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6 Best Clippers For Goldendoodles 2023

6 Best Clippers For Goldendoodles 2023

As a Goldendoodle owner, you’re probably aware that your canine friend falls more on the high-maintenance side of the grooming scale. While they have beautiful coats, Goldendoodles need to be groomed quite regularly, and this can become an expense.

On the flip side, not grooming your Goldendoodle as often can lead to an unkempt appearance and cause problems with their fur when it’s time to be groomed. This is why some owners choose to groom their dogs at home (DIY style).

Let’s go through some of the best clippers available so we can make your choice MUCH EASIER!


Best Dog Clippers For Goldendoodles

There are tons of clippers out there, but we’ve filtered through them to only bring you the best of the best (you’re welcome!). Here they are…

Best overall: Bousnic

BOUSNIC Dog Clippers 2  and the entire kit, including the silver colored razor, scissor, comb, charging cable, cleaning brush, and various sizes of razor combs

The Bousnic Clippers Kit contains everything you will need to keep your Doodle looking its best. Professional dog groomers will be jealous!

These 2-speed cordless clippers are designed to be whisper-quiet for your pet’s comfort, and they’re easy to use. They come with a built-in lithium-ion battery that will last you three hours (hopefully enough for more than one haircut!) and a USB cable for charging.

It also comes with four different-length combs, a brush for cleaning, stainless steel scissors, a stainless steel comb, and oil for the blades. All in all, it has everything you need to maintain your gorgeous Groodle’s hair.

Best silent clippers: Andis 22340 Pro Clip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis 22340 ProClip 2 in black color

The Andis 22340 is one of the best when it comes to quiet clippers. This particular model is great for easily spooked Goldendoodles because it’s quiet, features a two-speed rotary motor, and it also comes with blades that are detachable.

These affordable clippers are a favorite of professional groomers, so they’re definitely some of the best on the market, and they’re quick and easy to use – we know you don’t want grooming to take any longer than it has to.

Best cordless clippers: Wahl Professional Animal Clippers

WAHL Professional Animal Purple ARCO SE Cordless Pet Clipper Kit razor in purple color

Are you looking for something cordless that will last a long time? Look no further than the Wahl Professional Animal Purple ARCO SE Cordless Pet Clipper Kit. These are the best cordless grooming clippers – you wont have to worry about tripping over cables or getting tied up in knots.

This lightweight, quiet, cordless clipper set should give you up to 80 minutes of uninterrupted grooming when fully charged.

Wahl clippers come with a 5-in-1 blade set, blade oil, two rechargeable battery packs, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, a charger, a charging stand, four plastic guide combs, and a storage case. This means you can easily maintain the clippers to ensure they last longer.

As you probably noticed, Wahl Professional Animal is a big brand name when it comes to dog clipper manufacturers – it’s always worth trusting the big guys when it omes to your dog’s health.

Best heavy-duty: Oster Clipmaster Hair Clippers

Oster Clipmaster Hair Clippers for Large Dog in silver color

Looking for heavy-duty clippers that can tackle the toughest coat? Then the Oster Clipmaster Hair Clippers are perfect for you and your dog.

These heavy-duty electric grooming clippers only come with one speed and one detachable blade, but they are quite powerful. The torque makes these good clippers for Goldendoodles that frequently have matted fur, as well as those with curly coats.

Best for features: Hansprou Dog Shver Clippers

Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers High Power Dog Clipper in silver color

Is your Goldendoodle’s coat on the thicker side? You should opt for the Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers. They handle thick coats as well as the Oster Clipmaster, but have more modes for the perfect trim.

These are great clippers for dogs with thick coats, especially if you’re working on a budget. They are designed to be quiet, so your dog should be comfortable. This product also features five different levels, two different modes, and six guard combs.

Detachable blades make for easy cleaning, leaving you more time to do what’s important (like walking your Doodle!).

Best budget-friendly: Ceenwes Pet Clippers (Upgrade Version) Low Noise Professional Dog Clippers

Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers High Power Dog Clipper with the entire kit, including the razor, charger, razor combs, manual, cleaning brush, maintenance oil, and the kit product packaging

For a pooch that spooks easily when there are loud noises, the Ceenwes Pet Clippers are a good choice. Much like the Andis 22340, these clippers are nice and quiet, and have the added bonus of being easy on your wallet.

These cordless, rechargeable clippers come with a cleaning brush, a power adapter, a comb, four comb attachments, a nail clipper set, and a nail file. It basically comes with a completely FREE dog grooming kit!

They are also lightweight and easy to use even if you’re a novice groomer.


How To Choose The Best Dog Hair Clippers

Clippers are an essential part of any dog owner’s grooming kit, but it can be OVERWHELMING to decide which ones are best for you -especially if this is your first time looking at these tools.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you determine which pair is best for your pup.


If your dog’s hair is quite thick (which it probably is if you have a Doodle), you’ll need clippers that are powerful enough to cut through the coat without snagging any hairs, which can cause discomfort for your dog.


During a grooming session, the sound of the clippers might upset your dog or make them nervous, especially when you have the clippers close to its face and ears. If your Goldendoodle is easily spooked consider investing in silent dog hair clippers.

Blades and Accessories

High-end clippers often come with a range of extra blades, brushes, and accessories that allow you to work on different hair types. These are the best dog clippers because they’ll help you make sure your dog looks like it’s just come from a professional groomer.

If you’re just starting out on your grooming journey, it’s recommended to buy dog clippers that have a guide comb attachment to avoid giving your dog a choppy cut.

Clipper blades are numbered to correspond to the length that they cut to. Generally, blades with high numbers produce a shorter cut than blades with low numbers (unlike in clippers for humans). This can vary depending on the brand, so always check first.


A good set of dog grooming clippers is an investment, and it will probably be pricey if you go for something that’s high-quality and high-end. In the long run, you want dog clippers that you won’t have to regularly replace. It’s wise to go for a set of clippers that comes with some kind of warranty.

Cordless vs electric clippers

The main difference between cordless and electric clippers is that cordless clippers are powered by a rechargeable battery, while electric clippers have to be plugged into a power supply.

Cordless models make great dog clippers for Goldendoodles that can’t stand still or like to move around while they’re getting groomed. They allow you to have the freedom to move with them or around them easily.

The downside is that they’re usually not as powerful as corded electric clippers. The batteries will also, eventually, need to be replaced, and this can be quite costly. You also have to remember to charge your clippers before you want to use them or your dog will be walking around only half-groomed!


Does My Goldendoodle Need Dog Clippers?

Unlike certain other dog breeds, regardless of the type of coat your Goldendoodle has, it’s probably quite thick. So yes, it’s probably in your best interest to invest in a good set of battery powered or electric dog clippers.

Add to that, Goldendoodles are quite playful and active, so it’s easy for their coats to become tangled, knotted, and matted. Clipping and trimming your dog’s coat will prevent this from happening and make regular brushing much easier.


Tips For The Best Trim

If you’ve never used clippers on your dog before, you might be feeling a little nervous about it, but you don’t have to! It’s all in the planning and the preparation.

Tire them out

The easiest dog to groom is one that’s already tired out and doesn’t have the will to wiggle around. Take your dog on a long walk or have a vigorous play session to make sure their energy is at a manageable level before your grooming session.

The works

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it all. Give your dog a complete grooming session starting with a thorough wash and a good brushing. Make sure to get all the knots and tangles out of the coat. Ensure that your dog’s hair is dry before you start using the clippers on them.

The right tools

Having the right tools on hand will make giving your Goldendoodle a trim a piece of cake. We suggest getting a grooming table to make this easier; you can attach your dog to the table so they can’t run off and are easier to maneuver.

Gather all the tools you’ll need beforehand so that you’ll already have them on hand and ready to go. This can include different blades, brushes, combs and scissors.

Use a small blade when you’re dealing with the legs, paws and ears. Use a larger blade when you’re trimming the face. Make sure to check the blade regularly to make sure it’s not getting hot. Maintain your blades by applying blade oil to them on a regular basis.



Can I hurt my dog with clippers?

Most pet clippers are made with your dog’s safety in mind and typically come with attachment guards that protect your pup. Your clippers should also come with an instruction manual to show you the correct and safe way to use them. That said, you should regularly check the blades to make sure they aren’t hot while you’re grooming your dog.

Which blade number is the best to use on a Goldendoodle’s face?

It will depend on the style of haircut you are going for, but in general, a #9 blade works well on a Goldendoodle, especially around the face.

How often should I trim my Goldendoodle’s hair?

For a shorter cut, take your dog for a trim every six to eight weeks. If you prefer longer hair on your Goldendoodle, then trimming the coat every ten weeks should suffice.


Final Thoughts

As a Goldendoodle owner, your dog will need regular grooming, and it can be more convenient to do it yourself than to go to a professional groomer. There are a lot of great clippers on the market, but one of the best overall clippers is the Bousnic.

This cordless beast will last for three hours before needing another charge, and your dog won’t be scared anymore thanks to its whisper-quiet technology. It also includes everything you need to be a “home groomer.”

Very soon, other dogs will be lining up for an appointment at your place…