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How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep?

How Long Do Goldendoodles Sleep?

Like any dog, Goldendoodles love taking lots of naps throughout the day. Whether they’re under your desk as you work or rolling around in the sun, your pup can catch a quick snooze whenever.

Your dog usually sleeps more than we do, as they have different sleep cycles than us. How long Goldendoodles sleep depends on various things, such as their age, size, lifestyle, and how much they do for the day.

How Much Sleep Do Goldendoodle Puppies Need?

Goldendoodle puppies usually sleep 18 to 20 hours a day. Just like human babies, puppies are still growing, and exploring the new world will tire them. As they grow up, a 4-month-old pup will sleep for 14 hours or more.

Having a proper sleep schedule for your puppy is very important in house training.

You can use this example to devise a simple schedule for your Goldendoodle puppy. For each month of their age, add one hour of sleep. So, if your Goldendoodle puppy is 4 months, it should sleep for 5 hours before waking up to go to the toilet.

By the time they’re 9 to 10 months old, they will be able to sleep for 10 to 12 hours before needing to do their business.

Goldendoodle puppies will sleep through the night by the time they’re 4 months, but it can also vary from 9 weeks to 6 months old, depending on how strict you are with your training. Some puppies can also go through a sleep regression, which is a period where your pup stops sleeping as well as it used to. This is usually during teething or a growth spurt.

Did you know? You might see your Goldendoodle puppy twitch and move around in its sleep. This is normal because of a part of the brain called the Pons, which is responsible for regulating muscle movements during sleep.

This part is underdeveloped at the puppy stage. Older dogs also twitch in their sleep because the Pons does not work as efficiently as they used to.

How Much Sleep Does an Adult Goldendoodle Get?

Adult Goldendoodles usually sleep about 8 to 14 hours a day, sometimes 11 hours daily on average. Larger sizes usually need to sleep 18 hours a day. Doodles usually sleep a full stretch at night and might spend around 4 hours napping throughout the day.

However, there are many factors that influence how long they sleep, such as:

  • Daily activities & amount of exercise
  • Overall health
  • ·Size
  • Diet

Usually, dogs with jobs, such as those who work on a farm or with law enforcement, sleep less because they are always stimulated. Dogs who stay at home alone most of the time sleep most of the time because they have nothing to do.

Some Goldendoodles sleep more than usual because they do not have enough physical and mental stimulation. As middle-aged dogs enter their twilight years, their body slows down with the effects of getting old, needing about 12 to 14 hours a day.

Age-related conditions such as cognitive dysfunction, hip dysplasia, and arthritis affect the sleeping habits of senior Doodles, which causes them to sleep more during the day.

Larger sizes of Doodles are considered ‘senior’ when they are 5 to 7 years old, while smaller sizes are considered ‘seniors’ when they are 10 years old. Bigger dogs spend more time taking a nap than smaller ones.

Why Do Some Goldendoodles Sleep So Much?

Since Goldendoodles are larger breeds, they usually need more sleep. They work harder to move and play, so it takes more time to recover from that effort. Younger dogs race around and burn up all their energy, which leads them to crash and sleep soundly until their energy is recovered.

Older dogs sleep more because they are not as energetic as they used to be. Goldendoodles’ sleep habits are dependent on various factors, such as boredom, diet, stress, anxiety, and a lack of exercise. Unhealthy sleep habits often can lead to them becoming lethargic and other behavioral issues.

While in most cases, it is not a cause of concern if your Doodle sleeps for a long time, if their sleeping patterns change significantly in a short while, it could be an indicator of a health condition. Age-related problems often come with a change in a dog’s sleeping pattern.

It’s also important to note your dog’s response when you wake them up. Most Doodles get up quickly, and if there’s motivation (such as a treat), they will get up, stretch and be ready to go about their day.

It’s a worry if your dog is hard to wake up or they’re not motivated enough to do the things they enjoy. If you notice that your Doodle is sleeping more than usual and they are hard to wake up, keep a sleep log and then visit the vet for medical advice.

Should I Let My Goldendoodle Sleep in my Bed?

History shows that early dogs used to sleep with their owners to create strong bonds and keep warm on cold winter nights. Doodles’ nature as loyal, loving, and touchy dogs; they love to always be around their humans, even when it’s bedtime.

While it’s fun to have your furry friend in the same bed as you, there are some pros and cons to this setup:


  • Strengthens your bond with your Goldendoodle
  • It gives both of you a sense of comfort, safety, and security
  • Eases anxiety for both parties
  •   Increases the time you spend with your dog if you’re busy during the day


  • Your Doodle may carry dander, dust, and other pathogens
  • Health concerns such as allergies can get worse
  • There may be a risk of parasite or disease transmission from your dog to yourself and vice versa.
  • Your dog may disturb your sleep since human sleep cycles differ from theirs. You may also disturb their sleep, leading to unhealthy sleep habits in dogs and humans.

Some experts usually advise against letting your Goldendoodle sleep in the bed because it may also cause separation anxiety, leading to unsafe behaviors when left alone. However, if your dog is well-trained, then this will not happen.

How to Make Goldendoodles Sleep Through the Night

How much sleep your Doodle gets also depends on you as a dog owner. Follow these tips to make sure you create healthy sleep habits for your dog.

Have a Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping a consistent routine helps your Goldendoodle have a sense of when bedtime is. Take them for a walk at the same time every day. Most dog owners take their pets for a walk before and after work. Your dog’s mental and emotional health will also benefit from this.

Have a proper routine when feeding your dog as well. Feeding them a few hours before bed will help them digest their food comfortably. This routine may be hard to follow on the weekends, but try your best to stick to your routine.

Keep the hour before bedtime calm and relaxed as possible. This will promote healthy sleep throughout the night. Avoid treats and exciting activities. Make sure your dog does their business before bed, too, so you can avoid waking up at 3 am!

Get Enough Exercise In

Your Goldendoodles’ mental and emotional health also depends on how much exercise they get in a day. Exercising your dog throughout the day can also make them tired enough to sleep the night. Depending on the size and age of your Doodle, your dogs should spend at least 30 minutes to 2 hours daily exercising.

A long, relaxing walk before bed is a good way to ensure a night of good sleep for both of you.

Reduce The Water Intake

If your Goldendoodle drinks too much water close to bedtime, their sleep will always break to go to the toilet. Constant bathroom breaks can mess up your dog’s sleeping patterns, as well as yours.

You can leave some water in the bowl if your dog gets thirsty at night. You can fill the bowl with ice cubes, so your dog can crunch them while giving them enough water to stay hydrated without needing to go to the toilet. Try making the last call as late as possible.

Don’t be fooled by your Doodle’s cute face, and start playing after they come from outside!

Give Them A Massage/Sleep Aid

A good massage will relax your dog and lead them into a peaceful sleep. This is especially good for senior dogs with conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. If your older dog experiences lots of pain, you can give them a softened aspirin.

The dose should be a quarter of a 325-milligram tablet per 10 pounds. This will make them relax enough so they can get enough sleep. If your Goldendoodle still has a problem, then the vet may prescribe a stronger medication.

Promote Relaxation

Just like humans, dogs cannot sleep if their minds are racing. You must make sure your Goldendoodle is relaxed, calm, and not stressed. A dog sleeps when the environment is quiet and relaxed.

Once you are sure that you have got all of your dog’s energy out, have some quiet time for about half an hour before bedtime. You can snuggle, relax or roll around before bedtime. This will allow your Doodle to settle down before sleeping.


When will my Doodle sleep through the night?

Your Doodle puppy will start sleeping through the night when they are about 4 months. However, with proactive training and diligence, you may get your little on this schedule even earlier!

Does my Goldendoodle get cold at night?

Generally, dogs get uncomfortable when the temperature goes below 50F. However, Goldendoodles are able to handle these cold temperatures better than other breeds because of their fluffy coats.

Why is my Doodle so tired?

As your dog enters their twilight years, they tend to get tired and sleep more, which is 12 to 14 hours of sleep. Their bodies will slow down and deal with the effects of playing and running around, so their sleep habits will change.

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles love being close to their owners because they are cuddly and affectionate. You can also promote healthy sleep by letting them sleep in the same room as you at night if they are not allowed up on the bed.

How much sleep your pup gets ultimately depends on you and how you train them. A healthy lifestyle will enhance sleep quality and, ultimately, a happy doggie!

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