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Do Goldendoodles Like to Be Hugged?

Do Goldendoodles Like to Be Hugged?

If you’re considering getting a Goldendoodle, then you may be wondering whether or not they enjoy a good snuggle session. 

We’ve looked into it to bring you all the essential info and help you make the best choices for getting your Goldendoodle into the cuddle mood. 

So, get your blankies and cuddle arms ready; let’s get into it. Don’t forget to check out our homepage for more advice on this gorgeous breed (and many others!).

Do Goldendoodles Enjoy a Good Cuddle?

In general, a Goldendoodle loves a good hug. They are a friendly breed that enjoys human companionship and doing what makes their owner happy. 

Goldendoodle dogs will form a great bond with their owner if raised correctly, i.e., by having enough food, playtime, socialization, and love. 

Unfortunately, if a Doodle is not cared for correctly, its socializing skills can be non-existent, so cuddling won’t be a top priority. 

If you’re thinking of getting one of these beauties, you must consider the time and patience it takes to meet their needs. 

Goldendoodle Temperament & Hugging

All pups have their own temperaments, but in the same breath, certain characteristics are seen in most Goldendoodles. 

If a Goldendoodle is well-socialized, it is normal for them to love affection. This breed is known for wanting to please their human companions; they get this from the mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle. 

If you begin showing affection from the puppy stage, then your dog will know that when they do well, they will get a good cuddle or even a treat. 

The Goldendoodle loves to meet new people, and making friends is at the top of the must-do list, whether it be a human or another four-legged pal. 

These puppers are child and pet friendly and will request cuddles on the regular, like their Golden Retriever parent. It makes them feel good to have companions and to show their love. 

This need for social interactions means that your doggo will most likely find a lot of peace in cuddles, particularly when a positive reinforcement comes with a good pet or squeezes to say a good job. 

Reasons Why the Goldendoodle Likes to Cuddle


affectionate goldendoodle

One of the big reasons Goldendoodles enjoy cuddling with you is to show you affection. After all, they can’t tell you with words. 

Cuddling is a way your pupper can connect with you on a level that every animal, us included, understand. 


Do you know why cuddles feel good for us? It releases a chemical in the brain called oxytocin (also known as the feel-good chemical). 

Amazingly, it works the same way for your Goldendoodle; when they do something nice, oxytocin releases and makes them feel even better. 

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, can reduce stress and bring on a euphoric feeling; who wouldn’t want to feel that? 

Body temperature

On a cold night, your Goldendoodle might enjoy cuddling to stay warm. Snuggling up to you in a blanky is the best way to do this. 

Goldendoodle puppies like to cuddle when they’re super small for this reason. So, it’s almost like an intrinsic thing for your Doodle to cuddle when they need a bit more body heat. 

Figuring Out if Your Dog Likes to Cuddle

If you’re wondering if Goldendoodles love to cuddle, there are ways to figure it out:

  • Body language is everything: If a Goldendoodle likes to cuddle, it will look relaxed and at peace during cuddling. 
  • Body movements: A little wag of a tail, rolling on the belly, and nuzzling into you are all signs your baby is enjoying the cuddles. 
  • Get to know your pup: Once you’ve formed a bond with your fur ball, they’ll have their own unique way of telling you they’re comfortable. 

Some dogs are not naturally cuddly, which is something to be aware of. We don’t want to force dogs to do anything they don’t want to! 

Sometimes adult Goldendoodles can feel uncomfortable when they can’t move, so cuddling might be more stressful than anything else. 

Looking at animal behavior, here are ways to see if your dog isn’t comfortable in the situation:

  • Keeping its tail low or tucked and not wagging
  • Yawning and licking lips
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Tense posture
  • Growling and showing teeth is usually the last phase, so if this happens, it’s best to back away and give your dog space. 

If you have kids, it’s essential to show them how to handle animals from a young age. Goldendoodles are great around kids, much like Golden Retrievers and Poodles, but still, kids need to handle them with respect and care. 

Don’t pick up a dog and just cuddle them. Goldendoodle owners should approach their pup calmly and gently to give them a chance to let you know if they’re open to a cuddle or in the mood.

Like us, dogs also get their moods; if they’re in a bad space of feeling anxious, it’s best to give them some time and distance. 

Older dogs can also be sensitive and might not want to be touched if they’re frail.

Encouraging Your Goldendoodle to Cuddle

While forcing your dog to cuddle isn’t a good idea, there are ways to get your Doodle more comfortable with cuddling. 

Many dogs take a little while longer to get used to the snuggle. But the best thing is to socialize younger dogs to get your Goldendoodle used to different situations, people, and other animals. 

But ultimately, every dog is different. 

Let’s get into what to do to get pups into cuddling:

  • Initiate a cuddle session when your dog is already tired. Get your dog out there and physically active to tire them out. Brain games and mental stimulation can also help tire out a Doodle. 
  • Reward your doggo when they lie next to you; this can be with affection or treats. 
  • Get your dog used to sitting on your lap, but it’s best to do this when they’re already tired. 
  • Make eye contact with a dog; they see this as a sign of affection. Sometimes even more so than physical touch. 
  • Only cuddle a dog when they’re calm; otherwise, you will restrain them. Dogs hate this, but can you blame them? 
  • Let your pup up on the couch when they’re tired. It will get them used to being in your space when they’re ready for a good sleep. 

You want to create positive reinforcement around cuddling so that your dog knows it is a positive thing and learns to enjoy it as much as you do. 

Working with your dog when they’re tired is an excellent way to help them get used to things, not just cuddles, but grooming and affection in general. 

The Goldendoodle takes quite a bit of work in the grooming department. So, if you don’t want to be covered in hair after every cuddle, it’s good that your dog is comfortable around a brush. 

Best Places to Cuddle Your Goldendoodle

As you get to know your new fluff ball, you’ll get an idea of where they enjoy being more. These spaces should become your dog’s special place to a certain degree. 

For example, if there is a specific place they love to sleep, like under a window in the sunshine, then that should be a designated doggy area. 

It’s good for dogs to have an area to retreat away from any human interactions. 

Generally, it’s best to cuddle a Goldendoodle in your space on the couch, bed, or outside on the grass. That way, your doggy knows where to go when they’re in the snuggle mood. 

However, it’s important to set boundaries. You can train your dog to jump up, but only when you give the go-ahead. 

Your dog will be super grateful for these special moments with you, rather than feeling they can simply do it wherever they want. 

A trained dog is a happy dog! 


Do Goldendoodles like to cuddle?

Generally, yes, Goldendoodles like to cuddle. As a breed, they are very social and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Why Do Some Goldendoodles Like to Cuddle More Than Others?

This is down to your Goldendoodle’s temperament. Some dogs simply don’t enjoy cuddling and prefer to show affection from a distance. Dogs can also have anxiety, preventing them from socializing with you by cuddling.

How to Tell if Your Goldendoodle Enjoys Cuddling

You can tell if your dogs like to cuddle by looking if their body language is relaxed, their tail is wagging, and they are generally happy.

Our Final Thoughts on Goldendoodle Cuddles

Goldendoodles are generally very social and will enjoy a good cuddle just as much as you. But it’s always best to keep an eye on body language to keep track of what your dog is comfortable with. 

Some dogs are more comfortable with a snuggle than others, so give your dog the space it needs to make that choice. 

There are ways to get your dog more comfortable with cuddles, but slow and steady wins the race. 

We hope this article gave you some ideas and more information about cuddling your Goldendoodle pooch. 

Happy Cuddling!