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Why Are Goldendoodles So Popular? The Top Reasons Explained

Why Are Goldendoodles So Popular? The Top Reasons Explained

Goldendoodles are a stunning breed that has filled hearts and homes across the world.

But what makes them so popular?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. We’re looking at the top five reasons the Goldendoodle is so popular. Barks In The Park is diving into what you can expect and what to look out for.

Let’s Doodle this thing!


The Top Five Reasons the Goldendoodle Is So Popular

1. Variety in shapes, sizes and colors

One of the biggest things that makes the gorgeous Goldendoodle so popular is its coat varieties.

Since the Goldendoodle is a mix of the Poodle and Golden Retriever dog breeds, you pretty much have a lucky packet draw when it comes to what your Doodle is going to look like.


Size-wise, the Standard Poodle is a medium-sized dog. While Golden Retrievers tend to be on the bigger side, coming in at 21-24 inches and 55-75 lbs.

A mix of these two breeds allows for a lot of size variation, depending on how much of each breed is in the gene pool.

Usually, a standard Goldendoodle is fully grown at 12-16 months. You can expect a pup between 17-21+ inches and a weight of 35-90 lbs.

But if it’s a miniature poodle mix, your doodle can be quite a lot smaller. If you’re getting a miniature, then between 14-17 inches is the norm. However, nothing is guaranteed until your doggo is fully grown.

It doesn’t matter what a breeder promises, the true size, color, and coat type are only established after one year.

Did you look the same at one month as you did on your first birthday? 

If you answered yes… sorry. If you answered no, then it’s a fair assumption your Goldendoodle puppy will look nothing like it did as a tiny tot.

Coat type

Things get even more interesting when you start looking at coat varieties. You could get a super curly cutie or a long-haired beauty with hair that blows in the wind, making every Pantene model a little green with envy.

Your Goldendoodle might have the perfect combination of both with a thick long double-coat that curls.

Generally, the most popular is the curly coats. Since the Standard Poodle is considered somewhat hypoallergenic, it’s a good choice for allergy sufferers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can throw the brush in the bin. It’s actually the exact opposite.

The curled coats may not have fur falling out all over the place, but they take daily brushing to ensure the fur doesn’t mat.

Still, owners from all over the world look for this beautiful breed, even though their grooming schedule is slightly OTT.

But what else did you expect? Luxurious dog hair takes work, honey! Don’t forget to check out our website for tips on keeping that hair looking fabulous!

Coat of many colors

Along with the coat type, the colors and patterns of the Goldendoodle coat are what make this breed incredibly popular.

Some of the common colors include white, apricot, and cream. But the rare colors are where this breed’s popularity skyrockets.

Chocolate, champagne, and black are extremely rare Goldendoodle coat colors, but they do exist. The chocolate brown enhances the teddy bear look of the Goldendoodle. While the champagne is pretty close to cream, but with a silvery hue that is heavenly.

Potential Goldendoodle pet parents search far and wide for a chance at picking up rare Goldendoodle coat colors.

We get it, you want your pup to look amazing. But we have no doubt that by the time you see those gorgeous soft and inquisitive eyes, you wouldn’t care if the pup was green.

Now, patterns are just as rare. Finding a Goldendoodle bloodline with unique patterns is like finding a needle in a haystack on a truck going 150 miles per hour… pretty impossible.

We’ve seen some of the cutest Goldendoodles in the world and we must say, the phantom and Merle coats are incredible.

So, if you’re wondering why Goldendoodles are so expensive, look no further than the rare physical trails! A reputable breeder knows a sought-after designer dog when they have one, so the cost can be astounding!

Still, that doesn’t put potential owners off.

2. A temperament from heaven

The coats are pretty amazing, but what sets this breed apart is its temperament. It’s like everything you ever wanted in a pup, all rolled into one ball of golden cuteness.

Goldendoodles are extremely gentle and caring. They are what we like to call a “bonding breed”, meaning they thrive on the connection and bond they make with their human companion.

This is not the breed for you if you’re not in it for the long haul. The Goldendoodle needs a good strong bond with an owner that genuinely loves being with them. They are very intuitive, so this bond happens naturally or not at all.

On the other hand, the Goldendoodle adores playing around and goofing off. Something that no doubt comes from the fun-loving temperament of the Golden Retriever.

Goldendoodle pet parents love their dogs because they can be high-energy, fun, and carefree when the time is right. But they also have a gentleness about them where cuddles, slow walks, and a chill session on the couch make them just as happy.

One thing we know is that this gentle breed is popular because of its caring nature that grows through the years. As you bond and grow with your dog they genuinely care for you like part of the family.

If you’re down, expect no less than a really good cuddle and a paw you can lean on. The Goldendoodle is known for picking up on small things, which makes them amazing companions.

It’s not uncommon for Goldendoodle owners to feel a human-like bond with their Golden pups. While this happens with other dogs, it seems to be a lot more with the Goldendoodle specifically. Some are even convinced the breed takes on a human soul.

It might seem a bit out there, but it’s pretty cool that you can bond with your furry companion to such a degree. But be prepared for some separation anxiety if you’ve got a good bond with your pupper.

For those with mental health conditions, it’s often difficult to open up to other two-legged friends. That’s a big reason the Goldendoodle is such a popular option for emotional support animals.

3. Big-brained beauties

Another popular trait of the Goldendoodle is its intelligence. Their capabilities are truly astounding.

The Goldendoodle is highly trainable, they’re often used as service animals just like their parents. The Golden Retriever and Poodle are both fantastic for service training.

Can you imagine? The Golden Retriever’s obedience and Poodle’s intelligence. It’s a match made in heaven.

There are a few reasons Goldendoodles make great service and therapy dogs:

  • Hypoallergenic: This is fantastic if you need to travel with your Golden pooch. It means less risk of setting someone off on a plane or in the store.
  • Hard workers: Goldendoodles can work long hours. They are a determined breed that lives to please their owners. So, whether it’s a ten-minute store run or a day of traveling, they can keep up.
  • Intelligent: Your golden pooch is the perfect training buddy. They are smart and take much less time to train than other breeds. Their intelligence shows in how quickly they pick things up; show them twice, and they’ve usually got it down to an art.
  • Soft nature: Guide dogs need to be okay around other people and animals. The gentle nature of the Goldendoodle makes them easy to approach and very comfortable in high-stress environments.
  • Not easily jolted: The calmness of the Goldendoodle allows them to stay calm in a variety of different situations. This is important because your service dog is there to keep you safe, first and foremost. Loud noises and crowds won’t scare your pup off easily.

Specialists highly recommend the Goldendoodle for service training. Whether it’s for physical or emotional disabilities, this Doodle dog is the perfect fit!

The Goldendoodle is not known for its guarding capabilities. So rather stick with a tried and true guard like a German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

Unless you plan for your Doodle to lick the intruder to death… then, maybe!

4. Kid-friendly cuddlers

Step aside Bernese Mountain Dog, and make way for the true leader of all things kids!

You didn’t think Goldendoodles were only great companion pets for mom and dad did you? Parents look specifically to the Goldendoodle as furry companions for their children.

This Golden beauty has the patients of a saint, just like the Golden Retriever. Whether there’s a two-year-old pulling at their tail or your future artists thinking that painting the dog again was a good idea. The Goldendoodle is there for all of it and won’t cause an issue.

At the end of the day, a dog is an animal, we get that. But you also want a breed that fits in with what your kids are doing and won’t make a big deal out of loud cries or screams.

The Goldendoodle becomes like your other child, filling your home with love and laughter along the way. It’s also really great for kids to grow up with a puppy, and with the Goldendoodle, your little one’s got a strong and true friend, making them one of the most popular family dogs in the US.

5. Human-like expressions

The Goldendoodle eyes give their feelings away instantly. Just like with us, their expressions are a true representation of how they feel.

Those expressions make the Goldendoodle very popular among dog lovers that live to bond with their furry companions. That starts with understanding how your dog feels.

Have you experienced a Goldendoodle stare? Those slow-mo movie scenes don’t seem so impossible now, do they?

Your Golden pal will show their emotions. When they’re happy, that goofy grin of the Golden Retriever shines brighter than Rhianna’s highlighter while singing Diamonds at the Super Bowl.

If they’re inquisitive, that true Poodle head tilt is just about enough to explode any heart within a five-mile block.

Mix that all together and you’ve got Goldendoodle expressions!

So, no more wondering if your pup is sad or angry. The Golden expressions are about as subtle as a pink unicorn farting butterflies.


If it’s so popular, why isn’t the Goldendoodle recognized as a breed?

The American Kennel Club and other registries technically only standardize purebred dogs. So, while the Goldendoodle is popular, it is a mixed breed. The traits are so varied that standardizing a Goldendoodle would be near impossible.

What is the most sought-after Goldendoodle?

Colour-wise, Sable is the rarest. These pooches start with a black or chocolate coat that fades into a tan or light cream color as they age. Apricot is by far the most popular color because it gives off serious teddy-bear vibes.

Does the Goldendoodle’s popularity affect the price?

You bet your sweet bippy it does. The Goldendoodle is expensive to begin with, starting at around $3,000. The rarer colors and coat types can fetch double that very quickly.