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The Complete Guide On Trimming Your Goldendoodle’s Face

The Complete Guide On Trimming Your Goldendoodle’s Face

The hair on your Goldendoodle’s face tends to grow quickly, and it won’t be long before your pup walks around looking like a little dust bunny. You may also find that your dog is running into things because it can’t see through that mop of hair on its face.

These are two telling signs that it’s time to give that cute, cuddly face a trim so that your fur-baby can see “clearly now the fur is gone.” Your dog’s face is supposed to have fluffy hair on it, but you need to maintain it to keep it neat and tidy.

Trimming your Goldendoodle’s face may seem daunting, but it’s easy. With good instructions and the proper tools, it will be a breeze. You’ll feel just like a professional groomer! (maybe a groomer in training at first…)

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to groom your Goldendoodle’s face, including tips, tools, and a helpful step-by-step process. It’s time to turn your Groodle into the beauty queen/king it was born to be!


When Should You Groom Your Goldendoodle’s Face?

How often and when you should groom your Goldendoodle’s face depends on its coat type. If your pup has a curly or wavy coat, you should groom your dog’s fur at least once a month to prevent knots and matting. If your pup has a straight coat, then every 1.5 months will do.

Regular facial grooming is essential, and you should also consider the environment your dog lives in. If your pup is always playing in the park and running through bushes, it may need to be groomed more often than a puppy who spends most of its time at home would.

You should also groom them more regularly during the shedding season to avoid having fur all over the place.

If your pup is starting to look like a Wookie or Tom Hanks from Castaway, give that poor thing a trim. You can trim your fur baby’s hair whenever you feel that it has gotten too long. It also depends on the season and time of year. If it’s winter time and very cold, your doggo will be quite happy having longer hair on its face due to the insulation.

On the other hand, your dog will want to lose some fluff during those hotter months. They will certainly want to be looking their best during the summer while making a regular appearance at the park!

So, when should you groom your dog’s face?

Whenever you feel it’s necessary. Take note of the seasons and ensure that your dog can comfortably eat, drink, and see!


Why Is Grooming So Important?

Your Goldendoodle is a big hairy ball of fuzz with loads of energy, and being a ball of fuzz means that your doggo will pick up bits and bobs of everything lying around the house. It gets even worse when they spend time outdoors – we are talking leaves, twigs, and dirt all over their furry face.

That thick coat of theirs is a dirt magnet, and stuff always tends to get stuck in it. If you do not regularly groom your Goldendoodle, all of these bits and bobs will start to form mats and knots in the fur on its face. These mats tend to get bigger and harder to remove the longer you leave them in.

Other than avoiding excessive matting, regular trimming also ensures that your Goldendoodle always looks its best. Trimming the hair on your dog’s face is important as it can start to cover your dog’s eyes and get very annoying for them.

This can impair its vision which leads to your dog walking into things. This may look quite funny, but it can also lead to some serious injuries.


The Tools You’ll Need To Groom Your Goldendoodle’s Face

Before starting, it may seem like grooming your Doodle will be quite a hefty task. However, there’s no need to worry; trimming your dog’s face is easy. The first thing you need to do, though, is get your hands on the right tools.

The following are some of the tools you will need to make the grooming process a breeze:

Steel Pet Comb: The comb is used to comb out any mattes and detangle their fur. You will also need it as a guide when trimming around your dog’s eyes, face, and ears. You should look at our Goldendoodle grooming chart to see how you can cut and style your Groodle’s hair. The comb shouldn’t be too sharp as it can scratch your dog’s skin.

Wire or Slicker Brush: A slicker or wire brush is essential. You can use it to remove debris and loose hair from your dog’s coat. It’s perfect for daily use as you can gently brush through your dog’s hair during the grooming process and keep them looking clean and tidy. Only use a good quality slicker brush for your dog’s coat.

Grooming Scissors: We recommend using blunt-ended or ballpoint scissors to avoid hurting your dog. Be sure to invest in high-quality grooming scissors as they last longer and make grooming much easier.

Thinning Shears: This tool is useful for blending their fur when you are done cutting it. Thinning shears will give your pup’s fur an organic, natural look. When trimming your dog’s face, it is best to use blunt-tipped thinning shears.

Pet Hair Clippers: Hair clippers are not essential but can make the process faster and easier. Be sure that you get some good quality clippers and give your pup time to get used to the sound. Be very comforting and gentle with your pup when using this tool.

Tear stain remover wipes: If you would prefer not to bathe your dog.


How To Trim A Goldendoodle’s Face: Step-By-Step

Now that you’ve got all of the tools you need and a scruffy-looking pup, you are ready to get your groom on! Set your grooming station up in a space where you can easily groom your dog, where they feel comfortable, and where cleaning up will be easy. We suggest making use of a drop cloth to minimize the mess.

If you’re a first-time Goldendoodle groomer, give yourself time to be gentle and slow. This is a learning curve for you; it takes time and practice. Trimming your dog’s face generally takes around an hour or so. It is also a great bonding opportunity for you and your fur baby.

The more you bond with your pup, the more comfortable they will become, which means they will cooperate, and grooming will be easy-peasy from here on out. If your Doodle is very playful or flighty, use a leash to control them and get a chew toy to grab their attention and distract them.

You will also need some treats to reward them for their good behavior. We are all about rewards and positive reinforcement here! Give your doggo a lot of love and patience, as grooming can be somewhat frightening for them.

Here is how to trim a Goldendoodle’s face:

Step 1: Wash your doggo

You can just jump right in when you trim your Goldendoodle’s face. However, giving them a nice warm bath is generally a good idea first to make them extra squeaky clean. If you don’t want to bathe them, make sure that you clean around your dog’s eyes first before doing anything else.

You need to remove accumulated gunk and tear stains. You can buy tear stain remover wipes or simply use warm water and a cloth. When you are finished bathing them and removing tear stains, gently dry their fur using a towel.

Step 2: Brush your dog’s hair

You will need to spend some time brushing through your dog’s fur. This can take some time, depending on how long their coat is. The hair around your dog’s ears and face can get pretty long.

First, comb out any debris and matted hair. Be sure to be thorough. You can also massage your fur baby while you are at it – a puppy pamper party!

Then use your wire brush or slicker brush to remove any loose hair and debris you couldn’t remove with the comb. This step is crucial. If you don’t get rid of the matted hair and tangles, your pup’s fur will look very uneven when you start cutting.

Step 3: Trim around your dog’s eyes

Soothe and comfort your Doodle before you start trimming the hair around their eyes. Let your dog examine and sniff the equipment first so that they can get used to them.

Now that your Goldendoodle and the safety scissors have become well acquainted, you can begin!

Gently hold your Groodle’s face in one hand to keep them still, then use your blunt-tipped grooming scissors and carefully trim the fur around their eyes. Cut at an angle on both sides of their muzzle (think of an upside-down V shape).

When you can fully see your dog’s eyes again, use the thinning shears and start blending their fur to give them that natural look. If you decide to use clippers, always angle the blades away from their eyes and cover them with your hand if your dog suddenly moves or jumps.

Step 4: Clip their bangs

When trimming a Goldendoodle’s face, you may want to get creative and give them a cute hairstyle, like some adorable bangs. Use a steel comb to gently comb the hair above your dog’s eyes. Then hold the fur between your fingers and gently cut across it.

If your pup is very energetic and doesn’t want to stay still, hold its muzzle with your hand and slowly cut the bangs using your other hand. Only use blunt-tip scissors and be mindful of their eyes.

Step 5: Trim their cheeks

Now that your Goldendoodle can see again, you can start trimming your dog’s cheeks. Use the comb and pull the hair on the bridge of their nose upwards so that it doesn’t lie flat. Use your blunt-end scissors and cut the hair around your dog’s mouth and nose. Make sure that the scissors are angled towards the bridge of the nose.

Carefully trim the hair around the muzzle until you are satisfied with the length. The end result should look like a triangle. If you use clippers, hold your pup’s face in one hand and use the clippers in the other. Slowly swipe down their cheeks on either side of their muzzle. Make sure to follow the contours of the muzzle.

Lastly, blend the fur using the thinning scissors to give your dog’s coat that freer and more natural look.

Step 6: Trim their beard

Now that you have given their muzzle some shape again, you can get to their beard. Grab your scissors and trim around the mouth, so the hair is about a quarter of an inch in length.

Use the steel comb to gently pull the hair down under their muzzle. Then use the clippers or blunt-ended scissors to trim that beard of theirs. Be sure to make the fur shorter around the top of their neck and mouth and then gradually blend and lengthen it into their neck.

Then use the thinning scissors to blend the hair around their muzzle into the beard. You want your Goldendoodle to be looking sharp and dapper!

Step 7: Trim around your dog’s ears

Now that you’ve done your Goldendoodle’s eyes and the rest of its face, you can move on to its ears. Use a comb to brush out the hair on the ears. Then grab the blunt-end scissors and carefully cut the excess hair around their ears so that everything is the same length. Use the shape of their ears as a guide and cut around them.

Do one ear at a time, and then pull both ears to their nose to check if they are the same length. Then finish it off with the thinning shears to neatly blend their hair.

Step 8: Trim the fur on your dog’s head

Some Goldendoodles have a lot of hair on top of their heads and can even look like Albert Einstein’s doppelganger. If this is the case, give that bad boy a trim!

It’s best to use pet hair clippers for this or to use scissors. Fluff up all the fur on the head using the steel comb. This will give your doggo a hip afro. Then use the clippers or scissors and trim the hair, starting in the middle and moving towards the ears. You can then use the thinning shears when happy with the length.

You can style the hair on top of your Doodle’s head any way you want. A lot of pet parents go for the standard flat cut, but you can experiment as much as you like and have some fun with it.

Step 9: Touch up and admire your work

Voila, you now know how to trim a Goldendoodle’s face!

Now that your Goldendoodle has a fresh new cut and look, stand back and admire the beautiful (and totally adorable) masterpiece you have created! You may also notice that some spots require more blending, so just do some final touch-ups.

Once you are satisfied with the overall look, brush your dog’s coat and get rid of any loose hair. Dogs love a good brushing, so give them a last brush as a reward.


Maintenance And Things To Consider

It’s a good idea to get a grooming kit, and once you start using it and getting used to it, grooming will be a breeze. Your pup will get comfortable with the grooming experience too.

If you don’t feel comfortable grooming your pup yet, you can take them to a professional groomer and get an idea of how the job is done.

You will need to maintain your dog’s coat, and we highly recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • Do not make your pup’s facial fur too short, as this can give it an uneven texture.
  • Be sure to only buy and use high-quality grooming tools and products if you want good results.
  • Your dog’s comfort must be a priority, so take breaks if needed and take your time so that your fur baby can calm down and get used to being groomed. It should be a slow and relaxing process.
  • If you are just starting, stick to a standard, simple trim until you know how to use all the tools properly.

Most pet parents take their Goldendoodle to a professional groomer the first few times. This helps with shaping their hairstyle and making the coat easier to manage. We recommend investing in a high-quality professional grooming kit so that you can easily and safely groom your pup at home.

Most people go for the famous teddy bear look, which is very popular. But you can style your pup’s coat in any way you wish. It helps to have a picture nearby for reference. When in doubt, cut off less. You can always trim some more off at a later date.

If you accidentally snip your dog’s skin (this can happen when you trim a Goldendoodle’s face), take them to the vet immediately. Remember that this article does not constitute pet medical advice, so always consult your vet first if you have any doubts or questions.

Your Goldendoodle will likely be quite sensitive and nervous at first, so give them lots of love, attention, and treats. Grooming must be a positive experience, so your dog looks forward to the next time.



When should a Goldendoodle get its first haircut?

You should trim a Goldendoodle’s face and give them a haircut when they reach about 5-7 months of age. By this time, they may have substantial hair growth, and a trim will be in order. You do need to wait for your dog’s adult coat to replace its puppy coat first.

What is the best haircut for a Goldendoodle?

The Poodle cut and puppy cut are very popular. So is a mohawk and the lion, lamb, or kennel cut. You can use a guide when trimming a Goldendoodle’s face, which will show you some of the best hairstyles for your dog.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to trim a Goldendoodle’s face, you are ready to get started. Use this time to bond with your fur baby, and be sure to take it slow and be gentle. Now that you know exactly how to do it, you can groom your Doodle and make them the talk of the town – you will really be turning heads at the park when your pup shows off its new haircut.

At Barks in the Park, we can give you advice and tips on everything Goldendoodle. We are your Goldendoodle Guru and are here to help you be the best pet parent!