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Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Goldendoodles always find a way to capture dog lovers’ hearts, which is most likely why you’re looking to get your hands on one!

With a sweet temperament, affectionate personality and adorable curly coat, the Goldendoodle dog is the perfect breed for families and first-time dog owners. Goldendoodles also make excellent service, therapy and guide dogs!

To help you find your next fur friend, here’s a list of 10 excellent and reputable Goldendoodle breeders across Northern America you can trust! All breeders in this list are registered under the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) and other well-respected breeding clubs.

You’ll also find tips on safely shopping for Goldendoodle puppies for sale online, as well as a list of the different types of Goldendoodle puppies you can choose from! Check out our homepage for more advice on caring for and choosing the perfect pup to add to your family. 

1. Grace Goldens

Grace Goldens is a GANA-registered breeder that sells F1 and Multigen Goldendoodles, including medium, standard and mini Goldendoodle puppies.

This breeder’s Goldendoodle puppies are raised in a loving family environment among children to aid with the puppies’ socialization and transition from the breeder’s home to yours. Their Goldendoodles are bred from English Golden Retrievers because of their health, extremely laid-back temperaments, adorable teddy-bear heads and overall beauty.

Grace Goldens does not ship puppies out. However, if you don’t live near Birmingham, AL, these breeders can organize delivery and meet up to 2 hours away from Birmingham for collection.

Location, Birmingham, AL

Contact Details:
Dyvonia Bussey

Website: Grace Goldens

2. DJ’s Doodles

DJ’s Doodles is a GANA-registered blue ribbon breeder and mother-daughter duo based in Tonopah, AZ. As breeders, they strive to breed happy Goldendoodle puppies with a focus on optimal health and temperament.

All the breeder’s breeding dogs undergo various health tests, including embark genetics, OFA (hips, elbows, heart, and eyes) and PennHip to ensure they meet the breeding program standard.

All pups are raised in a loving family environment with their mother and are introduced to various learning exercises to improve their overall health, development and confidence. Moreover, the breeder conducts temperament evaluations on their Goldendoodle puppies to ensure they’re the perfect match for certain families.

Location: Tonopah, AZ

Contact Details:
Doris Geith & Melissa Aguirre

Website: DJ’s Doodles

3. Honey Suckle Creek Goldendoodles

Honey Suckle Creek Goldendoodles is a GANA member and Good Dog-recognized breeder. They select their breeding dogs for their excellent temperament and quality

All breeding dogs are selected for their excellent temperament and undergo extensive health testing to breed the healthiest Goldendoodle puppies. When they raise their Goldendoodle puppies, they introduce them to Puppy Culture protocols and socialization with children.

All pups come vaccinated, microchipped and with a personalized bag full of goodies.

Location: Jonesboro, AR

Contact Details:
Cindy Boling

Website: Honey Suckle Creek Goldendoodles

4. Golden Liberty Doodles

Golden Liberty Doodles is a GANA-registered breeder recognized and praised as the #1 Best Goldendoodle Breeder in California and the#4 Best Mini Goldendoodle Breeder in the US.

With so many accolades to their name, Golden Liberty Doodles is a well-respected and trusted breeder that strives to breed and raise their Goldendoodle puppies with love and optimal health. All their breeding dogs undergo extensive genetic/DNA, coat and OFA testing.

All pups are introduced to Puppy Culture protocols and are given an enriching experience by the breeder before settling them into their forever homes.

All pups come with their GANA paperwork, first veterinarian exam, medical records, microchip and 30 days of pet insurance provided by Pet First Healthcare.

Location: El Cajon, CA

Contact Details:
Casey Ramos

Website: Golden Liberty Doodles

5. Red Rocks Goldendoodles

Red Rocks Goldendoodles is a GANA-registered breeder specializing in companion and therapy dogs. They breed small red and apricot Goldendoodles from a good-natured Goldendoodle line in a loving family environment.

All their pups are introduced and well-socialized with various ages, experiences, challenges and environments before settling in their new home. The puppies also receive regular training from four weeks on to become very responsive to training.

This breeder also provides an in-depth “How we raise our pups” program on their website so you can see how your potential new Goldendoodle puppy is cared for! You can also check out their Facebook page for regular updates.

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO

Contact Details:
Heidi Shepard

Website: Red Rocks Goldendoodles

6. Willow Grace Doodles

Willow Grace Doodles is a small, home-based breeder registered with GANA and certified with Good Dog.

All Goldendoodle puppies are raised and socialized with people and other dogs regularly within the breeder’s home. They also receive routine vet care, grooming and training before settling in their forever homes.

All breeding dogs undergo extensive health testing to ensure all pups are bred healthy. Willow Grace Doodles also provides a health warranty with each purchase.

Location: Ellington, CT

Contact Details:
Ashley Lanz

Website: Willow Grace Doodles

7. Smart Doodle Puppies

Smart Doodle Puppies is a reputable GANA-registered breeder, certified Badass Breeder Evaluator and member of Good Dog. All Goldendoodle puppies are raised within the breeder’s home, where they are given plenty of love and special attention.

As a blue ribbon breeder, their breeding programs are to the highest quality standard. Moreover, all puppies undergo a temperament test so that the breeder can help identify the best Goldendoodle puppy for you, your needs and your home environment.

You can find plenty of information on how the pups are raised on the breeder’s website, as well as a list of recommended products to ensure you’re well-prepared for raising your new puppy!

Location: Alva, FL

Contact Details:
Patricia Wallace

Website: Smart Doodle Puppies

8. Kaos Farm Goldendoodles

Kaos Farm Goldendoodles is a mother-daughter(s) trio that’s been breeding healthy, gorgeous Goldendoodles with great temperaments since 2003. They are a registered GANA breeder that specializes in breeding the mini Goldendoodle.

All Goldendoodle puppies are raised on a massive 65-acre property with the breeder’s family, amongst various other farm animals. The pups are also raised using Puppy Culture protocols to ensure the puppies are confident and trained before entering their new homes.

The breeder uses carefully picked parent dogs to produce the best puppy possible in terms of health, temperament and looks.

Location: Reidsville, NC

Contact Details:
Christian Dyson

Website: Kaos Farm Goldendoodles

9. River Falls Goldendoodles

River Falls Goldendoodles are passionate dog breeders, owners, and professional groomers and trainers with extensive experience in this hybrid breed. They specialize in training Goldendoodles that are not only great companions but also therapy and service dogs.

All Goldendoodle puppies are raised in a loving family environment and receive individual attention and stimulation needed for quality adolescent development.

In addition, the breeder also focuses on breeding a dog with hypoallergenic qualities, an easy-going temperament (great with children) and excellent trainability. Moreover, this breeder can fly out a puppy accompanied by a flight nanny to numerous states and cities.

Location: Mount Airy, GA

Contact Details:
Neelie Whitmire-Smith

Website: River Falls Goldendoodles

10. Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles

Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles is a family-owned breeder based in South Carolina that breeds, socializes and trains Goldendoodle puppies in their home. They are registered members of GANA and Good Dog.

These breeders maintain constant contact with the buyer and send updates throughout the puppies’ lifespan before they enter their new forever home. The puppies’ parents are thoroughly health tested and selected from the best quality standard.

All Goldendoodle puppies for sale are raised with Puppy Culture protocols, including potty and crate training. Pups also come vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and lifetime breeder support.

Location: Hopkins, SC

Contact Details: Cindy & Glenn Niske

Website: Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles

Tips for Shopping for Goldendoodle Puppies Online

When shopping for Goldendoodle puppies online, responsible and reputable breeders are your best source. Snatching up these adorable mixed-breed dogs as quickly as possible can be hard to resist, but you should never rush the process!

Given this hybrid breed’s popularity, there are many puppy mills and backyard breeders who take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

So to help you secure the right breeder, here are some tips you should follow to ensure you’re safely shopping for your future Goldendoodle pooch online.

  • Research: It’s essential to thoroughly review a breeder who has Goldendoodle puppies for sale. The Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) or any recognized breed club is an excellent place to start.
  • Always double-check a breeder: Ensure the breeder you’ve found specifically breeds Goldendoodle puppies and check their breeder identification number. Moreover, it’s important to visit the breeder before purchasing your Goldendoodle.
  • Worth the wait: You will most likely have to apply and be placed on a waitlist if you purchase from a highly reputable Goldendoodle breedeR. Understand that this dog breed is worth the wait. You will probably not find a good, reputable breeder with a Goldendoodle puppy ready to take home tomorrow!

Once you’ve found your dream pup, don’t forget to check out our Goldendoodle puppy checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the latest addition to your family. 

Different Types of Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

You have multiple options to choose from when it comes to this dog breed. Here’s a simple guide to all the breeder lingo you’ll find when shopping for Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

  • First-generation Goldendoodles (F1) = Purebred Golden Retriever + Purebred Poodle Parents
  • F1B Goldendoodles = Standard Poodle + F1 Goldendoodle Parents
  • F2 Goldendoodles = F1 Goldendoodle + F1 Goldendoodle Parents or F2 Goldendoodle + Poodle Parents
  • F2B Goldendoodles = F1 Goldendoodle + F1B Goldendoodle Parents or F2 Goldendoodle + Poodle Parents