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5 Best Chew Toys For Goldendoodle Puppies 2023

5 Best Chew Toys For Goldendoodle Puppies 2023

Goldendoodles are known for being an intelligent, active, and playful breed, and they undoubtedly get these characteristics from their Poodle and Golden Retriever lineage.

For pet parents, this means that your dog will have a lot of energy that must be managed and redirected so that it doesn’t become harmful. A bored or anxious dog can become a destructive – and self-destructive – dog.

If you’re tired of trying to find new ways to keep your furry friend entertained, look no further. The solution to your problems is simple: dog toys! With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect chew toy to suit your Goldendoodle puppy’s needs and personality.

Chew toys are not only a fantastic way to keep your pup occupied and stimulated, but they also promote good dental hygiene. Plus, who doesn’t love bonding with their furry friend while playing a fun game of tug-of-war or fetch with fun dog chew toys? It’s a win-win for both you and your Goldendoodle, and Barksinthepark are going to show you the best of the bunch right now.


Best Chew Toys For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

So now that you know how to pick the best toys for your Goldendoodle, I’ll give you a few recommendations to get you started on the right path!

1. Best toy overall – KONG – Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber

Chances are you’re already familiar with the KONG brand. If not, you’ve been missing out! This dog toy is a staple in many households – it’s the best way to get your puppy to stop chewing your slippers!

You can use it as an interactive puzzle toy to make things even more exciting for your puppy. The interesting shape means you can put treats and dog food inside the hollow center to create a fun but challenging meal time for your dog. It’s a win-win for dogs who always eat too fast!

The toy is made from rubber, making it soft enough for your puppy’s teeth yet durable enough to withstand rough playing and chewing. The best bit? The fun doesn’t stop when your puppy grows – just get them the bigger size and they’ll be sorted (until the next growth spurt, that is).


  • It comes in a range of sizes for different size dogs.

  • You can fill it with treats.

  • Very durable.

  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe).


  • Not all dogs love it.

2. Best for dental care – Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Tuff Bone

We love these chew toys because they help keep your dog’s teeth clean so they can give you kisses without the bad breath (well, it should be a little better anyway!). It has two different textures, and the middle contains DentaShield, a substance that helps reduce tartar buildup. It’s also made of nylon, so it’s quite a durable toy – clean teeth for many months to come!

Unlike some of our other toys (like the Benebone), this is the best pick to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy, and it does so at a bargain price too. The Nylabone is another great pick if you’re looking for an option to keep your doggo’s teeth clean.


  • It’s bacon scented.

  • It cleans the dog’s teeth.

  • It’s durable and suitable for aggressive chewers.

  • It comes in different sizes.

  • It’s multi-textured.


  • The edges can be sharp when it starts to get worn down.

3. Best alternative to real sticks – Petstages NewHide Alternative Dog Chew Toy

Does your pup love nothing more than chewing on sticks outside? Do you worry about the safety of this habit? Look no further – pesky splinters will be a thing of the past with this fake stick dog toy!

This innovative toy gives your dog that authentic wood experience without any of the dangers of splintering or rough edges. Made from a durable plastic and wood blend, this toy is perfect for indoor playtime without any worries about damaging your furniture or hurting your pup.

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs and is an important part of maintaining their dental health. While it’s not specifically designed for cleaning their teeth like the Hartz bone, this bacon-flavored chew toy will still help clean your puppy’s teeth – it’s also gentle enough not to hurt little teeth.


  • It has the taste and texture of wood, like an actual tree branch.

  • It comes in a variety of natural scents.

  • It’s specially designed for teething puppies.

  • It comes in various sizes.


  • None thus far.

4. Best for big chewers – Benebone Puppy Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

This chew toy is made from durable nylon, making it absolutely perfect for big chewers. However, the hardness means it’s not suitable for very young, teething puppies – we wouldn’t want you to have to take a surprise trip to the doggy dentist.

It’s bacon flavored like the NewHide stick (yum!), and easy to hold for your puppy’s pleasure and convenience. They do wear down in about a month with repeated use, so they’re perhaps not as good value as the Hartz bone. However, it’s often on sale for around $10, so it won’t break the bank if you need to buy your Goldendoodle puppy a replacement.


  • Uses real bacon for the flavor.

  • The design allows dogs to hold it with their paws.

  • A part of the proceeds is donated to animal organizations.

  • It comes in various sizes.


  • The edges can be sharp when it starts to get worn down.

5. Best for teething – Nylabone Puppy Chew Ring Bone & Toy Twin Pack

This twin pack of Nylabone puppy chew toys is specifically designed for teething and actively chewing puppies, which helps to encourage non-destructive chewing habits and satisfies their natural urge to chew. That means your slippers are safe – result!

Much like our Hartz bone, this is a great pick for keeping your pupper’s teeth clean. The bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar buildup. This means that your pup can indulge their natural chewing instincts while also promoting good dental hygiene and preventing costly trips to the vet for dental cleanings. It’s a win-win for pups and paw-rents.

The softer material of the toy is perfect for teething puppies, who have sensitive teeth and gums. This ensures that your pup can enjoy their toy without any discomfort or pain. It’s a much better pick for teething than the Benebone.

And let’s not forget about the chicken flavor that dogs absolutely love! Yes, this is a great choice if your pup isn’t a fan of the bacon flavor offered by Petstages and Benebone.


  • Great for teething – it’s just the right texture.

  • Bristles to keep teeth clean.

  • Yummy chicken flavor.


  • Not super long lasting for aggressive chewers.

How To Pick The Best Chew Toys for Goldendoodles

Dogs have favorites just like us; favorite foods, people, and chew toys. They can also be picky, so finding a suitable toy for your puppy might be more challenging than it seems – don’t be disheartened if they don’t like the first one you get them!

While your pup might not take to its new toy immediately, that doesn’t mean it never will. Sometimes, you need to give them a little time and show them how fun it can be.

If you’re buying toys for the first time, you probably won’t know what kind of toys your Goldendoodle likes – and that’s okay. As long as the toy you choose is safe you can’t go too far wrong. Here are some tips to help you find something they’ll love.


It’s vital to ensure you aren’t buying dog toys that are too hard. Yes, even for the most aggressive of chewers, a toy that’s too hard can risk breaking your puppy’s teeth. A good rule to go by is to make sure that the toy can be slightly indented with your thumbnail. If it’s too hard for that, it’s too hard for your puppy’s teeth.


Toys for Goldendoodles come in various sizes; make sure the dog chew toy isn’t too big for your puppy, or they’ll struggle. Think about your pup’s age and also what type of Doodle you have – Standard Doodles will need bigger toys than Teacup ones!

You will need to buy larger and tougher toys as they grow to avoid potential choking hazards.


Your dog will respond differently to different textures and materials, so try zeroing in on what your puppy prefers. It might take some trial and error to determine which material is preferable. Rope toys are often popular, and many chew toys are made from rubber or nylon for durability.

Smell & taste

The taste or smell of a toy can make all the difference. Toys that taste and smell like food will automatically entice your dog when they’re looking for something to chew on. What flavor of food is their favorite? This is the best place to start when looking for a flavored toy – you can’t go wrong with bacon or chicken for many Doodles!


Goldendoodles are so active and energetic that their toys can get quite a workout. For this reason, you’ll want to invest in high-quality dog toys that don’t need to be replaced constantly. Spending more on a high-quality toy that lasts is wiser than spending small amounts on cheaper toys every couple of weeks. Trust us; it’ll add up!


This is also linked to quality; you want a toy that will last a long time, especially if your puppy chews a lot. Avoid flimsy materials that your puppy will chew through in a matter of minutes!

Things to avoid

Human Toys

Toys for human children aren’t suitable for your furkids, even plush toys. These toys aren’t made for dogs; the materials aren’t safe, and they’re not as durable. Giving your pup children’s toys is a surefire way to end up at the vet when your dog swallows something it shouldn’t have.

If you want to get your puppy a plush toy, make sure it’s a dog-safe one that can withstand more chewing than a human kid would give it!

Homemade toys

Just like you shouldn’t give your pup children’s toys, it’s not a good idea to give them toys you made at home. If you have to, make sure you use sturdy and non-toxic materials. There are plenty of Goldendoodle toys on the market, so why not pick your favorite from our list above instead?

Worn Toys

Don’t allow your dog to play with worn-out toys, as this can lead to the ingestion of broken parts. For example, it’s very easy for dogs to swallow the squeaker part of a squeaky toy.



Is it safe to leave my Goldendoodle alone with a toy?

While dog owners can leave Doodles unsupervised with their toys, we advise that you don’t do so for long periods. Also, check their toys regularly for wear and tear before leaving your dog alone with them.

What dog toys do Goldendoodles prefer?

This is subjective and depends on your dog’s personality. Generally, toys that can keep your dog physically engaged and provide mental stimulation will be a hit. Puzzle toys are usually popular with this intelligent breed, and you can never go wrong with fetch toys either.

My dog gets bored with its toys easily. How can I prevent that?

If you want to make sure your Doodle stays interested in their toys for longer, you should buy a variety of toys and keep them on rotation. Once your dog gets bored, put the toy away for a while and give them another one to try. After a while, they should be interested in the original dog toy again.