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Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Petted?

Do Goldendoodles Like To Be Petted?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is that most Goldendoodles love receiving affection of any kind from anyone, which is part of what makes them such a great choice for a family pet. This Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix has all the best traits of its parent breeds.

Goldendoodles get their playful, friendly and affectionate nature from the Golden Retriever parents. These traits make any Goldendoodle a real-life teddy bear; they love being cuddled and held. In fact, Goldendoodles aren’t very fussy about who’s holding them as long as they’re being held!

Just like Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles are very friendly and will have no problem being around other people and other animals. It’s important that the Goldendoodle puppy is socialized from a young age to ensure that it continues to grow into a friendly big dog.

These dogs enjoy affection, especially from their owners, so much so that they can’t be left alone for long periods of time because they’ll develop separation anxiety. Goldendoodle owners can address this problem by crate training to give their dog a safe space while they’re gone.

Tips For Petting Your Goldendoodle

While Goldendoodles are a loving breed, there’s no guarantee that every Goldendoodle dog enjoys being touched. Each Goldendoodle will have its own unique personality and temperament, so it’s really just about what your dog is like.

If your Goldendoodle doesn’t seem very interested in affectionate behavior, you can still train them to be receptive. There’s no guarantee that your dog will respond well to these tips; again, it’s dependent on each individual dog. These strategies should help you bridge that gap, however.

One step at a time

While you might be eager to cuddle with your Goldendoodle, it’s better to take it slow and steady. Don’t just jump into the deep end and go for a cuddle; work up to that slowly. Start by petting them on the head and slowly introducing more as they grow comfortable.

Petting during mealtime

You can hand feed, or use a bowl, your dog while you pet them, and this will help them associate being touched with a positive experience. Be watchful of any aggressive tendencies your dog may display, as this can be a sign of it being food aggressive.


Yes, technically, this is bribery, but it works. Your dog will be distracted by the treats, allowing you to pet them. This method will also encourage cuddling in the future because they’ll associate it with receiving treats. It’ll be a positive experience they wish to repeat.

Positive reinforcement

How you speak to your dog while you’re being affectionate can also impact how much they’ll enjoy cuddling and generally being touched. Whenever you’re touching or holding your dog, speak to them in a calm and loving tone. Shower them with praise and offer them a belly rub or two.

Touch as praise

Always include an element of touch when you praise your dog, whether it’s a scratch behind the ears or a belly rub. Your dog will start to associate your touch with being praised and will likely seek it out more.

Tire them out

A good time to be affectionate with your Goldendoodle is after you’ve tired them out with exercise or play. It’s also a great strategy to try to cuddle with your Goldendoodle after exercise because they’ll most likely sleep, and you can encourage them to nap next to you.

Keep them calm

It’s important to only attempt to cuddle your Goldendoodle when it’s calm and relaxed because it’ll feel restrained otherwise, and this might cause frustration and push you further from your goal of getting a cuddle.

Practice makes perfect

Make daily attempts to cuddle or pet your Goldendoodle, rewarding them every time. This will help them get used to being touched and help them begin to like it.

Set some time aside each day to bond with your Goldendoodle, and take your time getting them used to being cuddled. Make sure that you’re both comfortable, and take your time to lavish them with attention.


Make the most of the moment if an opportunity presents itself for you to pet or cuddle with Goldendoodle. If it’s sitting next to you, reach over and give it a rub or a pet on the head but don’t push it! Read its body language and go from there; forcing any cuddles will only push the dog away.

If at any point your dog comes to give you a cuddle or a snuggle, indulge it and give it some affection! This will only help you when you are looking to cuddle the next time.

Signs Your Goldendoodle Doesn’t Want To Be Petted

While you’re training your Goldendoodle to be more affectionate, it’s important that you keep a constant eye on their body language. Continuing to put your dog in a situation where they feel uncomfortable or threatened can have very negative results; like a dog bite.

  1. Posture: If your dog’s body seems to be tense, then they’re probably uncomfortable with the situation. They may also have their tail tucked between their legs, or they may seem to be avoiding your gaze. This isn’t necessarily a sign to stop completely, but it would be a good idea to pull back a little and see if you can make the situation more comfortable for the dog.
  2. Yawning: If your dog is continuously yawning, licking its lips or licking its paws, it might be communicating to you that it feels uncomfortable with the situation. While your dog isn’t aggressive at that moment, it will definitely be feeling frustrated.
  3. Growling: This is the most obvious and dangerous sign that your dog is feeling extremely uncomfortable. If your dog’s body is tense, its ears pulled back, and it’s growling at you with a direct gaze, you’ve gone too far and need to stop immediately. In this situation, the dog may choose to lash out and bite.

It’s important to make sure you’re aware of these warning signs and keep an eye out for them so that you can avoid a situation where anyone gets hurt.


Will my Goldendoodle puppy ever like being petted?

It’s hard to say, but older dogs do tend to enjoy being petted more than younger dogs. Patience is the name of the game! Take your time and use the tips; hopefully, your Goldendoodle puppy will come around and enjoy being hugged and petted.

How can I bond with my Goldendoodle?

You can still bond with your Goldendoodle, even if it isn’t the biggest fan of being petted. The best way to bond, in this situation, is to engage with your Goldendoodle more. Play with it and give it lots of attention; this is a very active breed, so any active time they can get with you will grow your bond.

Final Thoughts

While most Goldendoodles love affection of any kind, there’s no guarantee that your own dog will be the same! It all depends on your dog’s personality, but there are things you can do to encourage your Goldendoodle to enjoy a good cuddle with you. As long as you’re patient and consistent, you should find that this Golden Retriever-Poodle mix responds well to being petted.

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