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7 Best Costco Dog Foods For Goldendoodles 2023

7 Best Costco Dog Foods For Goldendoodles 2023

Best Costco Dog Food For Goldendoodles

Franklin P Jones said, “Scratch a dog, and you’ll find a permanent job.”

Well, feeding your ravenous furry friend is a full-time job, especially if you have a Goldendoodle!

It is important when buying dog food that you understand what it contains. We want to cater to our doggy’s nutritional health and keep them fit and healthy throughout the duration of their lives.

Today, we’re going to show you the ins and outs of Costco’s dog food and help you find the best options for your hungry Goldendoodle.

So let’s dish up the details on what Goldendoodle dog food you can find at Costco.


Costco Convenience

With aisles and aisles of goodies, Costco is your one-stop shop. They have a delicious, nutrient-rich range of dog food called Kirkland.

Whether your Goldendoodle is a puppy or of older age, there is a recipe for all dog life stages, enough to cover their entire lifespan.

So, you can get high-quality dog food whilst doing your regular grocery food shopping at Costco. It’s convenient and cost-effective, as you will see from the wide range of recipes available below.


What Costco Food Should My Goldendoodle Eat?

As a pet lover, you may wonder what the best doggo food is for your Goldendoodle. When buying doggy delights, also look at the types and categories of doggy dining – thankfully, Costco has options for all ages and stages.

The Kirkland product range contains a variety of dry and wet foods. Below are some of our favorite and popular dining options for your four-legged friend.

For Puppies: (From 4 weeks)

  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Puppy Formula, Chicken & Pea

For Adult Dogs: (From 12 months to old age)

  • Kirkland Signature Adult Lamb Meal, Rice, and Vegetable or Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables

For All Life Stages: (All ages)

  • Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight Formula, Chicken & Vegetable

  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (various flavor options available)

  • Kirkland’s Signature Dental Chews

For Mature Dogs:

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Mature Dog, Chicken, Rice, and Egg


Kirkland Dog Food Nutritional Values

Getting nutritional food doesn’t just mean choosing your dog’s favorite flavor. When buying dog food for Goldendoodles, you should read the labels and compare the ingredients. Your dog will have specific nutritional requirements. Check out our homepage for more information on feeding your dog.

These are the recommended percentages of nutrients your dog needs, and those the best dog food should offer:

  • Protein 15 to 30% (Kirkland: IN RANGE at an estimated 23%

  • Sodium 0.2 to 0.4% (Kirkland: IN RANGE at an estimated 23%)

  • Vitamin E more than 400 (Kirkland: IN RANGE, percentages vary per product)

  • Vitamin C more than 100 (Kirkland: IN RANGE, percentages vary per product)

  • Fat 10 to 20% (Kirkland: IN RANGE at an estimated 7.9% to 14%) except for their Weight Management Recipe.

  • Fiber max 5% (Kirkland: IN RANGE at an estimated 2.5% to 4%)

  • Calories 373 calories per cup. (Except for their Weight Management Recipe, only 275 calories per cup).

  • Calcium 0.5 to 1% (Kirkland: HIGHER AT 1.7%). This is still ideal for puppies or other life-stage dogs, and this percentage does not pose a problem. (If your dog has any underlying kidney issues or diseases, consider alternatives).

  • Phosphorus 0.4 to 0. 8% (Kirkland: HIGHER AT 1.2%). This is still ideal for puppies or other life-stage dogs, and this percentage does not pose a problem. If your dog has any underlying kidney issues or diseases, consider alternatives, up to 0.8%.


Best Costco Dog Food for Goldendoodle Puppies, Adults and Seniors

So now you know what ingredients to look out for, here are some of our favorite options from the range for Goldendoodles.

Kirkland Signature’s Nature’s Domain Puppy Formula Chicken & Pea

Your Goldendoodle puppy is a bundle of joy and energy and will have an appetite to match.

The Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Puppy formula is a chicken flavored grain-free recipe designed for large breeds like Goldendoodles.

The small kibbles contain:

  • Real deboned chicken

  • Beet pulp

  • Menhaden fish meal

  • Flaxseed

  • Millet

  • Potassium

  • Zinc proteinate

  • Copper sulfate

  • Apples

  • Cranberries

This puppy food formulation is good for your doggy’s brain development too. DHA supports your Goldendoodle puppy’s vision. It is also a good supplement for puppy growth and pregnant dog-mommies-to-be.

Vitamin E and selenium are also included, and these are fantastic compliments to your dog’s diet. These ingredients work together to support healthy growth and development, promote healthy skin and coat, and boost the immune system.

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Turkey Meal and Sweet Potato

You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to serve your Goldendoodle a turkey meal! The Turkey and Sweet potatoes recipe is full of goodness – the Grain-Free formula is for dogs of all life stages. It contains probiotics and prebiotics, which aid in digestion.

It is the complete package – with antioxidants and omega fatty acids, your doggy will be in optimal health! It’s perhaps the best Kirkland dog food if you’re looking for a complete package.

Kirkland Signature Healthy Weight Formula Chicken & Vegetable

Optimal nutrition is the goal for our furry friends. Like many humans, the average dog loves to eat and chew (see Kirkland’s Dental Chews if that sounds like your Doodle). Unfortunately, just like us, this often leads to them gaining a few extra unwanted pounds.

For humans, gaining weight is manageable. We determine what we eat and can control our weight. For dogs, there is no logical thinking of how much to eat. Your doggy will dig its snout into its food bowls to devour the delicious taste. As pet owners, we are responsible for taking care of and managing their weight and building lean muscle mass.

And that’s why we love the Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight food so mcuh. The grain-free chicken recipe product is high in protein to limit calories whilst maintaining the taste. As a light food formula, there are only 275 calories per cup serving.

Tasty chicken, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are the perfect diet food for humans and dogs alike! Your favorite furry friend will return to its goal weight in no time.

Kirkland added antioxidants to this formula to clean your dog’s digestive system. This helps with optimal absorption of the helpful nutrients the product contains.

While your dog gets back in shape, its joints are under added pressure carrying that bit of extra weight. That’s why this product also contains joint management nutritional ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin.

One last bonus – Goldendoodles love showing off, so this formula is finished with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to maintain their shiny fur and healthy skin. It will keep their coats glowing and their hair flowing!

Kirkland’s Signature Nature’s Domain Turkey and Pea Stew – Canned Food

If your dog is a fussy eater and turns its snout up at a dry-food-only dog diet, this product is a winner. Available as wet canned dog food, the Turkey and Pea Stew is a must-try for your Goldendoodle.

Each can is 13.2 ounces, making it the ideal portion for your doggy. It is a quality source of essential proteins with the added nutrition of fruit and vegetables. Your Goldendoodle will love it! 

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Beef Meal & Sweet Potato, 35lb

Your Goldendoodle will crunch up every bit of food from its bowl with this dry food recipe! It’s made from nutritious fresh deboned beef tasty enough to have your Doodle licking its lips for more.

It also contains dehydrated sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans, which are used as healthy binding agents in dry dog food to fill any dog’s tummy with goodness.

As a grain-free option product, it contains peas as an alternative to grain, a much healthier option for all dogs, and suitable for those with grain sensitivities.

Kirkland’s Signature Dental Chews 72 Dog Treats

Kirkland’s Signature Dental Chews are tasty and beneficial for your furry friend – they’re grain and gluten-free and clean your dog’s teeth to reduce plaque and tartar. Other than being a tasty treat, they have added vitamins and minerals so you can let them snack without the guilt.

Treat your Goldendoodle by adding this to your dog’s diet; even for large breed dogs the 72-pack will go a long way!

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Mature Dog, Chicken, Rice, and Egg Dog Food, 40lb

When Goldendoodles age, their nutritional requirements change. Thankfully, there’s still a range of Kirkland products that causes wagging tails!

Should your Doodle start walking like a noodle, then its joints are taking the strain. It may have developed health issues, and a visit to the vet is your safest bet. If it’s time to switch food to keep them in tip-top condition, the Kirkland Mature dog recipe is the best for catering to joint management and support.

The ingredients include fresh chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, and oatmeal, all of which are easy to digest. These ingredients are great sources of carbohydrates for that added energy in later life.

Additional nutrients include egg products for protein and Vitamin E; vital for your doggy’s health as they mature. Getting older will not change your Goldendoodle’s vitality with this superb recipe!

Kirkland Signature Adult Formula Chicken, Rice, and Vegetable

Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Food Formula is specially formulated for your dog’s diet and will aid in good nutrition and healthy digestion.

The main ingredient is deboned chicken, combined with a chicken meal as a high-quality protein, with brown rice for added carbs. This will ensure complete and balanced nutrition. (Interesting fact: all chicken recipes contain deboned chicken in this range of furry friend food).

Chicken meal is classified as a meat concentrate. A meat concentrate has 300 times more protein than fresh chicken. With such high percentages of goodness, this product is a winner for your doggy! Chicken soup completes the chicken and chicken meal trifecta.

The recipe also contains Menhaden fish meal, a ground-dried protein sourced from marine fish. Fish meal is a natural animal protein containing Omega fatty acids and fish oils. This will add shine to your doggy’s fur.


What is the Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles who are Fussy?

If your Goldendoodle isn’t keen on the offerings from commercial dog food manufacturers, they might change their mind with the Kirkland brand dog food from Costco. Even a fussy eater is sure to find a favorite among their options of nutrient-rich dog food! Try the canned wet dog food product range if your Goldendoodle does not like dry food.

If your dog is a fussy eater, cook them chicken with whole grain brown rice as a treat. Whole grain brown rice is nutritious, filling, and safe to feed adult dogs. Don’t add salt or spices, and keep it as bland as possible.



What is the best food to feed a Goldendoodle?

The best dog food should contain all the nutrients and minerals your dog needs. The choice of product will depend on the age and life stage of your Goldendoodle – choosing the wrong type of food won’t give your dog everything they need to stay healthy.

Who makes Costco Kirkland dog food?

Diamond pet foods is a commercial dog food manufacturer making some of the best dog foods out there! Based in the US, they bring Kirkland dog food to Costco’s shelves.

Is Kirkland’s range of dog foods good?

Kirkland is such an amazing brand, it has an array of delicious flavors and healthy nutrients, such as chicken fat and whole-grain brown rice, which are perfect for your dog’s health.

You’ll get quality ingredients for your dog’s tummy – Kirkland does not contain dog food fillers. It caters to the nutrient profiles of dogs of all life stages, so they’ll stay fit and strong throughout their lives.

Can I return a product if I am not satisfied?

Costco’s Return Policy states that customers have the option of returning products to Costco with over 800 warehouses.