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Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles 2023

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles 2023

We all love our Goldendoodles, and as pet parents, we want nothing more than to provide them with the best nutrition to help them thrive. However, choosing the best dog food for Goldendoodles can be overwhelming with so many options out there.

Today, the team at Barks in the Park will help you navigate the confusing world of dog food and provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision about what to feed your furry friend. We have researched and reviewed some of the top food brands that are best suited for Goldendoodles so you don’t have to try them all to find one your Doodle will love.

From puppy to adult, we’ll cover everything you need to know about feeding your Goldendoodle. We’ll look at the ingredients to look out for, the nutrients your dog needs, and provide some tips on how to transition your dog to a new diet. By the end of this blog, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the best dog food for your dynamic Doodle!

Table of Contents

The Best Dog Food For Goldendoodles

Let’s jump straight in with our top picks for Goldendoodles that offer balanced food and give your dog the best chance at a happy life.

Best overall: Orijen Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe Food Packaging in Blue and Red color

Orijen dry dog food provides quality meat and other beneficial ingredients for your Doodle to remain healthy. This food has 85% fresh, raw ingredients, which is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. There are no added nasties like you might find in some cheaper dry dog food – you can rest assured that your dog is only getting what they need.

This adult dog food brand is slightly more expensive than the other options on this list; however, it is a premium choice if you want your Doodle to have the best of the best. It has a lot of protein, which promotes lean muscle and strength. Unlike the Whole Earth food, this one does contain grain. However, it’s not used in vast quantities as a filler – instead, high-quality grains like quinoa are used.


  • It has a high animal protein content
  • Grain-free
  • Specifically designed for adult Goldendoodles
  • It has fresh, raw ingredients


  • Very expensive when compared to other brands

Best for all life stages: Whole Earth Farms Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dog Original Recipe Product Packaging in Various Designs and Colors, with a Food Pyramid in the middle

A balanced diet is important for your Goldendoodle to receive all the essential nutrients it needs in all life stages. Whole Earth Farms dog food covers all the bases – whether you have a Goldendoodle puppy or a senior dog, they’ll thrive on this food. 

This high-quality dog food comes in lamb, beef, or pork flavors and has natural vegetables such as sweet potatoes. There’s sure to be an option no matter how discerning your Doodle’s palette! 

With this beneficial combo of meat and vegetables, your Doodle will get good amounts of carbs, fibers, proteins, minerals, and vitamins in each cup. Whole Earth Farms does not have any corn, grain, gluten, or preservatives, which is perfect for Doodles with allergies. 


  • It has lots of essential nutrients
  • Excellent source of animal protein
  • Good balance of veggies and meat


  • In the past, there has been inconsistent batches

Best for Goldendoodle puppies: Wag Dry Puppy Food

Amazon Brand - Wag Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Puppies Product Packaging with Various colors featuring a Dog Fetching a Ball in the picture

Goldendoodle puppies need premium nutrition to grow healthy and strong, and your Goldendoodle puppy can get a complete, balanced diet from Wag’s dry food for puppies. As you can tell by the name, it’s designed for puppies, so it contains vital vitamins to aid their growth and development.

This puppy food is based on real chicken fat and meat, so it has lean animal protein and other ingredients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, and DHA. In other words, everything a Goldendoodle puppy needs to grow up into a healthy adult dog! Visit our homepage for more information about feeding your dog the best possible diet.


  • Plenty of vitamins and minerals for healthy brain development
  • Great for Goldendoodle puppies
  • Has 36% protein


  • Can cause stinky gas!

Best for sensitive stomachs: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food with Healthy Grains Product Packing with Green and white colors

Goldendoodles with food sensitives are often triggered by a certain animal protein or grains, which can lead to coat and skin issues. In most cases, it’s usually a chicken meal or beef that causes this (we’ve got more info on the causes of food sensitivities later). Natural Balance Limited Ingredient is our favorite for Doodles who can’t tolerate certain ingredients and it’s sure to calm any flare ups and leave your dog with healthy skin. 

This nutrient-rich food has a salmon, menhaden fish meal, and sweet potato recipe; the formula has a simple list of high-quality ingredients to avoid allergic reactions caused by animal proteins. This food does not contain artificial flavors, colors, gluten, grain, and soy.

There are also options made with different proteins and brown rice if your dog isn’t a fan of the veggie and fish flavor.


  • Good for digestion
  • Ideal for Doodles with food allergies and sensitive tummies
  • It has fewer ingredients, but it does not compromise on the nutrition


  • Can be on the pricier side

Best for senior Goldendoodles: Diamond Naturals Senior Formula 

Diamond Naturals Senior Real Meat Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food Pellet Bag in Grey Color 

As your Doodle gets on in years, it will need a change in diet to keep up with its changing nutritional needs. Adult dogs naturally have different dietary needs to high-energy pups, and they just need that little extra something to keep that bounce in their step.

We prefer Diamond Naturals Senior Formula dry dog food for our golden oldies because it contains probiotics and other superfoods to boost the immune system and help with digestion.

This food is the perfect pick for old pups who need bioavailable nutrition. The delicious real chicken is an added bonus and your senior Goldendoodle will savor every bowl of Diamond Naturals!


  • The first ingredient is real chicken, followed by brown rice.
  • Contains probiotics.
  • Great source of necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Affordable


  • Contains “natural flavor” but does not say what the flavor is.

Best for fussy eaters: Chicken Soup for the Soul Classic

Canned Diamond Naturals Senior Real Meat Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Is your Goldendoodle pulling up its nose at every brand of dog food you have tried? It is a horrible feeling when you are dealing with a fussy eater, because try as you might, you feel like you are failing your dog.

Enter Chicken Soup for the Soul!

This dry dog food will have even the fussiest eaters cleaning out their food bowls. It is made with real chicken and turkey and has no filler ingredients like by-product meat meals, corn, soy, or wheat.

With all the premium ingredients, and the lack of any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, your fussy dog will devour this kibble and keep coming back for more!


  • The first ingredients are real chicken, turkey, and brown rice
  • Contains amazing superfoods
  • No fillers, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products
  • Contains omega fatty acids


  • There is one unnamed “natural flavor” in the ingredient list

Best wet food for Goldendoodles: Wellness Chicken Stew

Wellness Thick & Chunky Natural Grain Free Canned Dog Food Product in Purple and Yellow Color

Whether your pup is a fussy eater, losing their teeth, or perhaps you want to treat them to a healthy diet that tastes amazing – Wellness Chicken Stew is the way to go!

This grain-free dog food is one of the best dog foods for boisterous Goldendoodles as it contains real meat (chicken and chicken liver), chicken broth, peas, carrots, egg whites and potato. We don’t know about you, but that sounds good enough for humans to eat!


  • Does not contain wheat, meat by-products or artificial colors and flavors.
  • Red pepper and celery provide vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.
  • Made with real chicken.


  • Fairly expensive when compared to other brands, but you get good quality food!

Best raw food for Doodles: Open Farm Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Wellness Thick & Chunky Natural Grain Free Canned Dog Food Bag in Blue Color and Graphic Design

Many of us have heard of the benefits of feeding raw, and if you are new to this diet, then Open Farm’s Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food is the best option.

We prefer the Surf & Turf flavor, however all their flavors are amazing (and you can purchase a variety pack to try them all!).

The Surf & Turf recipe contains 100% grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon, along with human-grade organic fruit and veggies like carrots, squash, blueberries and coconut oil.

This superior raw dog food will improve your dog’s cognitive function and boost its immune system, all while providing them with a delicious meal.


  • Easy way to feed raw thanks to the “scoopable” format.
  • Real beef and salmon listed as the first ingredients.
  • No poultry or animal by-products


  • Freeze dried raw food is typically fairly expensive.


Considerations When Buying the Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles

While adult dog and puppy foods are different in their nutritional values, there are some characteristics that you should remember when buying any food. If you want to ensure your Goldendoodle gets the best of the best, keep the following in mind when choosing a food: 


Good food does not have unnecessary additives, which include flavors or dyes. Artificial colorings and other additives do not provide any important nutrients to your dog’s diet, and they may cause food allergies and upset your dog’s stomach. Luckily, high-quality foods leave out these ingredients.

Good foods have animal protein as the primary protein source. Your Goldendoodle is best supported by a meat-based balanced diet, so look for ingredients such as deboned chicken, pork, duck, beef, or salmon listed first on the label.  

Although the idea of by-products and meat meals may not seem appetizing to humans, they are an acceptable ingredient in dog food. The label must specify what meal it is to know what your Doodle is getting. Chicken meal is a good by-product.

The best pet foods are made in countries that have high food safety mandates in place. Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Western European countries have strict regulations that ensure that your dog’s food does not contain harmful chemicals.

Type: wet vs dry vs raw

You have various options when you decide what to feed your dog. Apart from choosing the best brand, you can also choose whether you want to get dry or wet food. Many dog owners opt for dry dog food because it is affordable and easier to manage.

However, wet food can be good for senior dogs, as they may need a softer texture due to dental issues. Choosing softer food allows these dogs to enjoy their mealtimes and still get their required nutrients.

Wet dog food is also convenient to mix in dry kibble to give your Goldendoodle a nice, healthy treat at mealtimes. Usually, owners like buying dry dog food in bulk and keeping it for a while instead of worrying about it spoiling.

Raw food is another option that’s growing in popularity. While it’s possibly the best for giving your dog what nature intended, it can be a little bit pricy. It’s also not the most convenient option as it generally comes frozen and spoils quickly once defrosted.

Age: choosing stage-specific food for Goldendoodles

Your Goldendoodle needs different food at each stage of its life – puppies have different requirements from senior dogs. Remember, senior dogs need more protein but fewer calories as they burn less energy; too many calories can stop your dog from staying at a healthy weight in later life. On the other hand, puppies need plenty of everything so they can grow properly! 

Some foods are suitable for all life stages, but we’ve also picked out a few above that are perfectly balanced for young and older Doodles.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Food for Goldendoodles

Your dog depends a lot on high-quality food. If your Goldendoodle does not get its required nutrients every day, it will show on its coat and in its weight. Feeding your dog the wrong food can also eventually lead to serious health conditions.

When looking for proper dog food brands, you should always pay attention to the ingredients list to make sure that it has the vital nutrients that will support your Doodle’s overall health. With the best dog food, your dog can have the following benefits:

Your Goldendoodle’s skin and coat will be shiny and healthy

Goldendoodles have the coat of their parent breeds, the Golden Retriever and Poodle, which makes them the most stylish doggos of them all! Their luscious coats are their signature; however, these coats must be maintained. Apart from proper shampoos and brushes, food also plays a part in this.

A nutrient-rich dog food packed with vitamins and minerals that are responsible for keeping your dog’s coat healthy, shiny, and luscious is the way to go. Merely feeding them the correct dog food can make all the difference for healthy skin!

Improves strength and promotes a healthy immune system

The protein, carbs, and antioxidants provided by good food improve your Doodle’s strength, helping build a strong immune system and lean muscles. The combination of beneficial nutrients and fatty acids will give your dog all they need to lead a healthy life.

Improves brain and eye development

The correct dog foods will support healthy brain development, which will make your Doodle sharper and easier to train. Food that contains a lot of DHA ensures healthy brain development, which gives them both physical and mental energy.


Do Doodles need grain-free food?

Not necessarily, although it will depend on the individual dog’s sensitivities. They can gain lots of nutrition from grains, but grains must not make up more than 20% of their diet. Doodles need to acquire most of their nutrients from animal protein – look at the foods we’ve recommended above as many of these are very high in protein.

Do Doodles have stomach issues?

Yes. Unlike some dog breeds, Doodles are prone to bloating and being sensitive to certain ingredients in their food. They can have diarrhea, vomiting, and stinky gas if they are not fed a balanced diet.

Which animal protein is best for my Goldendoodle?

Doodles need a lot of protein. The best dog food for these dogs contains protein from various meat sources and one vegetable source. Suitable animal proteins for Goldendoodles include whole fish, grass-fed lamb, bison, and chicken or chicken meal.

What Royal Canin should I feed my Goldendoodle?

When your Doodle is still young, the Royal Canin “Medium” puppy food is a great option as the formula will provide your pup with enough nutrients to keep up with its high energy demands.

As your Goldendoodle grows, you can introduce it to Royal Canin’s Golden Retriever Adult Dog Food. This nutrient-rich dog food will ensure your Doodle stays happy and healthy for many years!

What is the healthiest food for Goldendoodles?

There is no single brand of dog food that is considered the healthiest. When purchasing food for your Doodle, carefully read the ingredient list. Make sure the first ingredient is real meat or fish, and that there are no filler ingredients or unnamed animal by-products.

What can I feed my picky Goldendoodle? 

Chicken Soup for the Soul Classic dog food is a great dry food option for picky eaters!

Most fussy eaters will enjoy wet and raw food, so the Wellness Chicken Stew wet food and Open Farm’s freeze-dried raw dog food are also good options to ensure your fussy pup gets all the nutrients it needs.

How much do Goldendoodles need to eat? 

The amount your Goldendoodle must eat will depend on its age and size. Miniature Doodles should eat 1-2 cups of kibble a day. Medium-sized Doodles would eat 2-4 cups of kibble, while standard Goldendoodles should be fed 3-5 cups of kibble a day.

The dog food you buy should have a feeding chart on the packaging which you can use as a guide.

Do Goldendoodles need a special diet? 

No, Goldendoodles will not need a special diet, unless your dog has food allergies. Just make sure you feed your dog according to its life stage (puppy, adult, senior) and choose a food that is free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

When should my Goldendoodle change from puppy to adult food? 

Goldendoodle puppies should keep eating puppy food until they are around 15 to 18 months old. You can then slowly switch them over to adult food. Do the switch over a couple of days, by mixing the puppy and adult food together and slowly increasing the amount of adult food and decreasing the amount of puppy food.

How can I safely introduce a new food to my Goldendoodle’s diet? 

It will take a couple of days to transition your Goldendoodle to new food.

  • Day 1: 75% old food and 25% new food
  • Day 3: 50% old food and 50% new food
  • Day 5: 25% old food and 75% new food
  • Day 7: 100% new food

What ingredients are Goldendoodles commonly allergic to?

Every dog is different and some might not have any food allergies at all, however here are the most common dog food ingredients that make up around 90% of all food allergy cases in Goldendoodles:

  • Wheat and grains
  • Dairy
  • Chicken (also look out for chicken meal and chicken fat in the ingredients)
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Lamb
  • Beef