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Do Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

Do Goldendoodles Bark A Lot?

All dogs bark. It is completely natural and something you should expect when investing in a new puppy. No dog is perfect, and you will never end up with a completely silent pup (what’s the fun in that?). When it comes to Goldendoodle barking, there is no set standard. Some Goldendoodles bark all the time, while others only bark every now and then.

So, are Goldendoodles barkers? Truthfully, it depends on the dog, and we can’t give you an exact answer as every pup is unique. But Goldendoodles bark for all sorts of reasons. It is how they express themselves…however, if it is excessive, you may have a problem.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Goldendoodle barking, how to control it, and more. We are your Goldendoodle Gurus – here to help you with everything Doodle!


Why Goldendoodles Bark

Goldendoodles bark for various reasons. Some may be obvious barking triggers, while others are not so obvious. All of the following are normal reasons for barking. However, if you find that your pup is showing signs of excessive barking for any of the following, it is a behavioral issue that needs to be corrected.

Here are some of the main reasons why Doodles bark:

To communicate needs

Most dogs, if not all, bark if they want or need something. It’s simply how dogs communicate with pet owners (and other dogs). There’s no water in their bowl? They’ll bark. Feeling hungry? They’ll bark.

In this case, your Goldendoodle is barking to get your attention so that its needs can be met. Goldendoodles bark if they need the toilet, want to run outside, go to the dog park, or feel too hot or cold.

As you bond with your pup and get to know them better, you will begin to understand what their barks mean. And by meeting their needs before they become desperate, they’ll bark less!

Separation anxiety or fear

Goldendoodles are one of the most social dog breeds. They love being around their humans and other dogs, so they are prone to feeling separation anxiety when they are left on their own. If they often feel separation anxiety, it can start having a negative impact on their mental health and their behavior.

Other than barking excessively, your Goldendoodle may also start biting its paws or aggressively chewing things when feeling separation anxiety. This behavior can be fixed through training, socialization and by giving your dog plenty of attention.

It’s not a good idea to get a Goldendoodle puppy if you know that you are away from your home most of the time. As they get older, they can be left alone for a few hours at a time, but they much prefer human company to being left at home alone all day.

Goldendoodle barking can also be caused by fear. If they feel threatened or afraid, they may start barking to ward off the danger. Various things could trigger fear, such as noisy children, motorbikes, strange/uncertain situations, fireworks, garbage trucks, loud noises, or anything unfamiliar.

To alert owners to something

Dogs have the tendency to be territorial and take on the role of a guard dog. If your dog senses danger or sees something or someone coming, it will bark to alert you. This doesn’t always need to be something bad. They may start barking if they see the neighbor coming over to the front door or when the mailman arrives.

Alert barking is normal, and all dogs do it. It is a natural response when they see something coming their way.

When playing

Goldendoodles love being active and playing. They find this really fun and will start barking to express themselves and show you how happy they feel! Most dogs also bark when playing with another doggo to communicate with each other.

Your Goldendoodle is simply having fun and wants everyone to know it!


Just like humans yell or jump up and down when they feel excited, dogs will start barking. Goldendoodles feel excited for all sorts of reasons. It may be because they are getting a treat, they are going for walkies, seeing their friends, or they know that they are going to the dog park.

Your Goldendoodle will likely bark when you walk through the front door because they are excited to see you. Goldendoodles can’t talk like we can, so they use their bark to let us know how they feel. And who wouldn’t want to come home to an excited fur baby every day?!

For attention

Another reason a Doodle barks is for attention. This breed loves attention and wants someone to play with and cuddle them and show them love – a lot! Your Goldendoodle knows that its bark will grab your attention. This can get annoying at times, but sometimes they are trying to get your attention for a good reason.

Sometimes your dog barks to get your attention because it needs to go outside for the toilet, you haven’t fed it yet, or they are in pain. You will eventually understand your dog’s different barks and be able to make out what they want from you over time.

You may also be wondering, are Goldendoodles affectionate? And they certainly are. This breed thrives on love and affection, so it will certainly bark for your attention if you do not give it to them.

Lack of stimulation

You may notice your Goldendoodle barking when it feels bored. If your dog hasn’t gone for a walk in a while, has spent most of the day indoors, or hasn’t seen any humans or other dogs, they will become bored and start barking due to frustration and lack of stimulation.

Goldendoodles are a clever breed, and they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation every day, so they will start barking if their needs are not being met. If you find your Goldendoodle barking excessively, sometimes a walk or run can do the trick.

Your Goldendoodle needs at least two hours of physical exercise per day. If you do so and keep them happy, then you won’t deal with a grumpy little barker!

Pain or distress

If your Goldendoodle is feeling sick or is hurt, it will start barking to grab your attention so that you can help. Other dogs do this, too. As soon as something is wrong, they will begin to bark. However, this barking might also come with other signs like limping, howling, excessive licking on a certain body part, or more severe symptoms that come with pain or illness.

If your dog is barking in pain or distress, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet for a check-up so that you can see what is going on and get your pup the help it needs before matters get worse.


All dogs are territorial in some way, some more than others. Goldendoodles start barking as their first defense when they feel something, or someone intrudes on their space. They are territorial by nature and will show this when their territory feels threatened. Goldendoodles want to protect their humans and their space.

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and pick up on things very easily, and they bark the minute they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. If you notice excessive territorial barking, they likely feel like their security and safety are being compromised.


How To Stop Goldendoodle Barking

So now you know why your dog is barking, how can you put a stop to it? Read on and we’ll show you!

Determine the cause

The easiest way to stop your dog from barking is to find out what is making them bark and then either fulfill its need or remove the trigger. If your dog is hungry or thirsty, simply giving them some food or water will keep them quiet.

If your dog is barking because it is scared of the noise on TV, turning the TV off will do the trick. This is not always that easy, but sometimes the reason for their barking is obvious, and you can quickly get them to be quiet again.


Excessive barking can sometimes be stopped with a little bit of movement. It is so important that your Goldendoodle gets enough mental and physical exercise every day. We know that this is an active breed, so they thrive on moving their bodies and playing.

These dogs have tons of energy to burn off, and a solid walk a day is all it takes. But if they have no way to burn this energy, it can lead to negative behaviors. One of them being barking…

Before getting this breed, you need to understand that they need a few hours of physical activity per day. If you cannot give them that, this isn’t the breed for you. Otherwise, you can get a dog walker to help you out. But just make sure that your Doodle goes for a walk or run each day. This will save you some unnecessary barking – a tired dog is a quiet dog for the most part!

Alternatively, you can play a game of fetch with your dog or tug of war, anything that will tire your Doodle out!

Provide mental stimulation

This intelligent breed needs a lot of mental stimulation, and if they aren’t getting it, they will bark a lot due to boredom. So sometimes, playing with them, giving them a puzzle to do, or teaching them new tricks can get them to stop their barking.

This amazing breed loves learning new things, so consider teaching them a new game, how to put their toys away, or play a few nose games with them. This will fulfill their needs and make them happy, which means the barking stops and it keeps your dog entertained and happy.

Training & positive reinforcement

Training is the best and easiest way to control your dog’s barking as it teaches them what behaviors are acceptable and which ones aren’t. You can either train them at home or take them to a doggie training school – a professional dog trainer will be able to offer the best advice on stopping Goldendoodles barking.

With training comes positive reinforcement. You will need to praise your pup when they do something right. So positive reinforcement involves giving them rewards like treats and praise when they display desirable behaviors.

If your Goldendoodle is barking a lot, positive reinforcement training might be just what you need. You will also need to have a consistent command. So find a word that works for you and use it whenever you want your dog to stop barking. This could be anything like “stop,” “enough,” or “quiet now.”

And when your Doodle listens, give them praise and a delicious treat so that they know that they have done a good job and that this is the behavior you want from them. You should never reinforce their barking. Never praise them, treat them, or reward them when they bark, as this will show them that this behavior is good (the exact opposite of what you want).

Anti-bark collar

Sometimes you may need to invest in a bark collar, especially for the more stubborn pups. There are various bark collars on the market, and you can visit our homepage to find the perfect one for Goldendoodle.

Some pet parents don’t like the idea of a bark collar, but they can be very helpful if your Doodle barks a lot, as they will teach them that barking is not good and will eventually correct this behavior. You don’t have to get a shock collar for your Goldendoodle’s barking – some use vibrations to prevent barking instead.

Ambient sound

Sometimes ambient sound and a bit of stillness can help calm your Goldendoodle down and stop the barking, especially if your dog is barking due to stress or anxiety. You can simply create a quiet space and play some calming background music that will help create a more relaxed environment for your dog.

Keeping their brain occupied is a great way of getting them to stop their barking. Turning a fan on, some music or a white noise machine can help drown out the sounds from outside that could be triggering your Goldendoodle to bark excessively.

Ignore it

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Simply ignore their barking and do not give them a reaction. If they see that they aren’t getting the attention they want from you, they may stop barking, as it clearly isn’t working.

This does not always work, but it is worth a try!

It may even help if you leave the room and shut the door behind you. Your attention is their reward…so don’t give it to them. Creating a physical barrier between the two of you can help a lot. You can then reward your dog with a delicious treat once they have stopped barking.

Sight barriers

Excessive barking is annoying for everyone. Another thing you can do to try to stop your Goldendoodle from barking is to block their direct line of sight to whatever is making them bark. Of course, this is difficult if you do not know what is causing them to bark!

Goldendoodles are naturally friendly and playful dogs, but their territorial instincts will kick in when they feel they need to protect themselves and their humans. If your dog doesn’t stop barking at something that they see outside, it may be best to block the windows or the doors so that your dog can’t see it anymore.

Blocking your dog’s view can help calm them down a bit and ease the barking. Cutting their direct line of sight immediately removes the trigger of their constant barking.



What prevention methods should I avoid for my Goldendoodle’s barking?

Avoid physical punishment to minimize barking in your Goldendoodle. Not only is this cruel, but it also sends them the wrong message. Physical punishment will not get your dog to stop barking. It will only make them fear you and possibly lead to more excessive barking. You should also never shout at your Doodle. This will cause them a lot of emotional stress.

When will my Goldendoodle calm down?

It is also normal for dogs to bark more when they are puppies and in their younger years. But they do start to calm down a bit more and generally bark less when they reach around 12 to 18 months as they start going into adulthood.

Can crate training help with barking?

Yes, it can. Crate training can be effective if your dog barks due to stress, anxiety, or various stimulants. If your Goldendoodle barks every time it sees the postman arrive, crating him beforehand can be very effective.

Is the breed’s barking suitable for my living situation?

It all depends on the Goldendoodle you get. If you end up with a Doodle that barks a lot, then living in a small apartment building probably isn’t ideal. You get what you get with this breed, but they are not known to be crazy barkers.