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Can You Register A Goldendoodle?

Can You Register A Goldendoodle?

Can you register a Goldendoodle? The short answer is yes; yes, you can. However, registration for a cross-bred dog like the Goldendoodle is not quite as straightforward as it would be for a pedigree or official breed, such as the Golden Retriever.

Let’s take a look at why you might consider getting your Goldendoodle pup registered, as well as just how to go about doing it.

Can You Register A Goldendoodle?

Yes, you can register a Goldendoodle – but not as an AKC-registered breed.

Even though this adorable hybrid pup is not a purebred dog, you can still register your furry friend with the American Kennel Club (AKC) as well as similar organizations and kennel clubs.

Registration is a little different for mixed-breed dogs than it is for purebred dogs, however.

The Goldendoodle is a recognized breed, but they are not purebred dogs. This means that in order to get them registered, you will need to go through something called a canine partners program. This is essentially the same thing as a registration; only it will state that your dog has mixed-breed parentage.

Why Register A Goldendoodle Puppy?

There are many reasons you might choose to have your adorable bundle of golden fluff registered. For one thing, having your dog registered means that you can show it in certain shows and events if dog shows are your thing.

However, there is a common misconception that the only reason to register a dog is in order to show it or breed from it. In fact, there are lots of excellent reasons which might make you decide that having your dog AKC registered – or registered with a similar kennel club – is a good idea.

Getting your puppy registered might also offer a discount on vet care, as well as discounted pet insurance, although this will depend on your veterinarian and the insurance company you apply to.

Advantages of having your dog registered

Aside from potentially qualifying for a welcome discount from both the vet and your pet insurance provider, there are several other perks to registering your Goldendoodle with a kennel club.

For one thing, Goldendoodle registry is an excellent way to meet other owners of the same breed and share your love of these designer dogs. If you have adopted a puppy for the first time, then you might find that being a part of this community enables you to benefit from other owners’ years of experience.

The Goldendoodle breed has inherited the quick-wittedness, athleticism, and sociability of both the Golden Retriever and Poodle, so your Doodle will crave any opportunity to get outdoors and run, play, and interact with other people and pooches.

AKC registration will offer you the opportunity to explore dog sports and AKC events designed especially for certain dog breeds, so your pup can meet and play with lots of other friendly doodle pups in a safe environment. Think of it like a furry family reunion.

If you’re wondering if registration will be expensive, our guide on how much a Mini Goldendoodle costs will help you plan a budget for your new fur baby.

Disadvantages of having your dog registered

As with anything in life, there are a few downsides to registering your Doodle. As a pet parent, you know dogs aren’t cheap, and the same goes for registering them. If you don’t plan to breed or show your dog, the costs of registering them may outweigh the benefits, especially if they have to undergo DNA testing first. If you don’t want to breed your dog, you can register them with limited breeding rights to save some money.

How To Begin The Registration Application

Okay, so you’ve picked out the perfect pup for your family from an adorable Goldendoodle litter, and already, you probably cannot imagine life without it, right? The next step is to have your pup registered in order to make the most of all the advantages that come with an official kennel club registration.

You can find the perfect kennel club or Goldendoodle organization to register with. We talk about the American Kennel Club as a frame of reference, sure, but there are lots more of them out there, and each one will offer slightly different perks and events and come with a different community. Take the time to find the perfect one for you.

You can enroll with any active kennel club via their respective website. Once you begin the application, you will be asked to provide information regarding your dog. Expect to be asked for:

  • Your dog’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Adoption date
  • Sex
  • Background information
  • Microchip number
  • Color and markings

American Kennel Club

The AKC is proud to welcome many dogs, including unique and wonderful mixed breeds. In order to register hybrid dogs with the American Kennel Club, you will need to sign them up for the AKC canine partners program.

If your dog is the offspring of two different breeds, it will help to speed the process along if you have the AKC numbers of both parent dogs. If you adopted your pup from a reputable breeder, there is a good chance they will have registered both the Golden Retriever and the purebred Poodle with AKC or another kennel club.

Canine partners program

The AKC canine partners program offers hybrid dogs like your Goldendoodle access to many AKC registered courses, including:

  • agility
  • scent tracking
  • obedience

According to AKC, the only aspect of registration a Goldendoodle is exempt from is the opportunity to participate in a formal dog show known as conformation. In conformation, a purebred dog is judged against the ideal standard for its breed, and since the Goldendoodle is not a purebred, there is no ideal standard to judge it again.

AKC Certificate

When you register your Goldendoodle with the AKC canine partner program, you will receive a certificate – which is a lot like a birth certificate for your pup.

With this certificate, you will be eligible for the AKC Reunite pet recovery service, as well as a complimentary visit with a registered veterinarian from the AKC veterinary network.

Other Organizations to Register Your Goldendoodle With

As well as the AKC, you can register your new pup with the Goldendoodle Association of North America. Simply fill in an online application, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Another great alternative to the AKC is the CNC – the Continental Kennel Club. It’s the second most-recognized organization behind the AKC, and was one of the first to accept hybrid dogs. This organization understands that mixing breeds is nothing new, and many of the most recognizable breeds today were created from breeding two or more different breeds together not so long ago. 

Can You Register A Goldendoodle Rescue Dog?

This is where things can get really difficult to answer. The short answer is yes, sometimes, but no, most of the time.

When you adopt a dog from a rescue center, it can be nigh on impossible to be one hundred percent certain exactly what type of pooch you are adding to your family. Even if your new furry friend looks like a Goldendoodle and walks like a Goldendoodle, who’s to say there isn’t a little bit of something else in there too?

Most often, when you find a dog you love at a rescue center, the staff there will be unable to locate any sort of paperwork about just where that pup came from. This includes the breeder and any parental information.

Since you will be unable to give completely accurate information to the kennel club, it will make it much more difficult to register your pooch with them. That being said, you can search for organizations that specialize in rescues or else are more relaxed in their application process.


Are Goldendoodle routinely registered by owners?

Registering a Goldendoodle is becoming increasingly popular. Remember, however, that registration is not indicative of breed quality.

Can Goldendoodles be registered CKC?

Yes! Any dog with Continental Kennel Club-registered parents is eligible for registration with CKC. Any dog submitted to CKC using the Canine Registration application needs to be a breed currently recognized by CKC. Thankfully, this includes the Goldendoodle.

In conclusion

So, can you register a Goldendoodle?

Well, yes. Yes, you can register a Goldendoodle, but since Goldendoodles are technically a hybrid or cross-breed type of dog, they will never be eligible for registration as purebred dogs.

Alternatively, you can register your Groodle in the AKC canine partnership program – or something similar, such as the United Kennel Club performance listing.

Alright, sure, it isn’t exactly the same as a kennel club registration, but it is basically the same thing. A partnership program will offer your dog all of the perks of an AKC (or similar) registration, as well as introduce you to many other Goldendoodle lovers and pet parents.

Ultimately, unless you are desperate to show your pup in conformation or you plan to breed from it, you aren’t missing anything from a purebred dog registration that is not part of a canine partnership registration. Don’t forget to visit Barksinthepark for more information about registering different breeds.