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What is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle?

What is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle?

So, you’ve heard about the loveable Golden Retriever-Poodle mix, but what about the teddy bear Goldendoodle? This name refers specifically to a Goldendoodle with an English Cream Golden Retriever as one of its parents, and a Poodle as the other.

The variety of these phenomenal, four-legged, furry friends is vast and trying to decide between them can become quite overwhelming. That’s why in this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about teddy bear Goldendoodles. By the end of our guide, you’ll know whether a teddy bear Goldendoodle puppy is right for you or if you’d be better off with a different type of Doodle.

Remember, if you want to expand on your research quest, check out our homepage for oodles of Goldendoodle information.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of teddy bear Goldendoodles? Let’s go!


What Exactly Is A Teddy Bear Goldendoodle?

The teddy bear Goldendoodle gets its name from its appearance. Simple.

These dogs have a teddy bear-like appearance due to their curly, fluffy, mostly hypoallergenic coat and cute facial features. (Some say that teddy bear Goldendoodles can even melt the Grinch’s heart! Bless.)

The “Goldendoodle” part of their name comes from their breeding, as they have the same parent breeds as other types of Goldendoodles. However, the teddy bear Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed between an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Poodle – not just any old Goldie!

English Cream Golden Retrievers often have wavier coats than Canadian or American Golden Retrievers, so, as you’ve probably guessed, teddy bear Goldendoodle puppies are more likely to display this coat type than other types of Groodle pups.

You might argue that all Goldendoodles look like teddy bear dogs, and we agree. However, one look at this specific type of Doodle and you’ll see where the name comes from!

They are also often known as English Cream Goldendoodles or simply English Goldendoodles. However, don’t think they’re limited to cream-colored coats only! We’ll show you all the color possibilities next…


Teddy Bear vs Other Types of Goldendoodles

All in all, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between teddy bear and other Groodles. They all make excellent service and therapy dogs and they are perfect family pets. They’re smart, energetic, and loyal and loving companions.

Teddy bear Goldendoodles don’t really have any different care requirements from other Doodles either – they need plenty of exercise to burn off their energy, and a high-quality diet to ensure they thrive.

Their grooming requirements are fairly high (like other Groodles) – it takes a lot to maintain that wavy coat! However, it doesn’t need as much care as the curly coat that’s more commonly found in American Goldendoodles. Wavy coated dogs should be brushed a few times a week, but all Goldendoodles will need monthly baths and 1-2 monthly haircuts.


Different Colors & Sizes Of Teddy Bear Goldendoodles

You’ll be delighted to know that there are several variations of this lovable teddy bear breed, just like there are varieties of Poodles.

They’re often referred to as ‘oversized teddy bears’, but some are actually smaller than teddies! Just like other Groodles, the size all depends on the Poodle parent. Toy Poodles will produce smaller pups, while standard Poodles’ offspring will be larger. The smallest teddy bear Goldendoodles can weigh just 12-22 pounds as adults, whereas the largest can exceed 80 pounds.

These dogs have soft and wavy coats that can come in a variety of colors and patterns including;

  • Black,
  • Brown,
  • Cream,
  • Gold,
  • Merle,
  • Parti,
  • Red,
  • Sable,
  • Silver,
  • White.

It’s worth noting that the specific color and coat type you’ll get is often a surprise – it’s a bit of ‘the luck of the draw’ with our teddy bear Goldendoodle friends!

Despite this, all teddy bear Goldendoodles are great family dogs, as they are extremely gentle, kind, and intelligent. No matter what variation you end up with, you’re sure to have a loyal and loving companion by your side.



Do English Goldendoodles shed?

Like all Goldendoodles, the English Cream Goldendoodle is generally light-to-non-shedding, but that doesn’t mean it will never shed. It’s not totally hypoallergenic, but it’s considered a fairly suitable dog for those with allergies as it doesn’t produce much dander.

What’s the difference between an English Goldendoodle and an American Goldendoodle?

While American and English Goldendoodles have all the same personality traits and can be used as excellent service dogs, their differences come down to their breeding. The English or teddy bear Goldendoodle is bred from English Cream Golden Retrievers whereas the American Doodle comes from the American Golden Retriever.

They also look slightly different, as the English Golden Retriever often has a wavier coat, so this is frequently seen in its offspring.

How long do teddy bear Goldendoodles live?

Just like other types of Groodles, the teddy bear Goldendoodle can live for between 10-15 years depending on size, health conditions, and lifestyle.