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How Often Should I Bathe My Goldendoodle Puppy?

How Often Should I Bathe My Goldendoodle Puppy?

Your new Goldendoodle puppy is a cute, furry ball of wonder. As you bond excitedly with your new best friend it is normal to wonder about the responsibilities you have taken on. There are a bunch of questions you may be asking yourself. One very important question is how often you should bathe the puppy.

Bathing your Goldendoodle too often can leave it feeling irritated due to dry skin issues. While not washing it often enough will cause an unhealthy buildup of dirt and possibly parasites. Luckily, the team at has essential pointers and advice to share about bathing your puppy. Dive in to learn more!


How Often Should You Bathe A Goldendoodle Puppy?

A Goldendoodle puppy should ideally be bathed once a month unless it is very dirty or foul-smelling. Bathing your Goldendoodle puppy too often can cause dryness, irritation and other skin problems. It can also dry out and deplete the dog’s gorgeous coat – the one that Goldendoodles are so famous for!

Pups that are mostly confined indoors can go longer without a bath. Some Goldendoodles acquire more of the Poodle coat than the Golden Retriever coat and these dogs typically also require less frequent washing.


At What Age Should I Give My Puppy Its First Bath?

Remember, your new pup has only recently come from its mother and a litter. It needs time to adjust to your home and, in particular, new scents. If you drop your puppy into a foamy bath soon after arriving home, it can cause confusion, anxiety, and even trauma. You should allow your new pet a few weeks to settle in to its new surroundings.

Puppies also have difficulty self-regulating their body temperature. If you bathe them when they are too young, they may develop respiratory problems. Water may also enter the lungs of young puppies, leading to more serious complications.

For this reason, it is recommended that the puppy is at least eight weeks old before it receives its first bath.


How Do I Introduce My Puppy To Bathing?

Goldendoodles are water dogs and are usually happy swimmers. But this doesn’t guarantee your new Groodle will love a bath! It’s important to condition your pup to accept (and hopefully even enjoy!) this activity.

This process is all about teaching and reinforcing good behavior from an early age. Select a spot to be your regular bathing location. You may need both an indoor and outdoor spot depending on weather extremes in your area. You definitely don’t want your new bestie catching a nasty chill after a warm bath!

Aim to teach your Groodle a command that signals bath time. If the puppy reports dutifully to the tub itself, a lot of potential stress is avoided. Reinforce good behavior consistently with verbal praise. The odd treat is also a great motivator and reinforcer for food-oriented Doodles!


Items You Will Need To Bathe Your Goldendoodle

Once you’ve chosen a bathing spot for your Doodle, you’ll need to gather up all the right supplies:


You are probably going to bathe your Doodle in a washing tub, baby tub, or regular bathtub. Bring water to the tub with a bucket or shower hose extension or from the warm tap.

How to choose a shampoo

You will need a shampoo that can penetrate your Goldendoodle’s thick coat. But you want a product that is not going to strip your dog’s skin and hair of natural oils. Dry skin triggers scratching and irritation. Look for gentle cleansers free of chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. A pH balance of around 7 is recommended as a guideline.

You can get shampoos designed specifically for Goldendoodles that will care for its coat perfectly.

Other key items

  • Slip-proof mat
  • Rinsing bowl
  • Slicker brush/ grooming comb and scissors
  • Washcloth or sponge
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer

How To Bathe Your Goldendoodle Puppy

It’s time to take the plunge and transform your slightly grubby mutt into a pristine little prince or princess. Think of this time together as a great bonding opportunity. You can incorporate some splash and play into the mix, provided you keep the task on track!

Gather all your necessary tools together – ensure everything is close at hand. The last thing you want to do is dash off looking for something, leaving your puppy abandoned, confused, and possibly tempted to abscond into mischief. Follow the steps below to enjoy a perfect bathing experience.

Brushing to remove tangles

Start with some light grooming. Brushing your pet’s coat before bathing removes excess dirt and debris. It also makes it easier to give them an all-over shampoo. It’s healthy to introduce the dog to the tools you’ll be using, so allow them to sniff and play with the slicker brush or grooming comb before proceeding.

Brush gently to clear tangles and loose hair. Use scissors or clippers to snip through any knots in their curly coat. Brushing is an important part of the overall grooming process, so get them comfortable with this treatment.

Introducing water and ensuring the puppy is comfortable

We know warm water cleans better than cold. But it’s super important that the bath water is not too hot for your puppy’s sensitive skin. So, feel the water. If it feels warm to your touch, leave it to cool for a moment. Lukewarm rather than overly warm is a safe rule of thumb.

Gently place your puppy into the water. The little one’s first experience in the tub is bound to be nervy. If the youngster slips on the tub’s surface, this only adds to the nerves. Use a slip-proof mat, or place a towel on the tub’s bottom to steady uncertain paws.

Be calm and patient as you allow them space to acclimatize. Provide praise and encouragement as they adjust. The key is to train your puppy to view bath time as a positive experience.

Shampooing your Goldendoodle puppy

This is a neat time to reward the pooch with a chewy treat. When it is settled, proceed to wet the Doodle gradually; there is no need to rush this process.

Once the coat is completely wet, massage the shampoo easily into the fur while avoiding the eyes, mouth, and ears. Lather systematically; it’s good to begin at the head and work down the body. Imagine you are treating your Groodle to a wonderful doggy massage!

Rinsing thoroughly

After shampooing, rinse thoroughly, using the rinsing bowl or shower hose. Leftover shampoo on the skin and body causes irritation and dryness which can drive the poor mutt bananas. To prevent this, be sure to remove all soapy residue evenly and systematically. Don’t be shy to rinse up to three times, or more if necessary.

Drying the puppy

Wipe down your Goldendoodle with a towel and allow it to shake off excess water (you might get a bath now too!). Clean and dry the ears carefully, both inside and out, to avoid discomfort and more serious complications.

You can now wrap your fragrantly fresh cutie in a bundle of towels. Or you can haul out the hairdryer. Your Goldendoodle may be skittish around the hairdryer at first, so ease them into the encounter. Use a low heat and speed setting when you blow dry.

Hold the dryer a short distance from the dog’s body and dry evenly, being careful not to concentrate the heat too long on any one spot. It is advisable to familiarize your dog with the hairdryer because it is usually part of a professional grooming service.

Brushing and combing out your Goldendoodle’s coat

End the happy session by gently combing your pal’s sleek new coat to rid it of loose hair, clumps, or tangles. Both you and your puppy probably deserve a treat at this stage.


Safety Tips When Bathing a Doodle Puppy

Experienced Goldendoodle owners who have mastered bathing time will tell you – my Goldendoodle puppy is so calm. So, your Doodle’s bath can be a doddle. However, there are a few safety tips to follow to achieve this winning outcome…

Protect puppy’s eyes

Always avoid getting soap in a Goldendoodle’s eyes when cleaning their face. One way to do this is to limit sudsy lather on this part of the face. Use a damp cloth or wipes to help clean the area around the eyes.

Some people use a small applicator bottle together with a shampoo brush to apply the liquid carefully around the eyes and nose. If shampoo enters an eye, you will need to clean the face thoroughly before rinsing the eye out with cold water.

Protect the ears

Your dog’s ears are extremely sensitive, and their shape tends to trap moisture pretty easily. A waterlogged or gummed ear canal can trigger discomfort, ear infections, and other problems.

Keep a dry washcloth handy to wipe away excess water around the area. When rinsing, you should tilt the dog’s head accordingly to avoid water flowing directly into the ear. Cotton can be used to protect the canal. Some petroleum jelly on the cotton ball adds extra protection.

Examine your puppy’s sensitive skin

It’s recommended that you use bath time to give your puppy’s body a good check. Examine for ear infections, eye irritations, and also check for skin irritations or strange growths. Keep an eye out for fleas and ticks. Consult a vet should you be worried about anything, or if the dog is clearly troubled by a condition.

Be careful with scissors close to your Goldendoodle’s skin

You may need to dig into the dog’s undercoat to cut a stubborn tangle. Be very careful not to nick their skin with the scissors. Blunt-ended or ballpoint scissors are the safest option for this procedure.

Don’t use human cleansers on your Goldendoodle (or any pooch)

Lastly, please never use human shampoo on your dog. Your dog’s hair, skin, pH levels, and sensitivities are very different from ours. Using human shampoo on your dog may cause much misery due to the harsh difference in chemical makeup.



Should I use conditioner on my puppy?

Conditioner will surely add shine to your dog’s coat. However, it is best not to expose a new puppy to conditioner too early. Once you know your Doodle has settled into a bathing routine and is enjoying its shampoo, by all means add a balanced-matching conditioner to the program.

Can I bathe my Goldendoodle puppy more than once a month?

Once a month is a good guideline, not an absolute prescript. If your puppy is a mud-tramping outdoors rascal and reacts well to a mild shampoo, it’s okay to lather up more regularly. Your Groodle may have a health condition that necessitates fewer baths, or he may suffer an unpleasantness like diarrhea that calls for a more immediate clean.

What if my Goldendoodle is allergic to shampoo?

Unfortunately, some dogs present an allergic reaction to dog shampoo. There are plenty of hypoallergenic, vet-endorsed, fragrance-free options on the market.