on things to see what they are.

Certain houseplants such as Aloe vera, Devil’s Ivy, and lilies are POISONOUS TO YOUR DOG if they eat them. You should remove the plants or put their bed away from these plants. This is important for Goldendoodle puppies especially.



Should I put pillows on the dog bed?

Beds for Goldendoodles should already have pillows for neck support; however, it is not always needed. Some dogs like pillows, and some won’t.

Why is my dog sleeping near my head?

This adorable sleeping position means that they are showing you trust and affection. This shows you that they feel safest with you, although you might not sleep too well with a dog on your head! Your dog may also do this with other pets in the house.

Do dogs sleep better on dog beds?

While some dogs do prefer a simple blanket on the floor, your Goldendoodle will definitely love their pet bed. It will make them sleep more comfortably and makes them feel better, especially if they are old.


Goldendoodle Dog Bed Verdict

Most dog owners feel there is nothing more important than providing the best bed for their Doodle. That’s why we chose the Deluxe Chaise Lounge Dog Bed as our number one pick! The luxury L shape design is unique; it’s super comfortable (dogs all around the world are nodding in agreement) and comes with different core filling options that either provide joint support or have a magical cooling gel.

We just saved you so much time…

Also, we apologize in advance for turning your dog into Sleeping Beauty after you purchase one of these ULTIMATE dog beds for Goldendoodles.