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How Much Does a Mini Goldendoodle Cost?

How Much Does a Mini Goldendoodle Cost?

If you’re a dog lover, you have definitely heard of the Mini Goldendoodle. But have you ever wondered how much a fluffy fun-loving Mini Goldendoodle costs?

We’re here to answer that question and give you the lowdown on the average cost of owning this breed over its lifetime.

So get your bank card ready as we dive into the cost of the Mini Doodle!


How Much Does a Mini Goldendoodle Cost to Buy?

There are so many things to consider when looking at the price of one of these golden marvels, and we’ll get into all of them shortly. 

The prices vary quite a bit (we’ll explain why next), but you can expect to pay between $500-5,000 to buy your dog. This depends on whether you buy a purebred pup from a breeder or choose to adopt. 

Buying a Mini pupper from a reputable breeder will set you back around $3000-5000 (compared to around $2,000 for a Standard Goldendoodle puppy).


What Affects the Price of a Miniature Goldendoodle?

Don’t be fooled by low prices – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Here’s what affects the price of these dogs, but remember – they’re always going to be pricey if they come from a quality breeder.


If you’ve ever bought a dog from a breeder, you’ll know that females cost more than their male companions. 

There is no other reason for this other than the fact that females could potentially produce puppies. 

Coat Type and Color

The Goldendoodle has one of the most unique coats in the world. They come in various types, including more of a curl like the Poodle or more fluffy like the Golden Retriever. 

Generally, when it comes to the Goldendoodle, owners are looking for the Poodle coat from the parent dogs because they tend to be more hypoallergenic. 

There are also over ten color variations. White, gold, and brown are more commonly seen in the Goldendoodle. But other rare color combinations include the Tuxedo Goldendoodle and Parti Goldendoodle. 

If you want a specific coat type or color, expect to spend more to find the right fit. 


Believe it or not, location doesn’t just affect property price, but a whole load of other things, including the puppy prices!

Since living in rural areas costs less than in the city, a breeder may not have to charge such a high premium. 

The breeder may also have paid less for the stud than a breeder in the city would. 


The size of your new pup is one of the most significant deciding factors as to whether you’ll pay $1000 or $5,000. 

Any mini breed, including toy and teacup Goldendoodles, tends to come with a higher price tag than the standard size.

This comes down to mini breeds being much more challenging to breed than a standard Goldendoodle. 

However, the smaller the dog, the more likely they are to have health issues, so something to think about if you’ve already spent a good penny on getting your pupper to begin with!

Breeder Reputation

Finding a good and trustworthy Goldendoodle breeder is like finding a nail in a haystack. But once you do, you can be sure you’ll pay a premium for miniature Goldendoodles. 

In the long run, it is better to find a breeder that you know looks after its doggos because otherwise, you could be stuck paying double what you did on your new dog in vet bills. 

You need to watch out for puppy mills as they often parade themselves as a good breeder, but unfortunately, these dogs are mistreated and left in cages until they’re bought. It is a breeding ground for disease and bacteria. But we’ll get into this more soon. 

A responsible breeder believes in quality over quantity to give pups a stable and loving home for years to come. 


What Is Included in the Price of a Miniature Goldendoodle?

This depends on how you get your puppy. 

A reputable breeder usually includes the first round of shots, deworming, some food to get you going, a microchip, and possibly a date for spaying/neutering your new doggo. 

A breeder is also likely to include a healthcare guarantee in the price should something go wrong within the first few months. 

If you adopt an older doggo, they will have all their vaccines and already be spayed/neutered. Most often, dogs from puppy mills don’t have any of this in place and are also more likely to get sick and cost you a fortune at the vet (or worse, need to be euthanized if their condition is too bad). So, it’s best to spend more on a healthy pup in the first place.


Making Your Mini Doodle More Affordable

Although it can be expensive to buy and take care of a designer dog like a Goldendoodle puppy, you can make being a Doodle parent a little bit more affordable.

  • Keep your dog healthy. Keeping your dog healthy will mean less veterinary costs further down the line. Invest in high-quality dog food that will keep them strong and healthy. Also, by choosing reputable breeders, you can be confident your dog hasn’t come from a puppy mill and, therefore, won’t be as likely to become sick as a result of neglect or bad breeding.

  • Home grooming. It’s important to keep a long-haired dog well-groomed. You can lower the Goldendoodle cost by learning how to cut your dog’s hair by yourself. Potentially, you could save hundreds of dollars each year.

  • Keep an eye out for deals. Pet stores and facilities often provide loyalty coupons and discounts on food, grooming, and veterinary services. Also, try to buy in bulk if you see any offers worth pursuing on your dog’s favorite food.


Alternatives to Buying – Adopting a Mini Doodle

Adopting a dog is one of the best things dog lovers can do; it gives a pup a second chance at life. 

While finding a Goldendoodle puppy up for adoption at local shelters is rare, it’s not unheard of. But they do generally get swept up much more quickly than other dog breeds. 

Adoption fees are between $200-$400; this covers the basic medical costs like spaying or neutering, flea treatments, and deworming. 

If you do decide to adopt, you’re likely to get an older mixed breed that might need some time to get to know you, but you’ll fall in love all the same. 

Small Goldendoodle puppies may be adorable, but they don’t stay that way forever. So, adoption is a wonderful choice, not just for the pup but for your wallet too. 


The Maintainance Costs of Mini Goldendoodles

The costs don’t end after you’ve forked out thousands to buy your new fur baby. Here’s what you can expect to pay for the pleasure of looking after your pup – every year!

Beds and Crates

When Goldendoodle puppies first come home, they will need a designated space to sleep, especially for the first few nights (they might decide your bed is better after that!).

Dog beds range in price, but you can spend anywhere from $40-$200

We recommend getting a sturdy and comfortable bed in which your new addition will feel comfortable. Remember, this is a new experience for them too. Since Goldendoodles can develop hip dysplasia (thanks to their Golden Retriever lineage), an orthopedic bed might come in handy. 

Crate training is a must, regardless of whether you plan to raise your dog indoors or not. A pup always needs a safe space, and a crate provides comfort. A large enough crate can cost between $50-$400, depending on the amenities. 


Caring for a dog can cost a serious bit of money if you want to give them the proper care. This includes regular licensed veterinarian visits, ongoing vaccines and tick and flea treatments, and spaying/neutering if you don’t want an unexpected litter of your own.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • Vet visit: $100-$200 each.

  • Tick and flea treatment: $20-$50 per month.

  • Vaccines: $115-$250 a year.

  • Spaying/neutering: $50-$500 (one-off).

  • Insurance: $25-$50 per month.

  • Unexpected vet costs: $1,500 -$5,000 (broken bones).

  • Medical conditions: $250 – $5,000 (unexpected cardiac event and ongoing treatment).

  • Unexpected trauma: $2,000 – $10,000 (surgery, scans, and care).

It’s easy to make the choice to get a beautiful Goldendoodle puppy. What isn’t easy is being left with the decision to help your animal or let them go because you don’t have the funds.

While it’s never nice to think about, dogs get into accidents and they get sick. It’s a part of life. If there’s an emergency treatment that could save your Golden beauty you want to give them every chance they have at a normal life.

That means planning ahead and investing in good pet insurance, so you’re never left in a bad position as an owner.


This varies a lot based on the type of food you choose, but you can expect to spend between $250-$600 a year on good-quality puppy food and snacks. 


Training can be super beneficial for all dog breeds. We highly recommend some sort of class, whether it’s three weeks or eight, but anything is worthwhile. 

Some classes run for around $50 for three weeks and can go up to over $100 for eight weeks, but usually, setting aside $150 should cover all your bases. 


The Goldendoodle requires quite a lot of grooming! The thick coat from a Golden Retriever and curls from Poodle genetics means you must brush and detangle the dog’s fur every few days. 

A good option is taking your dog to the groomer every 6-8 weeks for a trim. Depending on your location, grooming costs between $40-$80

So on top of the initial Goldendoodle cost, you’ll need to budget around $340-$680 a year for the groomers, excluding any additional tools for the home. 

Other supplies

The Goldendoodle cost goes up quite a bit when you start considering everything they need in day-to-day life.

  • Leash: $10-$100.

  • Collar: $6-$60.

  • Toys: $6-$25.

  • Puppy pads: $7-$30 (per month).

It’s difficult to give exact amounts for these items. Remember, that cute little Golden floof is going to grow, so you’ll need to replace collars and leashes at least once.

The same goes for toys. If your pup is in the teething stage it will go through toys like nobody’s business. It’s something to keep in mind.

One brilliant solution is signing up for a toy subscription like BarkBox. Your Golden bestie will get treats and toys every month, keeping those teething chompers off your furniture!

Pet sitting, walking, and kennels

Now, when you get your sweet pup, there is no doubt that you have every intention of exercising them daily. However, life has a way of sneaking up on us.

If the weather’s bad or you have an endless schedule of meetings, your dog shouldn’t have to suffer. The good news? Dog walkers are available to take the stress off you while keeping your doggo fit and healthy.

A 30-minute walk session will usually set you back between $20-$30.

But what do you do if you’re going away?

You may opt for a kennel service which is around $30-$50 a night. The price varies quite a lot depending on the type of facility you’re looking for.

A better option is a pet sitter. Your pup can stay in the comfort of its own home while getting all the love and attention they need to curb the cold hard stab of separation. Seriously, dogs can be very dramatic!

A 30-minute house call will cost between $25-$35. So, if you’re looking for a 30-minute session twice a day you can expect to pay at least $50 per day.

The great thing about pet sitting is that you can often ask them to do other small tasks like watering your garden and collecting your mail. But just remember, their main focus is your doggo.



How much money is a mini Goldendoodle?

There are many factors influencing the price, but mini and teacup Doodles generally cost between $3,000-5,000.

Are mini Goldendoodles more expensive than standard Goldendoodles?

Yes, any miniature breed is more expensive than a standard because they are more difficult to breed and the Goldendoodle is no exception.

How much are F1 Mini Goldendoodles?

Expect to pay anything up to $4,000 for an F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppy.


The Total Costs of Owning a Mini Goldendoodle

This breed is super popular because of its fantastic temperament, beautiful coat, and hypoallergenic nature of some coats. Since the demand is so high, the cost is also relatively high, varying between $3,000-$5,000 just to buy the puppy from reputable breeders.

There are a lot of costs involved when adding a new fur bestie to the mix, so you need to budget accordingly. Mini Goldendoodles are pretty high maintenance, particularly in the grooming department.

On top of the $5000 you might pay to buy the puppy, expect to pay around $1,407-$3,465 per year to give it a good quality of life. The cost includes beds, crates, tick and flea, vaccines, insurance, food, training, grooming, leashes, collars, and toys. Don’t forget about unforeseen expenses like emergency medical care.

But we don’t doubt that you’ll love your new pup, and with love like that, price is no object!