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10 Best Treats for Goldendoodle Puppies 2023

10 Best Treats for Goldendoodle Puppies 2023

We would all like to give our Goldendoodle puppies a few treats here and there. Especially when we’re trying to bribe them into doing something or distract them from doing something else (but it’s all part of being a puppy parent, right?).

Treats can be a great tool to have during a training session with a puppy as it provides them with a great incentive to do what they’re being told. So the question now becomes, what are the best training treats, and how often should you use them?

While we want to treat our dogs, it can be difficult to ascertain what kind of treats we should be buying. This is especially true for dogs that have sensitive stomachs; it can be nerve-wracking to introduce something new into their diet. There are so many options out there, choosing the best seems almost impossible. Don’t fret – we’ve done all the research for you!


Best Dog Treats for Goldendoodle Puppies

We’ll explain the differences between the different types of treats later. For now, let’s get stuck in with a look at some of the tastiest (not that we’ve tried them ourselves!) training treat options for young Goldendoodles.

Best training treats – Milk-bone MaroSnacks treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats Transparent Container with Red lid and sticker

These make for good training treats for your puppy because they’re hard (won’t make a smelly mess in your pocket) and easy to carry around.

They’re made from ingredients commonly found in dog food and consist of real bone marrow in a biscuit form, giving them a great flavor and crunch.

If your dog loves to crunch and a traditional dog biscuit and you don’t fancy these ones, Old Mother Hubbard should be a go-to!

Best Freeze Dried Treats – Stewart Pro Treat

Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats bucket shaped container in white color with a green sticker

These freeze-dried treats are sure to be enticing for your Goldendoodle puppy because they’re pure meat! They come in a variety of flavors, including duck liver, beef liver, chicken liver, chicken breasts, lamb liver, and bacon pop-its. With options like these, your puppy is sure to do anything you ask for another bite!

Whole Life dog treats are also a good all-meat treat for your pup if you’re looking for a high-protein option.

Best crunchy treats – Old Mother Hubbard Classic biscuit treats

Old Mother Hubbard by Wellness Classic Original Mix Natural Dog Treats Product bag in white, purple and blue colors

While these are biscuits, they’re also great to use as training treats because they’re small and easy to eat. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and come in a wide range of flavors, and are perfect for Goldendoodles that like biscuits! They’re a good size for your dog to catch, which adds to the fun during training sessions and playtime.

Low-calorie option – Nutro Mini Bites dog treats

NUTRO Mini Bites Dog Treats sachet in white color with graphic design

These low-calorie treats are soft, making them perfect for dogs with either weight or dental issues. They’re based on beef and brown rice, making them a good pick for puppies that have sensitive stomachs. However, some Doodles are allergic to beef, so introduce these to your dog’s diet slowly if you’re unsure about their allergies.

Healthy choice – Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats

Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Training Treats packaging in yellow color

Like the Nutro treats, these are low in calories but packed with flavor. They contain a great range of fruits and vegetables so you can treat your pup guilt-free (if only we could say the same about our chocolate habit). Check out Raw Paws for other organic, plant-based treats.

High meat content – Whole Life Pet dog treats

Whole Life Pet Just One Chicken Dog and Cat Super Value Packs Packaging in blue, yellow, green color

This freeze-dried snack is made from pure meat and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. They make great training treats because what dog doesn’t love pure meat? They’re sure to listen up if they know you’ve got some of these in your pocket!

Best grain-free – WELLNESS CORE dog treats

Wellness Core Healthy Joints Grain Free Beef Recipe Dog Treats packaging in Brown and red color

These all-natural, grain-free dog treats can also be used as training treats due to their small size and meat content. Goldendoodles are prone to allergies and sensitivities so a grain-free diet is often needed. If your puppy fits this bracket, you can treat them without worrying by choosing this option.

Best choice of flavors – Charlee Bear dog treats

Charlee Bear Original Dog Treats in Multicolored product Packaging

These crunchy, pellet-shaped treats are low-calorie and offer grain-free varieties. They come in a variety of delicious flavors, so you are bound to find a taste your pup cannot resist! Flavors include cheese and egg, chicken liver, chicken soup and garden veggies, and turkey liver and cranberries. You can also get a variety pack of all the flavors if you and your dog can’t decide which sounds the yummiest!

Best organic treats – Raw Paws pet grain-free training treats

Raw Paws Pet Grain-Free Sweet Potato Training Treats packaging in multicolored packaging

These are low-calorie, vegan, grain-free, all-natural training treats. They’re small and sweet potato based, making them tasty and nutritious treats for your pup. If you want to give your dog only the highest quality ingredients, the organic produce used by Raw Pets is the way to go. Whole Life’s treats are a better choice if your dog is a real carnivore, though!

Best Chewy Treats – King Kalm Crunch CBD pet hard chews

KING KALM™ Crunch - Apple Cinnamon in Multicolored see through design packaging

These chews are great for anxious dogs and improve joint health as well as your dog’s overall well-being. They boast all-natural ingredients plus CBD, which means that these are pretty pricy but effective. They’re ideal for puppies and adult dogs alike, so no need to look for a different option as your pup grows up.


Are Treats Good for Young Goldendoodles?

Treats have several useful purposes for your Goldendoodle puppy. First, they’re a great way to spoil your dog a little and show them some love. This can be a great way to bond with your dog and build up some love for you on their end!

Treats can also be used as a training tool for your Goldendoodle puppy; the training treats can be used to reinforce good behavior. Pick something small and easy to eat to facilitate a good training session.

If your dog has some deficiencies, then you can use the treats as an opportunity to supplement whatever they’re missing from their diet. This is especially true for picky eaters who show little to no interest in their food. You can also find medicinal dog treats that hide medicine that your dog might not otherwise willingly take.

However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. You shouldn’t give your dog too many treats; in fact, treats should be less than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. As the saying goes, everything in moderation!


Types of Treats for Goldendoodle Puppies

Just like us, dogs have preferences, and it’s up to you to figure out which type of treats your Goldendoodle puppy enjoys!

There are many different kinds of treats, and you don’t have to stick to just one type; your dog will probably like most if not all of them! You might also want to use different types of treats for different purposes. For example, a long-lasting chew will keep boredom at bay, but it’s not the best training tool!


Soft treats or chewy treats are great to use as puppy training treats. These treats are easy to eat and can be eaten quickly, which is why they can make good training treats.

They’re also pretty easy to break into smaller pieces to give to your puppy rather than feeding them the treat all at once. Softer treats also tend to be more pungent than the other teats, which can make them extra appealing to your Goldendoodle puppy.


Crunchy treats include things like kibble, cookies, bars, biscuits, and any other dog treat that has a crunch to it. These treats come in all shapes and sizes and are on the harder end of the treat scale, so they’ll be harder to break up if you want to give them to your dog in small pieces. However, many dogs love that satisfying crunchy texture (just like us chomping on some chips!).


Dehydrated or freeze-dried foods like jerky make a tasty treat for a dog, and they typically don’t contain any additives. Your dog might also like dehydrated fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, for example.

Animal parts

Popular animal part treats are things like hooves, rawhide, animal bones and even pig ears. These might seem like great treats for your dog, but we recommend against this type of treat.

Rawhide, hooves and bones are dangerous to your dog because they can splinter into little pieces that can get lodged in your dog’s digestive tract. Pig ears are very high in fat and often contain unsafe chemicals for your dog.

Long-lasting chews

Instead of animal parts, you can consider giving your dog bully sticks as a safer and healthier dog treat. Bully sticks are typically made from healthy ingredients like beef or even plant-based ingredients.

Another advantage is that they help your dog clean its teeth by scraping away any plaque while your dog is gnawing on it. These are also more time-consuming treats that can hold your dog’s attention for a while (we all know how hard Doodles can be to occupy).


Braids are a chew type of dog treat that’s comprised of two different flavored chewy treats braided together to make one bigger treat. These treats can be very time-consuming, keeping your dog occupied and they’re also good for their dental health. Always get your dog a larger braid to avoid any choking hazards.

Human snacks

You may choose to share human snacks with your dog as treats. You can share lean meats, fruits, and vegetables with your dog as tasty treats. It’s important to be mindful of what you’re giving your dog because not all human food is suitable for them.

Some of the food that your dog can eat isn’t low in calories, like cheese and peanut butter, so be aware of how much of their caloric intake the treats will take up. Keep an eye on your dog after you’ve shared your delicious snack with them; some Doodle puppies can have sensitive stomachs or develop food allergies and intolerances.


You can make treats for your dog with human food if that’s something that works for you both. There are tons of recipes available if you’re not sure what to use. These might be a preferable option if your Goldendoodle puppy has a sensitive stomach. This way, you know exactly what’s going into the snacks.


How to Pick the Right Dog Treats for Goldendoodle Puppies

The best treats for Goldendoodle puppies are nutritious options that aren’t packed with unnecessary ingredients. Once you’ve found the right type of treat for your puppy, consider the following to ensure you’re making the best choice.


You’ll want to look for treats that have natural ingredients that you recognize; no artificial flavors, colors or chemicals.

Healthier snacks will have fewer ingredients on the back, and most of the ingredients should be all-natural.

Nutritional Value

The best puppy treats are nutritious, low-calorie options. Avoid treats that have a high fat or high sugar content, as they can lead to obesity in your dog.

Treat size & type

Consider what you want to use the dog treats for, and this should inform what size you buy. If you’re looking for something to take up your dog’s time, you’ll want the bigger treats. If you’re looking to buy training treats, you’ll need to look for treats on the smaller side.


The best treats for you are the ones that don’t leave a dent in your wallet! High-quality treats can be pricier because they’re made from high-quality ingredients, but your dog’s happiness and health are worth the price.


Regardless of what you’re using the treats for, it’s important to get some diversity in there as well. Get different treats of different sizes, textures and flavors. Your dog will get bored of having the same old treats; even for your pup, diversity is the spice of life!



How do I use treats to train my Goldendoodle puppy?

You do this by building a positive association between treats and appropriate behavior. Rewarding your puppy with treats and praise for doing the right things will help train them to do what you want them to!

How many treats should I give my dog?

As previously mentioned, your dog’s treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of its diet. A few treats a day should be adequate, but you also don’t want the treats to lose their charm, so don’t treat your dog too often. Overfeeding on treats can also lead to obesity. Visit our website for more information on feeding your dog the best possible diet.

What should I not feed my Goldendoodle puppy?

The following foods and snacks should be avoided as they are toxic to dogs, including Goldendoodles:

  • Chocolate

  • Grapes

  • Citrus

  • Dairy

  • Alcohol

  • Garlic, leeks, chives and onions